Swapping Spit Makes You Sick!

In keeping with the pledge I made to myself to try and post everyday, I’m posting that I’m not! I checked a few emails, read a few posts, and I think I’m closing shop for the day. My damn son has been swapping spit with his girlfriend who was sick, he’s now sick…and guess who else is getting sick? You know, cause it wasn’t enough that I’ve had this freaking TMJ Joint Disorder shit for a month, and have just gotten over the damn infection in my gums that I got from the dental procedure I had. Noooo….let’s give mom something new because we’re having a bad case of puppy-love! FYI: Swapping Spit Makes You Sick!!!

Okay, I’m off to the couch. Ya’ll have a great day… ‘kay?

22 thoughts on “Swapping Spit Makes You Sick!

    1. Horny is the word too!
      Well, he’s still sick, but absolutely had to go back to school today, even though I didn’t think it was a good idea. He said it’s because he doesn’t want to miss too many days, but I think it’s because he’s lost in the land called Ashley-ville, and hasn’t been able to see her since he’s been out of school. You know, cause the constant texting one another isn’t enough. Oh to be 17 again and believe in fairytale relationships…what I wouldn’t give to be that naive and in love.

      1. Are you referring to me or her? Ha..ha..
        I’m doing good to keep track of them when she’s over and make sure they’re not playing ‘sheet-tag’ under my roof…which is a no-no my husband says.
        As for me…my Ken doll is usually holed up in his garage, ‘smoking room’ (don’t ask), or off fishing, hunting, or doing male bonding. That’s okay…it ain’t nothing a cold beer and book won’t fix for me. I must be getting old.

  1. If it’s at all possible, enjoy your couch-time. (?)

    What are you doing for the TMJ? My insurance wouldn’t cover the ‘device’…

    1. I didn’t get as much couch time as I wanted yesterday, but I was able to relax, which I can’t really do when I’m sitting at the computer (I really need to invest in a laptop).
      I was able to talk to the doc about my TMJ problem because I also had that infection in my gums which was an excuse to be seen. She prescribed me 800 mg of Ibruprofen for the swelling and pain, and told me not to open my mouth real wide, to eat soft foods and stay away from anything chewy, but other than that there’s not a lot you can do and it usually works itself out. If it’s bad then I guess surgery can be an answer. I did read there are exercises to help it along, and whenever mine starts to get stiff I move my bottom jaw back and forth and it seems to ease it up some. At least the headaches I was having to brave every day aren’t bad anymore and are less frequent. It makes doing anything absolutely miserable. I am so fucking ready for good health and to get out in the sun in my lounger! This winter has left me feeling really OLD.

    1. Thank you! I’m feeling better this morning. My headache is gone and so is the scratchy throat. Just kinda feel like ‘dump’ now.
      I know! How fair is that for me to get sick because my son doesn’t care if his puppy love spreads germs? Damn, I wanna get something out of it too! Ironically, his playing slap and tickle has prevented me from doing so. My husband informed me that he doesn’t want to be sick, so he’s kinda keeping his distance. Great, huh?

    1. I heard the nightguard was predominately for the grinding of teeth at night. I don’t know…just what I was told. My problem didn’t occur till the damn dentist had my mouth gaping for an hour and a half to do a root planing. Had problems ever since. I’ll check on that nightguard thing though, and see if it helps ease the discomfort that I have now. Thank you!

      1. Ugh! You poor thing. You can try using just a basic mouth guard that you can buy in the sporting section of any store. Boil it and mold it to your mouth. I used mine for nightime clenching not grinding and it worked wonders. Good luck and keep laughing!

    1. I’m up. Not sure if I’m up to hanging out long enough to post today, but I’m cleaning up emails and comments. I think mine is just a 24 hour thing. I’m feeling better already. Damn, I can’t seem to get a break from sickness anymore!

  2. Hello –

    I must say that your blog site title and captain attracted my eye. I like it and your blog, and love your humor as well. Nicely done 😉

    If you’re in need of a good laugh, and I hope that you always welcome that in your day to relieve the stress we have too much of, check out my blog full of funny day-to-day real life stuff. “Swapping spit”, lol… made me think you really would like my post about:

    “the 4 ways a man knows a woman’s kiss is his last with her”.

    LOL, you will like it. Happy Wednesday to you. 🙂

      1. Hi Kitty –

        Haha chew away, momma…chew away 😉

        Thank you for all your funny comments on my blogs. I love them all and glad you read:

        “4 Ways to know when a girl’s kiss is all wrong!”

        I knew that would spark your bones, lol. You need to read “Trouser Mouse”. That’s the day I really had an embarrassing moment in front of a beautiful woman. Oh my! Happy Wednesday to you. 🙂

      2. Yeah, I think I’m going to have to crack open a beer later on this evening and give your site a ‘once-over’.
        Do you agree that it’s not so much the posts that are interesting, but more so the comments that they create. I just love reading everyone’s opinion. They never fail to crack me up or stir a dramatic emotion in me. Priceless!

      3. This is day #19 for me at WordPress blogging. The other night I was reflecting upon how it’s been going so far. I believe I spend about 20% of my time creating, thinking, and picking my nose. Maybe around 50% of my time is spent reading posts and commenting…and maybe 20% reading other comments and responding back to those. My favorites always…are the humorous ones. Although I do enjoy deep posts and conversation…I like profound wit and simple humor the most. Smart-asses forever is my motto…hahaha (kinda serious, and kinda joking too). 🙂

      4. Day 19, huh? Well you just dove in, didn’t ya? Ha..ha.. I’m about four months into it myself, and I love it. Beats the hell out of something like Facebook.
        Glad to have you aboard, Charlie!

      5. Yeah, I didn’t really care for facebook at all. I even wrote about it on my March 5th post, “Phasing out of ‘Phase-book” I think it was called. I think my profile is still there somewhere, but I don’t activate it. I, too, rather prefer the blog world. I know anyone that stumbles upon my blog and keeps reading and commenting is someone I can relate to, so I don’t have to worry about weeding out the wrong folk, I guess you could say. And yes…it is very addictive! I have to force myself away from the damn computer just to get things done around the house. Speaking of which, it’s now 1:30 and I gotta go!!!

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