First Auction Find This New Year (Vintage Rocker)

"Vintage Rocker"
"Vintage Rocker"
"Vintage Rocker" at home now in my diningroom
"Vintage Rocker" at home now in my diningroom

I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday because I was up and out of the house early. We didn’t get back until after 9 last night and I was pooped.

Found a great find at the estate auction we went to: Vintage Rocker. I wasn’t thrilled about the upholstery, but it’s solid, carved wood, in great shape, and I figured I could get it redone if it bothered me too much; it’s a little worn on the arms. This morning I pulled back a corner of the old upholstery and exposed even older upholstery underneath. I think maybe I’m going to start surfing some vintage linen sites, and see if I can find something similar to bring this old chair back to it’s original state.

I have two pics: One outside of the auction before my husband loaded it into the truck, and one after it found a permanent home in the corner of my dining room. I sat and rocked in it for a few minutes. I like to familiarize myself with each piece when I get it to make it my own. I’m nostalgic, and it gives me such a warm feeling to know that many years ago some woman received that chair new, and was once sitting in it as I am now. This was a great, first auction find of the year!

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