I thought I’d give a little yell out to my fellow, Irishmen…and those who drink like you are. Hee..hee.. “Tis the day to tie one on…don’cha know”. As for me, I ain’t got plans for shit today, unless excitement comes knocking at my door. Being married to Mr. Fun-Hater means you don’t get to party like a rockstar on the holidays anymore. Oh well, at least I got some great memories to keep me company. Honey, I used to party so hard I’d see the little green people myself on March 17th!

Today I’m just hanging out trying to recover from an awful bout of insomnia last night. I can’t sleep when my mind is preoccupied with other things, and lately it’s been humming like an old computer. I know now why the medical experts say that anger and unresolved bitterness takes its toll on the person who harbors it. It’s emotionally and physically exhausting to be this pissed. Worst yet are the waves of depression that accompany it. My kid asked me what was wrong a couple of days ago—because apparently I’m not ‘Ms. Sunshine’ anymore—and when I told him he seemed surprised, and said, “You’re still mad about that?” Umm…Yes, I am! And I don’t know if ‘mad’ is the term I’d use. I’m not even sure that RAGE would suffice. I invested a good chunk of myself in these people, and I doubt that 30+ days is going to meet the time requirements needed to get over this. Try maybe 30 years! Any-hoo…

Did the dirty yesterday when I had to go to Walmart and pick my boy up some Trojan’s. He’s been seeing this girl for a while now, I’ve noticed they’ve become more than a little chummy, and had thought I’d better broach the subject before she comes carting in a round belly someday soon. I know he’s been active before, but that was when he was living with his dad, and well…now that he’s with me I’m not taking any chances. Anyway, I asked him if he needed some, he told me not yet, and I made it clear when he thought he might he’d better let me know. He did. A few days ago he just subtly said, “You might wanna pick me up some the next time you’re at the store.” Okay then. You don’t have to tell me twice. I’m on it.

I wasn’t aware how long I’ve been out of circulation till I stopped into the pharmacy to pick up a little box of these gems. Whoa! When the hell did they get so many? I felt more like an ignorant, eight year old boy on the subject, than the cool, worldly mom that I thought I was. I’m sure I got more than a passing glance; as I stood there with my head tilted slightly back, trying to read the labels through my bifocals. I made it clear to anyone that looked remotely interested in what I was doing that they weren’t for my use. I finely decided on a brand and type that I thought would meet the needs I was looking for, grabbed some hair color, and joined my husband who was waiting for a fishing license. This morning I noticed the hair color still sitting on the counter where I’d left it, and the condoms (sans box) stacked neatly next to it with a few missing. I admit, I could’ve done without that visualization, because all it did was lead to another. Ewww! No one wants to think about their kids having sex. Let alone me! I’m not sure whether he’ll get the opportunity to use them or not, but at least have the peace of mind in knowing I did what I could to run interference and prevent him and myself from having to serve diaper duty. Eight more months till he’s 18. I’m counting the days.

Changed my blog page today, and am pretty happy about the theme I chose. It has a nice ‘country’ feel to it, and seems to represent where I am a bit more. I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to get the other tower on my computer fixed so perhaps then I can upload some photos onto the page and share my acreage with you all. Spring is upon us, and there’s just nothing more wonderful than seeing the dogs at play in the yard. I’m also thinking about maybe adding some recipes, frugal and favorite things list, etc…just mixing it up a bit. I’m still trying to get the hang of this blogging stuff, but it’s coming around slowly. At least I’m finally figuring out how to use my widgets.

I hope all of you have a great St. Pat’s. Party like there’s no tomorrow if you want, but remember to stay safe so that you’re guaranteed to have one. Life is precious my friends!

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