Clean Your House And Clear The Mind

I decided to take a break from playing house on my blog this weekend, and try to participate in my real one. I took a good look around me Friday evening and thought perhaps part of my depression could be this house, so Saturday I set out to do some light housekeeping. Actually I tore the shit out of this place, rearranged furniture, vacuumed in crevices and under shit, and went crazy with dusting. I beat the hell out of my body doing so, but yesterday afternoon as I sat on the couch painting my toes and fingernails a brazen, whore-red—just cause I could—I was pleased with all my work as I looked around, and felt tons better. There’s nothing like a clean house to clear some of the debris out your mind. If I gotta be stuck in this hole, it might as well be purty, huh?

The hubby took me to breakfast early Saturday morning at the local diner. I love going there because of my favorite waitress, Michele. She’s a hoot! She’s single, in her twenties, and usually nursing a hangover when we come in. She just loves me to pieces, and will carry on a conversation with me the whole time I’m there as she’s serving other people. It embarrasses my husband—because we will talk about absolutely everything, and have no shame—but I actually think most of the other customers enjoy it, because more often than not they will start involving themselves in the conversation.

Saturday morning’s talk turned to the rapture that was supposed to happen. She told me how the night before after midnight enroute from one bar to another, she started praying that God take her up if He comes. I told her that probably wasn’t the ideal time to be asking Him for anything, but I guess at least she was talking to Him. I told her that I wasn’t sure if it were going to still occur or not on Saturday, but I planned to wait till Sunday to call my sister, Na; cause I had no doubt that if it occurred Na would be going for sure. Well, I talked to my sister yesterday and she was still home. She didn’t get caught up in the hysteria. Scripture says that man doesn’t know the day nor hour that the Lord is coming back, and so she wasn’t going to buy into any hype of a rambling man.  Guess we’ll have to wait a little longer, huh? Who am I kidding? I need more time, anyway.

I found a bargain online yesterday, and as we know…Any day is a good day if you can get a good deal on something!  Oh well, at least it is for me. I honestly don’t like to buy new, because I always have guilt over it. Isn’t that silly? It’s true though. It took me all day to persuade myself to buy the new furniture I did for the house six years ago. And I do mean, ALL DAY. The saleswoman was sick of me and I know she was, but in the end she got commission off about six thousand dollars worth of shit, so I didn’t feel too bad. I pay attention and make sure it’s something I really want before I buy anything. Anyway, back to the deal… I went on Craigslist looking for a patio set for the yard, so perhaps we can do more entertaining this summer. I have a bench under the tree in the front yard, a swing hanging on the tree in the back, and we usually take our chairs out to where the fire-pit is when we have our bonfires in the summer, but the picnic table we have is about shot, and we have no place left to eat, sooo….

I’ve been waiting and decided I wouldn’t go over a hundred for a complete set. Yesterday there was one that came available for fifty bucks, and the guy said he’d throw in the wrought iron, umbrella base for an extra $20. I sent my hubby clear out to West Omaha to look at it, and he brought the whole thing home for $50 straight up, including the base. Oh, don’t get me wrong, the chair pads are faded and need cleaned, and so does the umbrella, but the glass top, table and four chairs were in good condition. The hubby brought them home, spray painted the base black, and went over the chairs in white, and they look good as new. I’m going to clean up the pads and umbrella today the best I can and use them till I can find a good bargain on pads and a new umbrella. I’m set for entertaining if the opportunity arises.

Well, I thought I would touch base with you all. I have all my blog subscriptions that I’ve yet to read, so I can catch up on my readers lives from the last two/three days, and see what kind of mischief they got into over the weekend. I’m going to hit the sun for a little while this afternoon, and get the house picked up. No beer for me this morning. I’m feeling a lot better. And thanks again to all my blogger buddies who left me comments on my Friday post, and helped to pull me out of my rut. You all are truly a blessing to me. Never doubt your worth. You make a difference, at least in my life.

Okay, I gotta get started on my Monday! Have a great day! See ya…

4 thoughts on “Clean Your House And Clear The Mind

  1. I don’t know about my being an inspiration. Ha..ha.. I mean, I cleaned it, but wasn’t exactly doing cartwheels with joy.
    Ah, don’t sweat the petty stuff. More bombs go off in my house than you can imagine. I just take care of it as I feel needed. Little dust and clutter never hurt no one. Now, on the other hand, if it starts spilling out onto the street… 🙂

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