When Did I become Their Pet?

Animals are completely unforgiving if you’re having a shitty day you know that? They don’t care if you have a migraine the size of Mt. Everest, are preoccupied with cooking, or for that matter laid up with broken legs. By God, when they want something you’d better just get the hell up and do it, and I mean NOW buddy! If you don’t they’ll sit forever in your immediate vicinity and whine just enough to annoy you into giving them the attention they require. Now this may not be such a problem for you if your pet is either used to being alone, doesn’t have another pet to vie for attention, or you live in a place where there are little if any distractions outside to get it’s attention. For me…well let’s just say I hit the jackpot when it comes to annoyance, because everything you don’t have to deal with I do!

My 90 lb, Pitbull, Sully, is being a huge pain in my ass this morning. He’s thinks himself ‘yard-detective’ and will move from window to window surveying the property and alerting me to anything that looks suspicious…which is EVERYTHING. And it’s just my luck, of course, to live in an old farmhouse with long windows that stretch but a couple feet from the floor. It gives a dog on a mission the perfect view. This wouldn’t be so much a problem if he just alerted me to impending doom from, say…the tractor going down the road because it’s sowing season, the cats moving about the trees, the rustling of bushes by the window…you know, things that are really harmful (whatever!), but no…he thinks he needs to go outside EVERY SINGLE TIME!

This probably needs to be where I chime in and tell you that I can’t just open the door and let him go about his business. No, I have to walk him on the leash out to his chain in the yard and place him on it (no comments from the peanut gallery like “Why don’t you just chain him near the door?” either, because he’s a huge poop-machine…and the rest is self-explanatory). We made the mistake early on of trying to teach him to stay on the property and the idiot literally ran from my husband and straight into a passing truck—and was lucky that all it did was break his tail and scratch him up—so my paranoid husband now refuses to let his ‘baby’ just run. No, so I get to be the one to haul him back and forth…including during the winter!

Okay, so this is my morning: Let him out to go potty. There’s nothing going on so within three minutes he’s barking to come back in. Ten minutes later the trucks start coming…he wants to go back out. The guys park their trucks, get on their equipment and take off over the cornfields and out of sight, so he wants back in. Less than half an hour later the pregnant, sister kitties are moving around outside the windows (the same ones that my husband claims the black bastard that he’s going to put a bullet in raped and left us to raise his brood), and he has to go out again…because God forbid anything interesting be happening outside that he’s not a part of!

Now getting him outside and to his chain when those miserable, tortoise-shell colored, bitches are moving around is nearly impossible. Why? Oh, I’m glad you’re wondering. Let me share…Because they are oh-so affectionate right now, beat feet to rub up against my legs, and the dog is running in circles wrapping the leash around my legs trying to sniff their asses, that’s why! Laugh if you will, but I have literally fallen down on my own ass because of this! I start turning in circles like Mary Poppins trying to unwind myself, gently scoot the cats out of my way at the same time, and maneuver my way to said chain, while having to drag his bottom-heavy butt with me. Now while all this is occurring my male, Chihuahua, Johnny Cash (which we lovingly refer to as simply ‘Hound dog’) is no further than maybe a ten/fifteen foot radius from us and is lifting his leg to piss a little on everything, whether it be stone, tree branch, or strands of grass that are nearly as big as he is. Once Sully see this and gets a whiff, well now he’s pulling me to everywhere that Hound dog has just whizzed so he can mark the spot too. ((Groan!)) Needless to say, getting him on the chain isn’t always an easy task.

You’d think after all that I’d get a break and that’d be the end of it, right? I mean, he’s on the chain, the Chihuahua is roaming the yard, the cats are doing their thing; I should be able to sit down with a fresh cup of coffee and resume cleaning up my emails. Wrong!  That dog is a huge PUSS, and spoiled as the day is long. If it’s a bit too windy and moves his ears he wants in. If there’s a bit of chill in the air, he sits and shivers like he’s in the frozen-freaking-tundra, and wants in. If the sun is shining too brightly he pulls his chain taut and pants like he’s just had to run the damn, Boston marathon. And all the while, barking…barking…barking…for mommy to pleeeease bring him back in.

