Technical Difficulties?

I seem to be experiencing some technical difficulties on my site this morning. For some reason or another–probably just me not knowing what the hell I’m doing–I’m having a problem getting photo’s I’ve attempted to download to, well….load! Hmm, something’s definitely gone a foul in my handiwork. So it appears that I won’t be posting today after all. For those that have subscribed and a post appeared in your email box, and couldn’t figure out why in the world I was talking about photo’s that did exist, let me assure you, Pissy is not losing her mind…okay, I am, but that’s not the point, rather the photo’s were there one moment and then ((poof!)) they were gone. Just plain, damn magic like the prior men I’ve been involved with. Okay, I was to blame for that too! Pissy doesn’t play well with others once they start crapping in her litterbox and taking up unwanted space.

So my loyal friends think of me as your blogging away today and know that I am toiling away working my little fingers to the bone trying to remedy this problem. Nah, I’m just kidding. I’ll wait till my lazy-ass, teenage son gets up from sleeping till noon, and he’ll know what to do.

Much love and bunches of hugs as I bid you Adieu!

8 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties?

  1. WordPress is skitzy today. One bloggers comments were shaking up and down violently while I tried to write. Sometimes the WordPress Mainframe (?) gets a virus too, and they usually send a notice out about the problem. I look forward to seeing whatever those photos were suposed to be!

    1. It only took me about TWELVE tries, but I think I’ve got it. You’ll have to check the new post to make sure. The pics show up on my end anyway, but then they did yesterday too and yet Elephant’s Child couldn’t see them. I don’t know what all WordPress is changing around, but they need to stop! The comment boxes suck now! It’s take me forever for the words to catch up to my typing when I try to leave messages, and I’m also playing hell trying to subscribe at times. Just crazy shit! IF ANY OF YOU ARE WONDERING WHY IT’S TAKING SO LONG FOR ME TO READ YOUR POSTS, IT’S BECAUSE REPLYING IN YOUR COMMENT BOXES SUCK NOW, TAKES ME LIKE TEN MINUTES, AND I DON’T HAVE THE PATIENCE TO WAIT. Just saying…

  2. Maybe he will get it fixed for ya! I feel ya. Maybe you can post soon. Have you tried sending the image from your phone to your email, than downloading it to your computer, than uploading it to the post?

  3. WordPress has been acting up for the past couple of days with me. Sometimes it has hiccups when I am trying to write a post, it slows at a turtle speed for my letters to catch up, or it takes 5mins to load a picture. One time I did a post and it through all my images everywhere. So, it may not be you šŸ˜‰

    1. Now see I’ve been having problems leaving comments on several different blogs because it moves at a snails crawl when I type, too. Wonder what’s up with that?
      Well, these pics I took with my cell and couldn’t download into my documents on my pc cause I’m having problems with that too ((Ugh!)), so I just copied the url from my email that I sent the pics to and tried it that way. It showed up on my post, but didn’t show up on another bloggers. Whatever! Guess I’ll take a little time to figure that one out later. My husband really needs to get my Dell fixed for me, because I hate working off this old computer. It’s like going from a new electric, flat top stove to cooking on a charcoal grill again. Just sucks!

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