Phasing Out Of ‘Phase-book’

     Facebook was exciting for all of about five minutes. Since, after realizing that the similarities between it and Junior High are striking; I think…not so much. Three words people… “Get A Life!” WOW!!

     I guess I was under the assumption that it was a fun, social forum where I could meet up with old friends I have lost touch with, or visit with family who never uses the phone or emails anymore because they’re glued to this damn thing. It’s not. It’s…well…Junior High, bullshit! More a breeding ground for lies, strife, discontent, and the misuse of literature, as far as I’m concerned. I’m finding it’s impossible to get through a day without reading some form of backbiting or gossip on the ‘News Feed’. That, and there’s always someone spouting some New Age words of wisdom (that I for one know they’re not living by), reciting a self-empowering quote they read somewhere (the contents of which they have completely misinterpreted, but rather use to justify some action they’ve taken that is selfish in nature) or getting a friend request from someone I don’t even know. I quickly found out that this whole ‘friend’ thing is merely for status, and anyone and everyone will friend you just to have ‘more friends’ on their page. Ridiculous!

     I don’t know which of the above I’m more appalled by. Probably the one I haven’t bothered mentioning: That I allowed myself to walk into this with what I thought were wise, open eyes. Sadly, to add to that shame, my oldest sister and nephew advised me against it too. They warned me it was a playground of animosity stemming from ill intention, but I didn’t listen. Umm…shame on me again!

     I sit here disheartened, because I really believed that it would be somewhat of a launching pad for me, by being able to connect with others. I’ve been homebound for a long while now, and thought it would enhance my growth as an individual. Unfortunately, there is no individuality going on (and like breeds like), but rather it reminds me of a flock of sheep. Since you all like quotes so much…do you recall “the blind leading the blind” one? How exactly am I, or anyone else for that matter, supposed to grow and develop a deeper understanding of what it means to be a good person, a good friend, and true to myself, when surrounded by countless people who share half a brain? Those of you who are not the least bit offended by this description know I’m not talking about you. Those of you that are questioning whether you’re part of that brain hemorrhage I’m referring to, already know the answer, don’t you?

     I’ll be bidding ‘Adieu’ to Facebook as soon as I make contact with those I care to continue corresponding with; ensuring that they know where to reach me if they choose to do so. I rather like the idea of finding camaraderie on blogs now, where I can be more selective and interact with like-minded people. Those of you who enjoy ‘Phase-book’…keep on enjoying it. Honestly, I think you’re all pretty ‘phunny’.

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