I Am An American, But I Am Also YOU!

Okay…I’m about to piss a lot of people off!

Having had to deal with drunks, assholes, and opinions most of my adult life, and drunk assholes with opinions, I’ve learned there are certain arguments you can’t win so it’s best not to go there: Politics, Religion, and which sex is more superior. No one ever wins. I had a rule when I worked the bar that the first two were completely off limits. People are very passionate about their feelings on these, and you mix this passion with alcohol and you get chaos. The gender thing was completely out of my hands. Now that you know where I stand on that, I’m letting you know I’m breaking my own rule and I’m going there. Oh, I am sooo going there!

I love to surf new blogs and make courtesy visits to existing ones I read. Many authors I’ve corresponded with live abroad in places like New Zealand, Australia, England, Ireland, etc., and our neighboring country Canada. I find the diversity interesting. The difference in culture, fascinating and refreshing. I embrace the opinions of others as I’m an American and we’re taught to do so. Freedom of speech is something we’re raised with and make great use of. I’m open-minded anyway, am seldom bugged by constructive criticism, and for the most part can let opinions roll off my back, especially when they’re expressed on another’s blog. Okay, that being said, THIS ONE IS MINE AND I HAVE AN OPINION TOO!

Have I disrespected your country, it’s politics, and culture? Have I drawn attention to anything in your backyard that I might deem inappropriate or ass-backwards? Have I once judged your Queen, Parliament, or the way your country is governed? No, and do you know why? I try to have respect for people, and am smart enough to steer clear of subjects I don’t understand or am not personally involved in lest I make a complete ARSE of myself in attempting to do so.

I’d like to address a few things I’ve read:

President Obama’s burial of Osama Bin Laden’s body at sea and the fact he won’t produce photographs of his executed body looks suspect. It smells fishy like maybe they hadn’t really caught him, or had captured him but he’s still alive. Okay, half-brainers…suppose this is true that he’s still at large and Obama just did this to appease the nation. Umm…what the hell happens then when they actually do catch him? Think that shit would just fly under the radar? Do you think our government is that fucking stupid? And what if he has been captured and is still alive? So what! He killed innocent people. Let his ass rot in prison like anyone else that has been convicted of murder has to do. Don’t they punish people in your country?

How appalling and disturbing it was that people in the US were jubilant in the streets over this execution. Hey, have you ever had a major terrorist attack in your backyard? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say, umm…No! How can you say what is an appropriate way to react? I’m nowhere near New York and live in the very heart of America, and the wave of this destruction reached me. Anyone with a damn beating heart couldn’t help but be moved by the fallout from this maniac. Innocent people, including small children were brutally murdered. Firefighters and officers lost their lives. Images of people jumping to their death to escape burn in your brain. Billions of dollars of damage, and that’s only the beginning. I lost no one on 9/11 and feel this loss. Imagine what it must be like for those who were immediately affected. This man by his own admission was the finger that pulled the trigger. Are we happy he’s dead and finally made to be held accountable for all the pain and suffering? Damn straight we are! If the man died several times over it wouldn’t be payment enough. Do you think the Jews felt bad when Hitler died and he was no longer a threat? I bet they only wished they had the opportunity themselves to off him.

How wrong it was that they killed him in cold blood and he wasn’t even holding a weapon. Yes they did! They took out that SOB as soon as the opportunity presented itself. Did any of those few thousand people that lost their lives have the opportunity to defend themselves? Tit-for-tat. An eye-for-an-eye.

That America, which claims to be the super power of the world, should be embarrassed that it took so long for them to even find and capture him. Okay, lets go way back to the beginning again, at how clever this madman was to pull off the unthinkable. A complete idiot couldn’t pull that off, and given that he took credit for it I have to assume that he must’ve already given considerable thought to how he was going to slip detection so he could continue with his evil plans, wouldn’t you? And he was living in Pakistan undetected, not next to Donald-fucking-Trump, or I think someone here would’ve noticed.

I’ve read more, but why bother? You get the just of it.

I don’t really follow politics. I consider myself neither a Democrat nor Republican. I didn’t vote for President Obama, nor was he the one I would’ve chose to be elected. I haven’t served in the military, nor to date have any of my children. My father, however, served in the second World War. My brother and many men I know served in Vietnam. I know another that was in Desert Storm. My best friends, daughter is in the Navy and has been serving her country proudly for many years now. What do all of us have in common? We are AMERICAN. We don’t have to be the same to be one. We believe in freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedom of choice. We let everyone else in, give them a financial break, and then let them stand in the streets and bad-mouth our government. We give them that right. We come to the defense of and give aid to many other countries, sometimes at the expense of our own. And when I say WE I do mean all of us. I read that it’s ridiculous that the nation or even the president is jubilant and almost taking credit for something the Navy Seals carried out. You’re fucking right we’re excited as hell, taking this action personally, and taking our share of credit for it! The Navy Seals honor their president, the president works for US, and has tried to honor the request of the people. The people cried out for retribution, and this cry was heard and met. THEY DID IT FOR US!

