Pissy and the Paranormal

Hey ya’ll…Pissy here. Did everyone have a good weekend? I did. Yay! This is the second one in a row; I’m on a roll. I wonder if I should be suspicious of what that means? ((Hmmm….)) Any-hoo…

The third and youngest of the brood in my personal adaptation of “Children of the Corn” went into the big city for the weekend to see a friend off who’s moving, so the old man and I were alone again. We ventured out Friday night for a bite to eat relatively close to home, ending our evening early and quietly as we planned on taking the scoot out Saturday to make the lengthy trek to Clarinda to see my boy. Saturday came, I did my spit/shine on the house early, and we were off.

Old man won't take it out without a bath. "Scrub-a-dub-dub...and a nice little rub!" he..he..

Had to wash the bike in town first. The old man won’t go nowhere on her until ‘Black Betty’ is clean.

Pissy loves a ponytail, cause kitties like dangly things to play with. My bad!
Here's a little ass-action for those who are bored. Old man don't like tight levi's. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

And the end result is….

The old man's '75' Shovelhead. See..he liked old things before Pissy ever came along!

The old girl cleans up pretty good, huh? Isn’t she purty? Yep, the old man likes to go vintage, and that’s why Pissy appealed to him! Hey, I can still give him a decent ride too! ((snicker)) “Thar she blows with the potty-mouth again”. I know…I know…moving right along.

Pissy cooling off in Shenandoah, Iowa. It was hotter than a French prostitute, guys! Yikes!!

We decided to stop for eats in Clarinda before heading up to the prison. I took out my braids and attempted to straighten up my hair before going into the “Ice House’ restaurant, but I think I needed a mirror.

I know he doesn't think calling me Pippi Longstocking is flattering!

Oh well, Pissy’s more worried about hydrating than how she looks at the moment.

My first Pepsi in a week. (I'm trying to cut back on my waistline.)

The old man can be an ass-and-a-half at times, but he still floats my boat.ย  I suppose it’s a good thing that I catch myself looking at him occasionally and think, ‘If I didn’t know him, just met him, I’d still wanna do him!’ It can’t be all bad…

Old man waiting for his food at the "Ice House" restaurant and lounge in Shenandoah. (I still think he's so handsome!)

The prison guard in charge of the visiting area this time was a HUGE ass, and I found myself biting my tongue immediately upon arriving and signing in.

Guard:ย  “Oh, you can’t wear that shirt in here.” He scowled eying my tank top to let me know it was inappropriate, cause ya know… “I’m… too sexy for my shirt…too sexy for my shirt…sooo sexy it hurts. I’m a model…you know what I mean when I do my little turn on the catwalk…” Ha..ha..

Me:ย  (I rolled my eyes and showed him the black t-shirt my husband was holding for me while I was stuffing our shit in the locker) “I know. I brought this to put over it.” I managed a smile, over gritted teeth. ASS-WIPE!

Guard:ย  (He sticks his head out the door again) “You have to remove the bandana too. It’s considered a hat.” He sneered. In what fucking universe? Is he kidding? ((sigh)) Ever tried fixing your hair within minutes of having a lengthy scoot ride? Apparently I’m talented as you shall see…

Well, after the meet-and-greet with that asshole we found ourselves waiting in the entry while he paged my boy three different times. When he did finally arrive the guard reprimanded him for not showing up quicker, then sent him back to his room for a belt. Fucking jerk! I hate people that abuse their power just because they can. We did end up having a nice, two-hour visit though. My boy looks great. Being clean from drugs he’s been able to put back on his weightย  and looks healthy again. They’re already letting him work on the outside supervised, so he’s started to get a redneck tan and some color to his cheeks. He also volunteered to help out with filling and moving sandbags for the flood effort going on nearby, and has been doing that for several weeks. I’m so proud of how he’s coping with being on the inside.ย 

He set aside a little money he’s earned from working to get a pic taken with me while I was there. They wouldn’t let me take my camera in, so this pic is of the photograph that they took of us.

This is my oldest son, Jud. My pride and joy. The baby God gave me after my first two attempts at conceiving failed. My gift from God that never fails to make me proud despite mistakes he may have made. His heart is gold. I absolutely adore him!

My son, Jud, and me; taken at the Clarinda Iowa Correctional Facility. He still calls me "MA". I love my boy!!!

We decided to take an alternate route home, and lo and behold found ourselves approaching a sign indicating that the next exit was Villisca, Iowa. No shit? It’s right here? I told the old man to take the exit ramp, cause this was the perfect opportunity for me to see THE HOUSE. For those of you not familiar, let me explain.

