It’s A Full Moon In Scorpio, And I Got A Stinger!

I lay in bed last night, dozing to the news, and then woke up long enough to watch about five minutes of Leno before I shut it off. The room seemed peculiarly bright—even by the yard light standards—and I strained to look through the window from my side of the bed, so as not to wake my husband. Did anyone else notice the moon last night? It was full, not particularly large, but was a beacon in the night. I mean this thing was the brightest I think I’d ever seen it, and almost seemed to be lit from within. Strange. I didn’t think much more about it, rolled back over and went to sleep, then awoke to my husband stirring around about 4 am. He woke me from a dream—that of which the details are fuzzy now—but I do remember saying to him while still half-asleep, “Do you see how bright the moon is? That’s so weird. I wonder if there’s any truth to what they’re saying about the world ending on Saturday.” Then I awoke again to the alarm going off at six.

Yeah, I’m a complete whack-job, I know, but that moon really bugged me. Enough that when I came downstairs and got on the pc I looked it up. It’s a full moon in Scorpio. Who woulda thunk? Guess what I am? That’s right!  Okay, so here are some excerpts I pulled from a few different websites.

The full moon May 17 will be a very compelling one for you as it falls in Scorpio at 26 degrees and receives a beam from surprise planet Uranus. When a full moon occurs in one’s own sign, it means that something dearly important is reaching a culmination, but only you would know what that might be. This month’s full moon will be the only one of the year in Scorpio, so this will be a key moment for you, and doubly so if you were born on November 18 or within four days of this date.

It could signal the beginning or end of a relationship, or a fateful meeting. It could be linked to a major career moment, one that would bring great prestige. The moon rules your ninth house, so you may be working with people abroad, or actually traveling quite a distance. You may get or finish a big media project for TV, the Internet, or other publishing venue. If you have been working with a lawyer on anything – a case, a patent, or trademark – it could finish up. Whatever is coming, it’s important to you. Keep your health strong, dear Scorpio, especially near this full moon, as it looks like you’ll be really busy.

Tue May 17: Full Moon Eclipse

This is your Full Moon, Scorpio, and it is a big one! You can make some radical, far-reaching changes in coming weeks. Venus and Mars have just entered Taurus, your solar seventh house, so look forward to a period of harmony and pleasant interactions with your partner. It’s a good time to make plans for the future. Fortunate colours are crimson and alabaster. Lucky numbers are 1 and 7.

It is the annual Scorpio Full Moon, always an emotionally loaded time, when we need to face stuff about ourselves and our relationships that may be difficult to wear, but also when we may achieve real intimacy because we are more ready tIt could be a great time of the year to explore the nature of emotional and material attachments and dependencies and do something about them, because the Scorpio Moon is never happy with superficial or indifferent explanations, intent at revealing instead what we kept secret even to ourselves. The result could be a deepening of our awareness of who we are, our feelings for someone or something, a creative project or job we have embraced, or any other type of commitment. Or it could spell a depressive personal period, or the end of relationships and projects that haven’t lived to our expectations and that now reveal their shortcomings in a glaring light.

The idealization of life and love is definitely over at the time of a Scorpio Full Moon, while we may be filled with a new sense of purpose and personal power, unless too entangled in emotional dramas. Positively meeting the shadow will bring us closer to becoming whole.

Before Scorpio it is like the time before eating the apple of the knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden of Eden. In Scorpio we meet the tempting Serpent, we will never be the same again.

Okay, so what have I been able to gather from these few snippets of information, and the several others I read that I never bothered to post? Well, I guess that now is supposed to be a time of personal enlightenment, I’m good and fed up with all the wishy-washy shit in my life, and I have the urge to make some radical changes that will benefit me. Which basically means I’m about to become selfish as hell! Did you all gather that too? Umm…Isn’t that what I’ve been doing by exploring the other side of myself in this blog? You mean it’s going to get worse? Ouch!!

Now laugh if you want, but I do believe there is something to the planets and signs we’re born under. If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you should know that I also believe in the paranormal, and people that are just ‘sensitive’ to things. Call them psychics or whatever you want, but I feel more comfortable using the word sensitive’s because of my personal attachment to Christianity… which according to my family DO NOT go hand in hand. I accept that. I also cannot deny how I feel, and what appears ‘real’ to me. All these things are real to me because of experiences I’ve had with each. Which is why I’m learning to pay close attention when I feel something or have dreams. Precognitive dreaming runs in my family. Pay heed to your dreams. Trust me. They always ‘mean’ something, even if it’s not obvious what it is.

