Facebook Frenzy

I am a complete novice at Facebook. It didn’t take me long to find that out. Why I thought I could just get on there discreetly and have time to figure shit out before I started confirming or ignoring, I’ll never know. It seemed within minutes my page was filling up with all these little, thumbprint photos of people I knew, and people they knew, and frankly I got a bit intimidated and just shut the damn thing down. I’m almost scared now to pull it back up. What happened to just emailing? WOW!

I’m waaay behind the times, I know. I admit it. I’m about as savvy when it comes to this shit, as the backwoods people of Appalachia are to New York’s fashion district. I could blame it on my age and the fact I wasn’t weaned on a computer like kids are nowadays. I could blame it on my lack of enthusiasm for learning new things that I find daunting. I could blame it on a whole slew of things if I wanted, but the truth is I liked the way things used to be, and I suppose have chose not to learn in protest. You know, as if things are just going to magically go back to the way they were before man decided he couldn’t live without a computer, or something.

I want to know, what was wrong with our lives before? Granted, things are more convenient now, but are people any happier? I fail to see how anyone can be happy knowing that a tracking device in their vehicle monitors their every move. Or that they can never get completely away from work because they have a laptop. Cell phones that were meant to keep you in touch, have done nothing but become a nuisance that do everything from interrupting a dinner out with that someone special, to catching you on camera having dinner with someone else’s someone special. The list just goes on and on; so yeah…I miss the old days when things were simple.

It bothers me a lot when I think about the joy of being young, and that my grandkids are never going to experience the simple pleasures I had: That first record album that requires such a steady hand to apply the needle. I remember wearing the hell out of my Saturday Night Fever album, and dancing around in circles with a pretend partner to “More than a woman”. The light-as-air feeling you get when you two-step on your toe-stoppers at the roller skating rink. I still remember trying to manage that with a dozen sets of pom-poms attached to them. The excitement you feel when you take your first picture of a friend with a ‘magic’ Polaroid camera, and wave it in the air hoping by doing so you can make it develop quicker. I still have many of these buried in a box, and refuse to put them on disc. The anticipation you feel on a rainy day waiting for the sun to shine again, because there is absolutely nothing to do in the house. Hell, you can’t even get kids out of the house anymore, because they’re glued to the computer! All of these things are lost.

I know these things I miss will never be a part of their world, and you can’t miss what you’ve never had, so they won’t be the wiser. Still, I wish we could’ve carried a bit of it with us. I wish they could trick-or-treat house to house safely without their parents, as I did. Or hitch a ride across town making small talk with a stranger, and not have to worry about their thumbprint photo going from their Facebook page to a milk carton. I wish…I wish…I wish…

I suppose it’s time I bid adieu to the old, and welcome the new; begin using the folders in my computer instead of the ones in my file cabinet. If only I could do that with memories, that are now beginning to fade.

I hope as I begin to entertain old friends on Facebook there will still be a few that remember what it was like to pick up the phone and share a bit of laughter, and place a call to me instead. Or possibly want to get together to share a few drinks and a hug, because they recall the closeness we once had walking arm in arm back from the river trying to hold the other up after a night of drinking. I hope I’m able to press confirm a lot more than I do ignore.

For anyone that might come across this post that has shared any or all of these memories with me, I just want to thank you. Because of you my life was richer. Because of you I have stories to tell. I hope you enjoy the memories as much as I do.

4 thoughts on “Facebook Frenzy

  1. Funny, funny, funny! Reminds me of the ole days sitting in the basement listening to your stories and scaring us to death. You still got the creativity~~
    Call me.

  2. I agree, wonderfully written!!!! I always told you to express your truest self and you do it so well with your words. I thought it was great and I think all of us need to share a little piece of this to pass onto the next generations. I know why they say it was the good ol’ days.Keep writing.I am your biggest fan. Love you

  3. I’m still going to do it kicking and screaming, Babe. I’m allowed and it’s my way. Maybe that’s why I love country life. It’s only as fast-paced as I allow it to be.
    I’m glad you enjoyed it. That means a lot to me.

  4. An Absolutely wonderful article,Took me back to the things I remember and still long for. When things were simple. Life was easier and we were free to do the most “SIMPLE” of things, kids now take for granted. But life moves on,even without us, and you have to move with it, or be left behind. The longer you resist, The more you’re left behind. It took me some time to realize this. (I believe the old saying is)”Go with the flow”.

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