Red Is My New ‘Black’!

Well, my goodness…I don’t know what’s come over me, but I feel like a teenager whose gotten into the liquor cabinet. A bit intoxicated with feel-good energy, and feeling kinda naughty like I just did something wrong. Shame on me? Nah, but I did tell ya that I feel a bit of guilt when I buy something new, and well…I just did.

I wonder if I should thank Bi-Polar Bitch for putting the skip back into my step. She brought out what ‘Deborah the Closet Monster’ referred to as the “15 year old in me”. She’s had me so wound up the last few days that I felt like ‘kicking ass and taking names’. I didn’t know this old, gray mare still had that much life left in her.Β  Any-hoo, today I woke up sans the shitty attitude, but feeling spunkier than I have in a long time. I kinda looked in my full-length mirror when I climbed out of bed, eyed the mussed up hair and ratty-ass robe, gave myself a little wink and smile, and said to myself “You ain’t looking too bad for an old broad without makeup. I’d still wanna do me if I were someone else.” Yeah, I woke up feeling like Queen Bitch today, and any of you are welcome to be a part of my court!

Okay, so I did something this morning that I’ve been wanting to do, and didn’t have the courage to till now: I bought slipcovers for my sofa, loveseat, and chair. Not a biggee for any of you, huh? Well, for me it’s HUGE! You see, I’m cheap and indecisive, which is a shitty combination (yeah, I know…I just set myself up for ‘cheap’ jokes, didn’t I?). I will drag feet, check out every possible avenue for a bargain, then take fucking forever deciding whether I should play it safe or risque on what I choose before purchasing something. Well, I did it! I’m so damn proud of myself!! I’ve been bitching about all the earthtone’s in my bedroom and living area, wanting to redo this and that, but too afraid to go bold. This morning I did. I not only went bold, but sassy-fucking-red. Hmm… I wonder if this has anything to do with my boldly painting my nails red the other day? Don’t chuckle about this. I’m fair-skinned and don’t just ‘pull’ this color off naturally.) Not only did I order them, but informed my husband on the phone this morning that he is paying for them! Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha.. Sorry! He’s too funny. He tells me that I’m getting awful cocky and he’s going to send his buddy to the toy store to get some boxing gloves so he and I can have it out in the yard. “Go practice falling down and I’ll be out in a minute” he says to me. ((eyes rolling)) Yeah, okay! I told him he’d better bring a nut-cup and some friends. Queen Bitch today, Yay!

So anyway, I thought I’d let you take a peek/see at what I ordered. This’ll brighten shit up for sure!

I only have a pic of the fabric for the Pottery Barn chair cover. It’s the red ticking pattern, like some of the throw pillows I already have.

The sofa and loveseat are Surefit brand, cotton duck fabric (as a courtesy to my animals who like to cuddle with mom and dad), and the shade is Claret.

Cool beans, huh? Now I have my color scheme down I get to play with accessories! Yay!! Since I can’t get my husband to do shit, including removing this God-awful, paneling on the wall of the fireplace (see cheesy-photo of the two of us on my About Me page to see photo of said ugly paneling), I think I’m just going to paint over the whole damn thing. Antique white on the other three walls–and I’m thinking also the brick of the fireplace–but what color to paint ugly paneling wall, since it’s the focal point? Any ideas. I also think it’s time to strip this ugly carpeting and say to hell with it, and suffer with a cold, wood floor in the winter.

Okay brainiacs, I need ideas: Colors and accessories. I never claimed to be Martha-fucking-Stewart here! Think I should hide the fact that I just purchased red furniture covers from my husband? I mean, I didn’t tell him that part! He is, after all, more Davy Crocket/Jesse James than Gianni Versace, and I wasn’t sure his heart could handle it.


10 thoughts on “Red Is My New ‘Black’!

  1. I love that you are going red!!!! I am an earth tones girl, but I WANT to be bolder πŸ™‚ I like to add accessories that stand out, that way I can change it up all the time, and I really love the couch I have now, it is like a smoking chair, with leather studs and a paisley design, it makes me smile πŸ™‚ Don’t forget the before and after pics as you go!!

    1. I’m going to take some before pics with the digital, but am not going to post anything until later when I’m done and can take some after ones. By then I should have my other tower fixed and can download my own pics. I hate working off this old computer! It just cramps my creativity.
      That sounds like a really cool couch! You need to take some pics of that and let me check it out.

  2. I’ve fallen in love with citrus colors, which might work really well with the red; you feel like you’re part of a giant fruit bowl. Think watermelon, lime, tangerine, papaya, kiwi. Now I’m hungry.Glad you’re feeling more upbeat!

    1. Ooooh, citrus colors… I like that! Umm…maybe not for the focal wall. I wonder how a tan focal wall with the fireplace brick painted an antique white like the other three walls would work, and then pull in all the rest of the colors I need with accessories? I have shit loads of accessories all around the house I could gather to bring in color. I’m a bit of a knick-knack nut when it comes to bowls, baskets, floral arrangements, etc. The only thing I really see that I need to do different is make myself some new throw pillows to coordinate. I just love projects!