Circa 1912, in the small, sleepy town of Villisca, Iowa; an entire family and two, young house-guests are slaughtered in their sleep. Overnight guests, Lena and Ina Stillinger (friends of the Moore’s young daughter) were found in the spare room on the first floor. Josiah and Sarah Moore were in the master bedroom upstairs. All four of the Moore children were found in their bedroom across the hall. Authorities believed the killer was lurking in the attic waiting for them to come home from church and retire for the night before he struck. He butchered them all in their sleep with an ax, then for reasons unknown to this day, covered all the mirrors after doing so. The bodies were found the following morning, but after 99 years the killer still hasn’t been. It’s one of Iowa’s greatest, unsolved murder mysteries.

Anyway, the house has been restored and the current owners have turned it into a money-making business for the curious and slightly depraved. Like me! For a fee visitors can tour the house during the day, and those brave enough to sleepover that are willing to shell out some serious cash can spend the night inside. It’s said to be extremely haunted, has been the subject of books, blogs, paranormal studies and shows, and also a movie. And Pissy was finally going to get to see it…Yay!

The Villisca Ax Murder House.
Front of the Villisca Ax Murder House.
Back of the Villisca Ax Murder House.

Okay, so when we showed up out front to just take some pics, we noticed there were some folks sitting outside the barn behind the house, so of course me being the people-person that I am, I had to walk over and have a chat. Turns out they were overnight guests that were waiting on the rest of their friends in the group, who were out touring the cemetery where the victims were buried, as they were the ones that had the keys. So here they were kicked back drinkingย  some cocktails, and after a bit of conversation asked me and the old man if we wanted to go tour the house for free when their friends got back. WELL…HELL YES WE DO! “FREEEE…TOUR OF THE SCA-RY HOUSE! FREEEE…TOUR OF THE SCA-RY HOUSE!”

(Disclaimer: All photograph’s taken were with the complete consent from said subjects, although they refused to contribute their names.)

Overnight guests for the "Villisca Ax Murder House", partying in the barn behind the residence.
Was the old man flirting? Notice how she's smiling and playing with her hair? Oh, you go with your bad self, stud!
Inside the barn there's a bunch of random photo's sent in by visitors to the place.
Random photo's of guests visits. Some are (creepy!).
Inside the barn there's a wall where someone has drawn 'disturbing' images of the axe murder victims.
A closeup of the house that was drawn on the wall in barn out back. Notice visitor signatures.
Image drawn of adult victims, Sarah and Josiah Moore.
Images drawn of victims Boyd and Paul Moore.
Images drawn of victims Lena and Ina Stillinger.
Images drawn of victims Herman and Katherine Moore.
Turn of the century photo in the barn of what I assume would be one of the Moore children. (?)
Doorway in the barn leading to the media room in the back.
Media room in the back of the barn.
Pic of loft in barn.
"We're going in. Are you coming Pissy?"
"Yep, I'm comin. Was just waiting for the big guy!"
Guests inside the kitchen of the Villisca Ax Murder House.
Inside the pantry.
I have no idea what everyone is looking at in the kitchen. (?) Wasn't me!
A different angle of the living room.
Moore family photo with two oldest children in the living room.
Downstairs bedroom known as 'Blue Room' where the Stillinger sisters were murdered.
Another view of the 'Bue Room' where Stillinger sisters were murdered.
We're heading upstairs.
Master bedroom. Site of Josiah and Sarah Moore murder.
Ax mark still in wall above covered mirror in the master bedroom.
Close up of the ax mark in wall.
Bed in the children's room.
Covered mirror in childrens bedroom.
There's balls and little toy cars in the house for visitors to see if the spirits move them.
Another bed in the childrens room.
The crib to the left is in the spot where the youngest Moore child was said to be sleeping the night he was murdered. At least this is the low-down of events this visitor is giving my old man. (Umm...honey, I think it's time to cut back on the beer! He still plays a mean game of sheet tag like a 17 year old, and I love that damn, red ponytail, so Pissy don't mind the pounds!)
Attic where they believe the killer was hiding.
(Tilt your head to the right as you look into the right corner of the attic) It was said the killer was hiding there!
Pissy got brave and actually stepped inside the attic space to get a pic of the door leading out. What I won't do for my readers!