So now I’m sitting here wondering, Hmm…what lurks around the corner for Lou? I didn’t know we were going to have a full moon, but it brought itself to my attention. When my husband roused me from my sleep, the first thing I thought of was that moon, and it triggered something in me from all the hocus-pocus I’ve been hearing about the world ending on May 21st. And you never can tell. It very well may end that day. Or on the 22nd, or 23rd, 24th, etc.. Does it matter? Isn’t it all going to end for each of us anyway when we die? By the way, in case it does, I’m saying my goodbyes now so I don’t forget. “Goodbye, my fellow bloggers. My time with you has been wonderful. I wouldn’t have missed it for the world!”  (Okay, back to reality) So what am I supposed to make of the moon trying to get my attention, keeping it, causing me enough concern that I look it up on my pc, finding it’s a full moon in my birth sign, and then prompting me to change what isn’t working in my life? Probably that I should change! Duh! Simplicity first, people!

So I’m sitting here wondering if there is supposed to be some emotional tug of war going on inside me that stirs me into action, or something. Any Scorpios reading this? Do you feel anything stirring inside you? I’ll be honest, the closest I even remotely come to a stirring sensation is the coffee inside me prompting me to rise and use the potty. Nope…not even a twinge of “Wow! I should’ve had a V-8!” moment going on. I’m thinking perhaps some of us bull-headed people are less inclined to feel the stirring, and need an act of God, our husband’s coming home and telling us they’ve been cheating SOB’s like Arnold Schwarzenegger just did to Maria Shriver, or our house falling down around us to give us a clue it’s time to move on. Apparently I’m daft, because I can still find more reasons to stay and put up with shit, then leave. This can’t possibly be love, could it? P-Shaw! Not me, the heartless Bitch!

Well, if change needs to happen…simplicity first, I guess. I just polished off eight, fat-free, Devil’s Food Chocolate cookies, because it was the simplest thing I could find for breakfast. I could probably run a rag through the house and mop up some of the dust today, but the weather is nice, and laying in a lounger this afternoon sounds like the simplest way to spend my time. I could put away all the laundry I did that is now sitting folded in baskets, but wouldn’t it be simpler if I just had the guys put away their own shit? Ahhh…simplicity first! Maybe that’s the key. My making simple changes create a chain reaction of bigger ones. Think? May all of you have a simply wonderful day too. And I’ll keep you posted as to whether the house falls down or my husband pulls an ‘Arnold’.

15 thoughts on “It’s A Full Moon In Scorpio, And I Got A Stinger!

  1. Perhaps those of us who believe in other-worldly/paranormal things aren’t weird or crazy; perhaps we just have fewer filters on our consciousness than some others do? I love reading your posts. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Key West for you; think of the blog material you’ll have!

    1. Wouldn’t a weekend with the girls in the Keys be wonderful? I so need that! I haven’t seen my best friend, Pandora Patty in almost two years and it always does me a world of good when I’m near her. She has a way of helping me get my MoJo back when we’re together…and that ain’t a bad thing.
      So you’re a whack-job that believes in that stuff too, huh? 😉 Shhhh…don’t say it too loud or people are going to start looking at you the way they look at me sometimes. Hey, I just know what I know, and no one can tell me otherwise. As soon as they have a better explanation for what’s out there, then they might be able to convince me that the paranormal, ufo’s, and and psychics aren’t real. So far I haven’t seen it happen.
      I’m glad you enjoy my blog. You know the funny thing is when I started this I was sure the only one that would be reading it is me. I guess I never thought I had anything to say that would be worth listening to. I don’t know if that makes you all as crazy as me or not. Ha..ha.. I consider it a good thing though. You women don’t realize it, but you keep me going everyday. It’s like having a shitload of girlfriends you can call anytime day or night and dump your feelings on, and at least one of them are always there for ya. Best therapy there is, and I should know I’ve had a few therapists. There I go again, giving away my secrets. Oh hell, like no one knows at this point I’m mad as a hatter!