I’m an American. I was born in America. I eat food that is grown in American soil, and livestock that feeds off American land. The people I love are American. The laws I abide by are American. The flag I saluted in school was American. My family bears arms in our home to protect our family and has the right to, the way brave American men and women protect our country. I am Scotch-Irish, Dutch, Welsh, German, and French-Canadian. I am a part of you too! Can’t you see that? But my country is America! SO BACK OFF!!!!

17 thoughts on “I Am An American, But I Am Also YOU!

  1. Two specific remarks:
    1.It is really sad that one can become American by joining the military.
    2.In order to eat food that is grown in the USA, one really has to make an effort!
    Generally speaking:
    I totally share your view on embracing other cultures, and not being an a*s about something you do not know or understand.
    Have a good one!

    1. Wow, I can’t believe you found and read this older post.
      Well, I was pretty fired up for a while. The good thing that came out of it was that I made a really terrific friend out of one whose opinion I differed with (go figure).
      I can’t speak for anyone else, but the majority of my food comes from my local area: The butcher and farm people who peddle wares at the farmers market. I guess the point I was just trying to make is that I love where I come from and stand up for me and mine. If someone came into my home and hurt one of mine I’d hunt them down too without mercy. Guess I’m old school. I still believe and eye for an eye.

      1. It is a great post!
        This is exactly what we all would benefit from – remembering and realizing and we are all part of each other, one another, and so on. As creepy as it sounds 😉
        Go local food!

  2. I didn’t get it. After reading this I even went back checked emails and my trashcan, Na-Da. And yeah, I think you know me well enough just through corresponding to know that if it comes through I’m going to post it. The only comment I wouldn’t post is a personal slam from one blogger to another, or something really filthy that involved things I consider unmentionable–and believe it or not I’ve read some blogs that have them. “Ewwwww!!!!”
    Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Me included, and I aired it. I just think it’s closed minded to judge people’s reactions and a leader’s tough decision when they have no real first-hand knowledge of the situation. I took real offense to some of the things that were being said because they made it sound like we were a cruel, heartless, people. Look what he did! Look what has happened to our country because of his actions! This wasn’t a single event–and that in itself would’ve been heinous–but rather had a negative, chain reaction effect on the way we’re able to live everyday. Traveling by air sucks! Our economy sucks! People intimately involved with this still suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, and the rest of us are constantly on edge wondering what’s next. Am I glad he’s dead? Fucking right I am! One down and a crap-load to go, but it’s still progress. You’re an American. You know this wasn’t something that we could just sweep under the rug. You back down from one bully and you got all of them picking on you. We not only had to rise up and meet the challenge, but use him as an example to the rest of them that this will not be tolerated, and if it takes ten fucking years we will get those responsible, and take them out one at a time if need be.
    Okay, I’m coming down off the soapbox. And yes, I would like your opinion on this. You’re an American who’s had to experience what the rest of us have, and also an open-minded person. We can agree to disagree, you know. It’s allowed between friends.

  3. Oh, my! I made a big, long comment yesterday, and either it was lost (computer freeze) or you didnt like it, but it does not show up. Sorry about that! Since I do not know you as someone who would hold a comment just because it was a different perspective (not a disagreeable one – but I dont feel like re-typing it) I guess my computer glitch lost it.

    Anyway,I agree other countries should just shut up about how we deal with the demise of this villian!

  4. Pissed off much? Man, I’d hate to see you face off with whoever it was that ticked you off so badly! Though I follow the safe route on my blog, I’d have no problem opening a can of whoop a$$ if I saw fit. So, good for you for getting all that off your chest.

    1. Just a little pissed. Ha..ha.. I was seriously having a moment when I wrote that. I was just reading so much crap from other people–and all of it coming from other countries, of course, because THEY never had to experience what America had to go through, and what we’re still going through because of this monster–and I thought maybe someone needed to give a different take on things. I probably should’ve bit my tongue until I was thinking straight, but I have this teensy-weensy problem monitoring the filter on my mouth when I’m fueled. Nothing, absolutely nothing, makes me angrier than ignorance with an opinion. If it means anything I even surprised myself. The only time I’ve ever gotten that fired up is when someone jacks with one of my kids. Then it’s on!
      Yeah, I kinda suspected there’s more to you than what meets the eye. And I don’t blame you for taking the safe route on your blog, you have younger, impressionable children that you are trying to set an example for. I applaud you for that. My youngest is 17, is used to my antics, and doesn’t care squat about my blog, so I don’t have to worry.
      Well, I’m sometimes a sandwich shy of a picnic when I’m pissy, so I hope whatever I said sounded eloquent enough that others will take it seriously. I don’t always agree with everything our government does, but I don’t think America can be defined by it’s government, but rather the people. And I think we’re all pretty great.