Well, I had an absolute blast, as you can imagine! After touring the house and thanking the guests for giving us that free tour (Pissy loves freebies, as she’s such a thrift-whore!), the old man and I bid our new acquaintances Adieu, wished them well in their quest to make it through the whole night, hopped on the scoot, and headed back home. The ride was long, but enjoyable in the coolness of the evening. Yesterday, upon downloading the photo’s into my pc was when I spotted the orb. MY FIRST ORB, GUYS! YAY!! Now I gotta send it in to the official Villisca website. I’m adding a few links below that might interest you if you want to learn more about the Villisca Ax Murder House. I hope all of you had a rockin’ weekend too!

[ Pissy is still a little green with the machine, so if the links don’t go through you’re going to have to type it into search. Sorrrrry if it happens!!! ]

tru Tv CRIME LIBRARY ( Villisca: Mass Murder in Iowa)

The official site of the Villisca Ax Murders House

The 1912 Villisca Axe Murders Blog

A HAUNTING MYSTERY The Ghosts of the Villisca Ax Murder House

34 thoughts on “Pissy and the Paranormal

  1. Helloooo (spooky noises) – I’ve been away for a few days. please explain why I can’t see all these photos? Can see the one of you and your son only (which is lovely BTW). What have I done? And I can’t see photos I was able to see in a previous post! WTF? No doubt there is some non paranormal explanation?

  2. FABULOUS post! I can’t even pick my favorite part. I love the pic of you with your son, it’s fantastic. And the bike is hot, hot, hot! I would have freaked for a tour of that house as well. I just found out I’m not that far from where the Liszt murders happened. May have to investigate!

    1. Well thank you! I was so happy to get to spend some time with my son and I’m sure it shows. And we had a lot of fun that day putting so many miles on the bike.
      I’m not familiar with the Liszt murders. When and where did that happen?

        1. I got to thinking about that after I read your comment, and realized that must’ve been it. I hit extra keys all the time when they’re close together.
          Yeah, I’ve read about him. It definitely sends your creep fact off the charts. They said the original mansion burnt down, that another was built on it’s spot, but the town still refers to the address as the list house (feel sorry for the people that live there now). That was truly sad and tragic. Pathetic, but true, I have a fascination for this kind of stuff. Everyone tells me I have a dark side. I just think I missed my calling and should’ve gotten into criminal psychology, because their warped minds just fascinate me.

    1. That song just popped in my head while I was writing the post. ha..ha.. Sometimes random things just do and I roll with it!
      Oh that guard was the worst. I understand that he/they have a job to do, but I think some of them are on a power trip. I don’t believe it’s necessary to be rude or pushy with visitors, or even inmates that are just trying to get along, do the time required for the mistakes they’ve made, and move past that part of their life. I think some of these guards are the reasons inmates end up getting into trouble while on the inside and wind up with more time. I know my son is a proud man and it takes everything he’s got to let this stuff roll off his back sometimes. I just keep telling him to keep his chin up, his eyes down, don’t encourage conversation, and in ten more months he’s up for parole and he’ll be sitting here eating a homecooked meal with his Ma if he can get through this. I believe there is a huge difference between a bad person, and a person that has done bad things. My son should’ve been given time in rehab, not prison. He’s not a violent offender, has no history of assault, didn’t rob anyone, etc. He was caught several times with substances on him from personal use. Rehabilitate him. Don’t incarcerate him. Sorry… I think the system sucks!

    1. Oh, Hook ((blushing))…your flattery knows no end. tee..hee..
      Oh, I love this paranormal shit. In a perfect world I would be paid to travel around and do nothing but take pics and write about this stuff. How much fun would that be!!?

  3. Cool links! Next time only use what you copy/paste (only want one http:// thingy) I laughed so hard about the bike – my hubby even thinks about going for a ride, it gets washed. I refer to it as “his mistress in the garage”. My friends don’t get it, but I bet you do!!

    1. Well, at least the links themselves were accurate. Ha..ha.. I sooo suck at this whole blog-wizard crap. I’m learning though. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Oh, I understand COMPLETELY. I’ve often said I wish I were a Harley. He’d want to bathe and dry me off. Give me a massage while he polishes me. Would want to adorn me with nice things. Take me out and about, while showing me off. Brag me up to all of his friends. Yeah, if I could only come back as a Harley in my next life!