  2. Well now, you are going to have to name those kittens Dream, Full, Moon, Scorpio, Stinger, 26 Degrees, Beam, Harmony, 17th of May and…Divorce!!! Joking 🙂
    I would say let this lie with you for a few days and see what you feel it means then. Can’t wait! I doubt though it means either that your house will fall down or the hubby will have a confession. I think it will be very positive – you are ready for something changing in a good way. Let it unfold…..

    1. You crack me up! A kitty named ‘Divorce’…ha..ha..
      God, leave my husband? As if! You know, he’d be close to perfect if he wasn’t so damn insecure, and so afraid of losing me…therefore keeping me like a canary in a cage. I know I should feel flattered that he loves me so much, but damn…it’s suffocating me. I honestly could spend the rest of my life happily with this man if he would just encourage me to be the best ME I can be. I think that includes freedom, a social life, etc. ((Sigh)) Well, we’ll see what happens. It looks like I’m probably going to be joining Patty in the Keys over Labor Day weekend, so who knows…I may just get lost down there and not come back! 🙂 And that’s not much of a stretch, because the last time I was in the Florida Keys I seriously thought about doing just that.
      Yeah, let’s just see how it unfolds…

  3. If I understand what this is telling you (and no, I’m no expert), this is a good time in your life to sit back and evaluate your life and yourself. What/who in your life has made you unhappy, and why are you just plodding along making excuses for it/them? This is your strongest time, and you should prepare yourself to make needed changes. The time to put everyone else’s needs and happiness first is coming to an end, so get ready!
    As far as being raised in a Christian home — notice how we always capitalize that word — and steering clear of paranormal things and people: for people who are blessed with premonition or foresight, we’ve always been treated with a fear and contempt, because those who don’t experience these things can’t understand them. You don’t share it with people who look at you like you’re a leper or freak, right? You can paint a picture with words or a brush, but only those who understand what you’re saying will see what you do. Like Judy said in “The Santa Clause,” “Seeing isn’t believing — believing is seeing.” I’ve questioned for a LONG time if God is loving and forgiving, how can there be a hell? Didn’t sit well with Catholic educators!
    (Omigosh — did someone else just tell you a vacation should be in your future??!!)

    1. Hi Hon! Yes, I know, many signs lately are telling me to get off my ass and do something for myself, aren’t they? But yet again, the questions what and how come to mind. I just know last night and this morning was too weird for me.
      Oh, you know when we start talking paranormal people start to twitch. If they could just get in on some of the conversations the two of us have had, that alone would be enough for some to consider us certifiable. I stand by how I feel though. I know what I’ve experienced. I know what you’ve experienced. There’s no one that can tell me it’s not REAL. As far as God is concerned, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again, people put too much emphasis on fear and not enough on love, and I think that’s sad because it’s not drawing people in but rather pushing them away. I really don’t think God would want to be known as a punishing, bullying God, but rather a loving, forgiving, accepting one. If I’m wrong I guess I’ll have to answer for that, and will have no one but myself to blame.
      Yes, you read right… Eri says I need a vacation too. That’s good enough for me. It looks like I’m out-numbered by the two of you–yeah, cause I need an excuse–so I’m going to try really hard to get these pennies saved so we can do Key West together over Labor Day weekend like we originally planned. My gosh, it’s been almost two years since we’ve seen each other. I think it’s about time! Dammit, this means I have to lose some weight and firm up this midwest muffin-top so I can stand next to you in a bikini and not feel like the ugly step-sister!

  4. This is so interesting! I feel like we’re the same person. I too feel the same way about “sensitives” because I’m a Christian as well. I also do believe in “paranormal”, just unsure of what it actually is. And I definitely believe dreams mean things. I also do believe that God will use things such as a bright moon to get our attention. I think God is trying to tell you something and while I don’t claim to know what it is, I think it does involve some level of change in your life. I’ll be praying for you as you make your simple changes. You deserve happiness and to be treated with respect, the way you want to be treated. Good luck, my Dear.


    p.s. I’m a Capricorn so can’t help you with the inner emotions thing.

