Lolling Over The Lottery. Hmm…

You ever wonder what you would do if you won the lottery? How exactly you would use all that money? What magnitude of resources would be available to you then? Have you ever allowed yourself the luxury of entertaining those thoughts while holding the crisp, white ticket in your hand? I have.

I find it’s therapeutic to daydream at times. Especially if the rut I’m stuck in really begins to sap any hope I have for change. Like an addict who needs a ‘feel-good fix’ I reach in my complicated mind, pull out my bag of tricks full of decadent ‘goodies’, and indulge myself in dreams. None are so outrageous that they can’t possibly come true. That would entirely defeat the purpose. Okay, other than the one I have of taking in a long lunch with Stephen King, while sitting on his lap, and picking away at his brilliant, twisted mind. I don’t think Tabby would approve. No, rather I dream of my ideal life, of what I think it would take to make me happy; simple but satisfying things. Just enough to invigorate me, stimulate a little positive energy, and raise my hopes.

Tomorrow I plan on posting what they are. Sort of a permanent, visual aid in my quest to stir up some positive energy. You know, like is supposed to attract like. That sort of thing.

I encourage everyone to think about his or hers. You may just find an Aha! moment overlooked in the fine print of your thoughts. You’ll know it if a smile begins tugging at the corners of your mouth and you find yourself whispering to no one in particular, “Now that’s a great idea!” That, my friends, is how everyone great first began.

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