    1. Thank you! I’m finding that I really enjoy taking pictures and building stories around them. I find it brings the stories to life more. I should’ve been a journalist! Ha..ha.. And it’s so much fun!!! I just wish I had a more expensive camera so the quality of the pics were better like others I’ve seen. Of course, it could just be my photography skills. I suck at taking pics. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      You know, I wasn’t scared to go inside, but have to admit I don’t think now upon touring it that I could ever spend the night there. I used to say I wanted to, but now…not so much. There’s definitely a feeling to the place that I didn’t care for, and don’t think I’d want to entertain it after the witching hour. If you go on the websites dedicated to the place you’ll find that there’s been documented proof over and over again of paranormal activity there. It’s just really interesting.

  4. Dear Mama Lou, for some reason I had to re-find you and subscribe again O.o weird!? I noticed your layout the first thing and I love it! I loved this post!! Actually pictures of you and out and about! Great!!! Spooky house though, creepy… eeeps! Heeby Jeebes Mama! Love the pictures, didn’t I already say that!? (the non-subscribe thing explains why I haven’t seen any posts from you, and no I didn’t unsubscribe, lol!)

    1. I honestly wasn’t sure whose subscriptions were deleted and whose wasn’t. There’s some I’m subscribed to that were never subscribed to me. Dunno. And it was not that I was pointing fingers hon….truly. I was more disappointed in my reaction than anything else. I couldn’t believe that something that trivial had actually hurt my feelings. I wrote about it to let others know if they’ve had a similar experience they are not alone, and that even though readers are nice, it’s the writing itself that’s important.
      Oh, the house was great! The two houses I’ve always wanted to see was that one and the Lizzie Borden house in Fall River, Massachusetts. I guess because I’m curious about the energy leftover in the house after something that horrendous occurs. I’m sensitive to energy that occupies places. It’s easy for me to have a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ feeling upon arriving at a place. Strangely, I didn’t have as much of a reaction in that house as I thought I would. In fact, I’ve felt worse in some of the homes of friends and family I’ve visited. Strange, huh? I don’t know what I expected; horror in the air, perhaps? ha..ha.. I didn’t get that. I did get a heaviness, almost a sadness come over me, but then it could just be my empathetic nature kicking in at knowing that six children between the ages of 5 and 12 had been butchered with an ax in that house, and I find this incredulous as well as horrific beyond belief. It was interesting though, and one of those things I can now check off my ‘bucket-list’.

      1. I am glad I checked though. I was wondering where you been. I know you wasn’t upset, but I was like freaking out because Mama was not on my subscription list! Mini-Lou was in attack mode! lool!! The house is very interesting and loved it. Maybe you wont disappear off my list lol! I will be back buahhahaha

        1. Yeah, I don’t know what was up with that. It’s okay though. You know where I am if you wanna reach me. And noooo…don’t go into a Mini-Lou mode, my lil Mini-Me…It’s scary there! Stay sweet and innocent.

  5. That was quite the weekend adventure! I’m not so sure I’d want to wander around in that house, but if you were a mystery writer it would provide some great resource material.

    ‘Black Betty’ is impressive. My Dad and his siblings all rode bikes and in their day were involved with the Fred Deeley Harley Davidson crowd in Vancouver, BC. Never had good looking ones like yours, but put a lot of miles on them and did some racing. One cousin still rides. He also paints like his Dad, and did one painting from an old photo of him on his bike: http://flic.kr/p/9ij7Ni, if you’re interested.

    1. The old man loves that bike. Unfortunately, we don’t take it out as much as we did, because it tears us both up when we try to drive long distances. It’s hard on my lower back, and I suspect the ape-hangers contribute to my husband’s backache too. I think it’s safe to say a Road King is in our future. We’ve been talking a lot about it. We’re both at the point where we’d like an ‘easy chair’ to sit in while we ride, and ‘Black Betty’ ain’t it. Ha..ha… Our house will be completely paid off in a year and a half so maybe then…who knows.
      I’m going to have to check out that painting. I love anything Harley! I have tons of pieces: Jackets, jewelry, t-shirts, sweaters, purses, wallets, zippo lighters, figurines, etc.. Back when I was single and working I indulged a lot in my passion for it. After my husband and I got together we did the same. Of course, not so much anymore.

    2. Oh my gosh, Carol…I just checked out that painting and it is wonderful! He’s incredibly talented. I love the way the light colors contrast against the dark, and gives it a vintage feel to compliment the age of the bike. Just wonderful! ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. TWO good weekends. In a ROW!. Karma. About time too.

    I am so pleased to got to see your boy and that the waste of oxygen guard didn’t push you into saying something which would have allowed him to ban you. You won, he lost.

    The tour looks interesting too. I really liked the look of that house. (does that make me a sick puppy?)