  3. Could paint your walls the same color as the couch if you wanna go “bolder”, gives it a focal point and also an accent wall, or even a tan, like a light brown. Sage green, red and tan are really pretty together. You can always throw white in as decor pillows, or sage green… im rambling, rofl! Here is some ideas anyway. Red, black and white would look good too πŸ˜‰ I love your post! I totally feel you on the everything black and white, but hey.. black is always the new. πŸ˜€

    1. I actually was leaning towards the focal wall being a cranberry red before I bought the slipcovers because the upholstery of my furniture now is a pale, sage green. The red wall with red slipcovers might be asking too much of my husband. Ha..ha.. (About page pic is self-explanatory.) The green, red, and tan is a really good idea and sort of softens things. I’m also wondering about how a antique shade of deep-blue would look. I really like the idea of mixing the red with some deep blues, then blending in a little yellow. I also bought a flannel, top sheet for a bed in a blue ticking pattern that I’m going to create some soft throw pillows with. Am waiting to find some florals and plaids in different colors to do the same. I am a throw-pillow kind of person and have them on nearly every piece of furniture. My favorite ones that actually get used are the ones done in a flannel, red ticking. I have a large, over-stuffed couch, and those pillows are wonderful to cuddle down with when watching tv.
      I’m glad you enjoy my post. My favorite posts are the ones where people spill the beans about their life. It just amazes me how silly but similar people are no matter where they come from. It’s also proven to me that my life is more interesting than I gave myself credit for, and I realized that because everyone else thinks their lives are boring too, and I just find them hilarious. Anyway, mine was meant to just be an honest reflection of what I see, how I live, how I think, feel, and react, and purge myself of things that have been holding me back from being my authentic self as I journey through this blog. So far so good. Five months of feeling the blog-love now has created an ‘Honest’ monster, and no one is my immediate path will come away completely unscathed! πŸ˜‰

      1. Yeah the red wall and red couch might make hubby go overboard :/ but you could always do a tan wall, with white pillows to soften it. Also a dark creme would be nice too, or even a yellow (not bright), maybe like a light yellow.
        I am trying to spill the beans with my blog, kinda, maybe slowly LOL (since it is linked to my personal FB) I love reading your blog though, really its how I think sometimes too LOL. I have only been blogging since May 12th and I love every part of it! Maybe I can get to the 5 month mark πŸ˜‰ Keep up the good work and I hope your room comes together.

        1. I consider myself new, having only been on since the first of January, so you’re really a newbie. Trust me, in a few months you’re going to be a whole lot less apprehensive about yourself than you are now, if you’re anything like me. I started, willing to bare my soul, figuring no one would be the wiser about who I was. Then I confessed I had a blog going to a few friends. Then a few family members. Then I got brave and put a pic of myself and my husband on my about page (which he’s still not happy about, and I still say it’s more because the pic doesn’t really flatter either of us, than it is about my using his face). Lastly, I recently came out of the closet and told everyone my real name was Lou. It’s amazing how a blog can do so much for your self-esteem and whatever shame you may have falls completely by the wayside. This blog and the people on it I’ve befriended have literally empowered me. Just knowing I have someone to talk to makes a world of difference. I think you’ll be surprised what it can do for you in the long run. I am starting to toss around the idea of a tan wall. I pulled up some pics off the internet and it actually looks really good. I think I may do that, the antique white for the other walls and fireplace brick, and use the dark blue in accessorizing. I don’t know. I gotta hurry and make up my mind though, because my order will be here soon, and I don’t want to use my slipcovers till I get my walls painted. And I am not the kind of person that can leave toys in a box unwrapped for long! πŸ˜‰

  4. LOVE it! My friend did the exact same thing, always black and white girl and then BAM bought a red sofa! Looks great so she went out to accessories and came back with a HUGE buddha head she put next to it as a table. When I asked her how it tied in the red couch she said she wasn’t done and went and colored his lips red. We call him Sassy Buddha ;P

    1. Oh, that is so funny! Why don’t I ever think of stuff like that?
      You know, you’re right…I am a black and white girl too. I think it has to do with the tomboy/biker in me. I do play house with my ‘other’ self though. Around the house I love vintage-floral sundresses, and my home is definitely country with plaids and floral, but it’s like muted tones. I sat here looking around the other night and realized I have very few, bright colors in my living room. I got that ugly paneling on the wall where the fireplace is and the other walls are a yellow/off white color. My furniture is sage green, curtains are an off white, and the old carpeting is a shit-gold. Other than my wing chair that I have covered in a burgandy floral and some throw pillows with the same, my whole living room is earthtones. No wonder I’m so damn depressed all the time! I’m motivated now though. I got an idea for getting me a set of Waverly sheets, using the pillow cases for throw pillows, and the sheets and dust ruffle to make some ottoman covers. And I think I’m going to paint that ugly paneling an antique slate-blue. My problem is I want to do things but have a husband who resists. Well, isn’t he going to be surprised with the red? Ha..ha..

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