I am so tired of trying to learn new shit I could just ((SCREAM!!)). I don’t know what I’m doing, or why I thought I could master any of this. This damn, blog page is wreaking havoc on my nerves! And before one of you comments and tells me to “Just read the instructions, Sweetie.” Umm…I have, okay? Not only the instructions, but also How to articles.

     I probably wouldn’t be so frustrated right now had I not stumbled upon some blog where the author was saying how he believes that people who don’t use tags or categories with their blogs are just plain lazy. Huh? Okay, I know you’re not calling me lazy! WordPress challenged, yes…but not lazy!

     I’m sorry. Some of this technical stuff just doesn’t come naturally to all of us. I wasn’t raised with or on a computer; I’ve been busy raising kids for the last 26 years. Hell, I never even got Internet until six years ago. No shit! I’m dead serious!! Since, basically all I’ve done is surf. Knowing that there are some of us like this out here, why in the world would anyone assume that we would just automatically know what to do with all the little widgets, tags, categories, etc.? It’s not for lack of trying neither, I assure you. I am literally that technically ignorant.

     I’d love nothing more than to have my page set up properly, but am cutting myself a little slack given that this is, after all, my first time in the rodeo. Can’t expect me to just come out of the stands, jump on a bull and know how to ride, can ya? Okay then. “Shut yer pie-hole, Wang-Chung!” Sorry. I just don’t like people that come by a mean streak naturally.

     I suppose this is my way of saying, “Don’t bother critiquing the house if it’s messy. Rather focus on the company of the owner.” Okie-Dokie? I am open to suggestions though if any of ya got any.

     ‘Phew!’ Glad I got that off my chest. It was starting to get heavy! Just one more thing before I close. You all have a bitch’in day!! 🙂

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