  5. I appreciate you leaving a comment and know you didn’t have to. Sadly, you are only one of many others, and some have been really cruel. This was not specifically targeted at you. I read your blog and many others, and still intend to continue reading them as I find the content enjoyable, but I felt I had just as much right to defend my country as those who are trying to tear it down. And I do understand that there were probably Aussies that lost their lives on 9/11–many countries lost people here that day–but it happened on American soil and was left to our country to vindicate all these losses. That’s exactly what our military did and is continuing to do. When I look at those images of death I think to myself what would I do if it were my child, my mother, husband, brother, etc..and I were left to deal with this loss and rebuild my life? How would I act if the person responsible was caught? I know what I would do. If not given the chance to kill him dead myself I would press my face as firmly against the glass of the executioners chamber as I could and personally bid him adieu. If people are honest with themselves I believe most would admit they would to.

  6. Hi. I know I am one of the bloggers who incited your anger, and I am sorry.

    Nonetheless we too are entitled to our opinions. In a no-win arena. So, I guess we have to agree to disagree on this one. And PS, the Aussies lost people in 9/11 and were specifically attacked in Bali and yes, I wept at both. At all the deaths.

    Have a good weekend.

  7. AMEN!!!!
    And let me add….Obama didnt capture or kill the bastard, a BRAVE SOLDIER did. How’s about giving credit where credit is due!!!

    I agree, pretty suspect that the “body” was quickly buried without giving America a chance to view it and CELEBRATE!!!

    1. Well, Hi-ya Cuz! I wondered when you were going to get in touch again. Sorry about the drunk calling that night. My bad! I was having a hard time. I am so completely over it now, and happy as hell about it. Yes, a brave soldier did pull the trigger. But as I pointed out, the Seals honor the president and do as they’re told. The president was responding to the request of the people to take action and get this bastard. We as a nation all deserve credit, because in the end everything trickles down onto the rest of us. The nation pays the price for the shitty economy, the nation is the one that loses loved ones to the war, the nation is the one that finances the military. And we’ve done it gladly just so they could get the bastard. As for the body, I really think Obama is treading lightly because he already feels he’s upset the balance by taking out Bin Laden. Other countries are really funny about respect and tradition of burial, and I think he’s not so much worried about Al Qaeda but rather offending others that might be our allies. Not that I like Obama, but I do think it’s a smart move. Why turn up the heat when the pot is already boiling over? I’m just tired of the pollution being put in cyber-space over this shit. It’s our countries problem and we’re handling it. Same as our family would. We can treat each other like shit in our family, but best no one else come in from the outside and cause problems, cause then you gotta deal with the whole brood, whether we’re pissy with each other or not. I wouldn’t piss on Katie if she were on fire now, but I’d back her if anyone had her up against a wall, just because you don’t fuck with my family!!

  8. Well the awesome thing about our world is we are all entitled to an opinion. Even if they differ…it is controversial and there will be many different interpretations of what went on. I am not sorry that he is dead in any way, I just hope the repercussions of it all aren’t worse than the horror that started it all 😦

    1. Oh, I have no doubt they will be, but what the fuck did the rest of the world expect us to do? Just sit on our hands? Didn’t anyone learn from bullying in school that you have to rise up and face terror, even if you’re afraid, even if the consequences seem dire? What kind of country would we be if we just said, “Well, that sucked!” and tried to ‘get over it’? That’s the only point I’m trying to make. Damn, you don’t know how cruel people are being on their blogs about this. It’s not even their fucking country!! They don’t realize when they say America is insensitive, cold-blooded killers, and idiots they are talking about me too. I take it very personally. I LOVE MY COUNTRY!!!
      Sorry, didn’t mean to bite your head off. I was having a moment.

  9. Get it out of you!!! Feel better?! People will always talk sh**te Lou, just keep letting it roll. I am soo disenfranchised(is that even a word) with the garbage that has been rammed down our throats here in N.Ireland over the years I didn’t even vote yesterday and that is a bit shaming. As my brother said to me it means we are ruled then by those who turn out to vote. God help us. I haven’t been able to watch local news for months in the lead up to this election because it is the same old same old that we have been listening to since 1969. I HATE it. It is so f***ing BORING. I take your point about what you’ve read – everyone has then own take I suppose. Some people are ill informed, some are narrow minded and some are just plain thick. My latest tactic is ignore, ignore, ignore! I’ve got better things to get annoyed about – like the fact that every time I think I’m through the menopause I get a little visitor to remind me that I could still have an immaculate conception!!!

    1. Now you got me laughing! Thanks. I needed a little humor. Oh who knows, maybe I’m just being pissy over it and everything right now, but it literally makes me want to beat the shit out of someone!

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