    1. Well, my confusion should tell you that it never gets any easier to find yourself the older you get if you allow others to dictate your life with their beliefs and fears. I’m just trying to go on how I myself ‘feel’ about things now, and hope I’m truly not making any major mistakes along the way. I think there’s a very good chance you’ll probably figure it out before I do. I could tell right away that you’re an old-soul in a youthful body. Perhaps because you see everything through the eyes of someone who loves and thinks the world can be beautiful. I on the other hand am jaded beyond belief.
      Yep, I think you’re right…God is trying to tell me something. Maybe I’ll get lucky and whatever He’s trying to tell me is going to happen in my future will take place in Fiji! Think? 🙂

      1. Thank you! I’ve heard that from others before but I’m beginning to see the truth in it. I am an old-soul haha. But yes, I think Fiji would definitely allow you to see things clearer. Vacations always give that element of self evaluation. Mostly because everything from your “real” life is left behind and you are the only thing from that life that came along. Therefore its much easier to evaluate how YOU want to be. Without all the responsibilities, dedications and connections from the life you have at home. Whether you go to Fiji or not, a getaway is recommended. 🙂

  5. It sounds as if you had some sort of an epiphany last night! I did notice how beautiful the moon was as it came up last evening but mine was blessedly “uneventful”.

    When you mentioned your discomfort with the lack of resolution between Christianity and people who have different spiritual gifts ie:psychic abilities I thought you might be interested in this. Did you know that before mans fall he was able to move in at least 10 dimensions,we typically function in four now. I don’t see it as being in conflict with Christianity to think that some of those abilities are yet with us in latent forms,and while it’s true that prophets are directly inspired by God perhaps He chose to use people who had enhanced abilities of receiving and sharing His messages…I don’t know! As it is with any gift God’s given man there are abuses and perversions of it and so in some respects I can understand people wanting to steer clear of anything that could be tainted by the occult but in doing so I believe we allow it to keep us from having the full relationship with God that He desires for us to have. Astrology is a great example of this,God did establish the moon and stars as signs to us which tell of His love for us and the story of (in the Jewish calender) man’s redemption which starts with the Virgin birth in Virgo and ends with the return of the Lion of Judah in Leo! I hope you found some of this interesting,keep searching for your message from God!

    1. Well, I do know the Bible speaks of steering clear of seers and divination, and for a long time I heeded this, as my family is predominately of the Christian faith. I guess my problem is–and I’ve spoken of it before in my blog–this type of sensitivity runs in my family, my mother was incredibly sensitive with dreams, told fortunes with playing cards (that were accurate I might add), and then suddenly renounced it all as if it didn’t exist or was wrong when I was in my teens. Huh? Talk about confusing me. My mother didn’t just suddenly become ‘good’ when she found God; she was always a good person, it’s just her choices had changed. So how could it be all bad?
      I guess the older I get the more open-minded I become. I refuse to believe that because my best friend was in pain and took her own life, that she had to go to hell for that. I refuse to believe that the paranormal doesn’t exist, because it’s obvious to me that it does. Perhaps I’m a little confused as to whether I should dabble in trying to find out what’s going to happen in my future, but I have a hard time believing I’m going to be punished for something that trivial. To be honest I’ve grown weary of the stories of an angry, punishing God, and wonder what happened to speaking of love, acceptance, and forgiveness. I question how much of it is actually God, or just man being allowed the freedom to judge and place fear in others.
      I found the information you gave me very interesting and am going to look into it. Thanks for taking the time to leave it for me. It was great hearing from you!

  6. Brilliant post! I am going through a giant period of change and i’m also a Scorp…thanks for a fab and informative read, I related to so much of your character as a fellow Scorp’ and I chuckled muchly!Dawny 🙂

    1. Well, Hello fellow stinger! I knew one of you would eventually find your way here. We Scorpio’s just can’t help talking, writing, or reading about ourselves, can we? ha..ha..
      I wasn’t kidding at all when I said that moon freaked me out. It wasn’t large, just…well…brighter than usual. I mean, in a creepy-eye-in-the-sky-I’m-watching-you-kind-of-way. I know, I gotta stop watching so many horror movies. I have a passion for them, and they scare the bejeebers out of me. It’s one of those things where you don’t want to, but what the hell…you’re going to anyway.
      Well, I’m glad you got something more out of it than just my thoroughly wicked sense of humor. Have you noticed a change in yourself, or was it just the coffee stirring you too? 😉

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