To Facebook or Not?

I took a drastic step this weekend (for me) and signed up for Facebook. Oh, I know that sounds silly to most, because as I’ve been told repeatedly everyone and anyone is on Facebook, but I admit the prospect of having people just be able to type in my name and find me really gave me the creeps. I guess you could say I’m still a bit primitive in my thinking and rage against the machine called technology. I did it though, and now wonder if it was wise or not.

I guess this baby step is another phase of evolving I’m going through. That and I was beginning to feel ostracized like a leper because I hadn’t joined in. I mean, even my older sister who’s in her sixties has a Facebook page! Get my drift? When I posed the problem of what to do when I hear from people that I don’t want contacting me I was told just to ignore them. Hmm…ignore them. Well, isn’t that what I’ve been trying to do by not having a Facebook page in the first place?

I’ve been told I have piss and vinegar running through my veins, have seldom backed down from a fight, and fear few things that I can see and touch, but ignoring people is something I’m simply not good at. Hell, I can’t even ignore those I find merely tolerable. Now how am I suppose to just press the little, magic button (ignore) and then explain to these folks when I run into them why I did it?

I’m getting on in years and have a long trail of people I’ve left behind. Some have merely been those I’ve loved and lost touch with, but then there are the others…you know the ones…that you lose on purpose. I suppose it’s these that I fear the most, and wonder why no one else is bothered by theirs. Are we becoming a society that is completely insensitive to the feelings of others? One that has the ability to just ignore?

Okay, so I did it anyway. I signed up, began to fill out my info, and then found myself staring at the empty box where my photo should go. Do I dare? I summoned up the courage, took some shots with my digital, and then downloaded them. Looking at my own face staring back at me made me wonder what those others would think when they came across it. I personally think I look pissy in every picture I take. Would I want to get in touch with me if I were them? I wondered.  A funny notion occurred to me then and I almost found myself giggling. Who is going to ignore me?

2 thoughts on “To Facebook or Not?

  1. lol, I know what you mean! I was in on facebook from the start, I had a great big love affair with it. Then I deactivated my account last year.

    At the beginning of this month, i decided to re-activate my account. I spent ages changing my privacy settings to maximum security, deleted just over 300 people and felt better.

    I am still ambiguous about facebook, my love-affair is not the same as it was, I exercise great caution now and I have only just put my toes back in the water. I think it is a good thing. And if anyone stops you in the street to ask why you haven’t accepted their friend request – just look at them like they are completely mad , what sad fuckers they must be!

    1. Oh, I hated it! My entire family is on Facebook. Well, except my oldest sister and nephew who both warned me about it, but I didn’t listen….
      I went on there mainly because my family and friends made me feel I was behind in the times. Yeah! I’m 48! I’m supposed to be a little behind in the times. And this never posed a problem until I realized I could no longer reach anyone via email. So I took the plunge.
      Ugh! What a god-awful forum that is. All these little faces of family, friends and people that are acquainted with my family and friends, popping up all over my page, talking about who did what to whom, lying about how they were so many months into sobriety; then you get the really nifty players who have nothing to say so they start spouting words of wisdom from some poet or self-help book they found to make themselves appear smarter, when you know not only are they dumber than a box of rocks and have no idea what they’re saying, but also don’t apply nil to their real life. Kudo’s to you. You’re brave for going back on. Not me. I figure if they wanna reach me now I got a home phone or they can find me on here. Not worth making myself nuts over.

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