    1. Two weekends! I know…I know…! I feel a change in the air. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Oh, you have no idea how much it took for me to keep my mouth shut! I had to remind myself where I was, and that these people had the ability to keep me from seeing my son if I didn’t behave myself. My problem is I can take a lot of crap–and have in my life–when it’s dished on me…but I am a BEAR when it comes to my kids. There’s isn’t anything I won’t do, or anyone I’m not willing to throw down with when I feel someone is disrespecting or hurting my kids. I just hope I don’t have to deal with that guard again. A year is a long time to keep me from my son, and I can’t guarantee I’m going to be able to refrain from opening my mouth if it continues.
      Well, if you’re a sick puppy…then so am I! Ha…ha.. I love old houses. I love anything that is old and has a lot of history attached to it. I am fascinated with the paranormal, but blame that on my mother who was sensitive, had premonitions in dreams, read fortunes when I was young, and claimed to have seen the dead at times. I believe any place that has had an incredible amount of happiness or sorrow from previous occupants, will carry and harbor that energy. I believe items will do the same, which is probably why I love antiques. I don’t know if that curiosity makes me dark and disturbed or not–which I’ve been told by others is the case–but I find it natural to have a fascination for the unnatural and unexplained.

    1. You can’t tell me you wouldn’t have gone in there. You have as much piss and vinegar running through your veins as I do. I see you tackling just about anything that comes your way!
      And thank you for the compliment. I think my son is very handsome, and honestly the pic don’t do him justice; it’s his smile that gets you, and you can’t see it here. It’s sort of between charming and cocky…oh, like how his personality is! Ha..ha.. His hair started receding early in his twenties like the rest of the boys on his father’s side of the family, so he opted to shave it and keep it short. I apologized to him years ago for giving him a dad that was not only lousy but was losing his hair. Of course, I winked and told him what he may lack there with the ladies I had made sure he would be able to make up for it in other area’s. He just laughs now and says “Yes you did!”
      If only he were twelve again and I could ground him to his room…

    1. An orb is supposed to be a spirit that hasn’t taken shape…or something like that. I only know that when they show up and there’s no other explanation that’s what it’s supposed to be. I was so excited to catch one! I actually do believe in that stuff, and the spirit world. Call me nuts but it fascinates me.
      Well thank you for the compliment on my blog. Yes, I like this theme and the personal touches I’m able to make to it. And that is a photo of my house and property at the top of the page I downloaded. It was taken this past winter when the snow wasn’t on the ground, but the trees were bare of leaves. I used it because the trees block a good view now. Sadly, it’s not gorgeous…just an very large, old farmhouse, but I love it anyway. It has tremendous possibility! Sort of like me. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. I’ve always wanted to sleep over in that house, but I admit after reading up more on it since I took these pics, I’m not sure I would now. Very creepy!
      Oh, I’m so proud of my boy, I really am. And the pics don’t do him justice as the copy was too light, but he really does look healthy and happier than I’ve seen him in a long while. Less than a year to go and he’s eligible for parole. He hasn’t lived with me since he was around 18, but I’m bringing his butt home for a while when he gets out so he doesn’t have to do the halfway house. I’m sure he’ll appreciate some of his Ma’s home cooking by then! And yeah, I did a pretty good quick-fix on my hair, didn’t I? Now I wonder why it takes me so damn long here at home? Ha..ha..

  7. Oh oh oh… I’m so going to have to find time to come back and have a proper read! I’ll be back tomorrow and try and catch up properly.

  8. Thanks for posting the photos. They were interesting. It was a nice pic of you and your son, too. They are quite strick about their dress code at the prison, aren’t they?

    1. Oh, that guard was the worst! He was just looking for shit to stir me and my son up. The other guards that were there when I went last time were super nice, but this one was a real jerk. I had him pegged the moment I laid eyes on him. Was probably bullied as a child and that’s why he has a position now where he can bully others. Creep!
      I’m really enjoying having my newer pc up and running and being able to get pics with my digital and download them. I think a picture captures a moment so well, and that there are interesting things all around you if you just open your eyes and look for them. I wish my digital camera was a bit more expensive, and I could take better quality photo’s like some I’ve seen on this forum, but I suppose as long as everyone can make them out it’s okay. Click on the pics and they will get larger so you can see more clearly, if that helps. Probably shouldn’t say that, as the restaurant pics of me aren’t exactly flattering! Ha..ha.. Oh, what the hell! This is who I am, good or bad, can’t change it so I might as well roll with it, huh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

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