What I want to know is…when the hell did I become their pet? I am at their beck and call: Feed them when they cry, exhaust myself letting them in and out, scoop poop from the yard, have to haul their beds up and down stairs to accommodate whatever room their lying in…because, Oh hell no will my dogs just lie on the floor! Most of the time I end up having to share the couch or my bed with them anyway. We no longer can go out of town for overnighters because there’s no one to watch ‘the kids’…ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. I mean, they control my life! I only wish I had it as good as they do.

It’s now 11:00 am, and I’ve actually been able to pound out this post without interruption. I can only assume the reason is because Sully has found something that’s captured his complete attention and he’s fixated on it, and one of the cats is allowing Hound dog to ‘hump’ it again, which is why he’s not scratching at the door. No rest for the wicked though, and I still have the afternoon to deal with. Now why exactly was I excited about Spring again?

12 thoughts on “When Did I become Their Pet?

  1. I think that might apply if it’s a parakeet or something, but I gotta tell ya, nearly a hundred pound Pitbull yanking you around on a daily basis leaves much to be desired. I have to admit though, he’s my buddy and scares off all the riff-raff that might find it’s way to our door, so I suppose that makes him a keeper. 🙂

  2. Girlfriend…be the Alpha. You need to watch the dog whisperer, not only is he hot as hell, he is smart. I had a pit too, you have to be the boss of him 🙂 My days of the dogs owning me, are over baby!!!

    1. Well, I’m really the only one he listens to. His dad is a huge suck-up. My problem is I treat these damn dogs like my children and they know they can bend and sway me with a whimper. I’m trying to cut the umbilical cord. I really am!

  3. We had a drama queen, too. Poor Lady, she wanted so badly to be the queen, but alas, Mama had something else in mind! I personally think they’re better than men. Much more loyal and accepting of all your flaws. They’ll love you no matter what.

    1. Oh, I miss Lady! She was such a good dog. Poor girl hung on as long as she could. Now your mean damn cat Turtle is a very different story. Umm…whatever happened to that pissy cat anyway?
      It’s sad that animals can’t live as long as we do…but then that means I’d be cleaning up dog shit after they’re senile and I’m in diapers myself, so maybe not! And yes, they are definitely more loyal.

  4. I hear you. The animals rule. And growing up we had a German Shepherd. If she misbehaved my Father would belt her – with a blade of grass, and she would howl as if she had just been flogged with barbed wire. Whoever it was that said that animals don’t lie hasn’t lived with them.

  5. LOL I just love the way you draw me pictures, Lulu! I miss you SO much!! I agree — pets can sometimes become the alphas, and we are at their mercy. It’s funny that they have phobias like humans, and personality traits that make them family members for life.
    Love ya. PP

    1. Pandora Patty, I miss you too! I feel like we got cut off on the phone the other day. We’re going to have to get in one really good gab/drinking session before you leave for your Alaskan cruise.
      I love you too!

  6. My sister and brother-in-law have a white pit bull. They’ve had a few folks who’ve crouched down over her and gone, “Who’s a vicious pit bull? Who’s a vicious pit bull?” very sweetly, which has made them–and me!–giggle. Like yours, she is an extremely sensitive beast, and most apt to be found sitting in front of the heater waiting for it to kick on. :p

    1. Well, maybe I shouldn’t have said “PUSS”, but rather “Our PUSS”. He’s a beast when it comes to other people. We have to kennel him before someone comes in, and then introduce him before we let him out. I think he needs to ‘sense’ how we feel about them first. He’s literally gone through the screens to get outside when people pull in the drive, and scratch the shit out of their door till my husband gets a hold of him (We try not to open windows very far anymore). I wish he was easy going enough that people can get down in his face. What can I say…he’s raised alone with us in the country. Everyone and everything else is a threat. You should see him really Puss-out when I break out the fly-swatter though. Too funny!

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