I Wanna Live in Iris’s Cottage

Well, yesterday’s attempt at trying to download pics of my daughter and grandchildren failed miserably. I have no idea what I am doing wrong! Geeze-Louise! It’s no surprise after this latest fiasco I started combing through my pc pictures trying to find some recent ones to no avail. Preschool age children grow so fast. I did, however, stumble across these, and had completely forgotten that I’d downloaded them last year. “Why did you bother to save these, Pissy?” Why thank you for asking. I shall share. Because after finally getting the chance to watch a movie I’d been dying to see forever this past winter, I realized upon doing so that I had finally found the house of my dreams. I thought it a good idea to find pics of this particular movie set and save them for inspiration. If Pissy ever wins the lottery or writes a bestseller you can guarantee a carbon copy of this house, complete down to every little detail, will be sitting at the end of my drive. Don’t laugh, I never thought I’d have the courage to share my words with anyone either, yet here I sit plugging away on my own blog!

I think a person’s tastes says a lot about who they are: The music they listen to, the hobbies they enjoy, their style of dress and the way they decorate their house…and yes, even the friends they have. I have finally come to the conclusion after sifting through all my likes and dislikes upon coming into my own, that mine screams Old School. That’s not to say that I’m not comfortable in my leather and combat boots, or that I don’t enjoy occasionally woofing down shots of Jack Daniels while listening to Ozzy, Alice In Chains, or AC/DC; just that you’d be more likely to find me walking around in a vintage sundress, sans makeup, with my hair pulled up in a ponytail, listening to Motown on an given day. I love simplicity with a vintage touch. I love old homes that settle and find excitement in every little noise. BOO! I prefer antiques that whisper history, over new things that have nothing to say. I prefer friendships that come with a promise of longevity, over associations with people that may seem appealing for a moment but lose their luster quick. I prefer things and people that have proven themselves to stand the test of time. Don’t let the biker be-atch persona fool ya, inside still beats the heart of a real girl.

Okay, so the movie is “The Holiday” with Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz. The house I’m referring to belongs to Kate Winslet’s character, Iris. It’s absolutely breathtaking, and everything I’ve ever wanted in a country home. Check it out! Make sure you click on pics to enlarge.

Isn’t this just the most amazing house ever? Every bit of it was created for the movie, including the house being built.

I wonder if perhaps the fact my mother’s side of the family came from Wales in the 1800’s has something to do with the fact that I have a great love for English cottages. Could that kind of thing run in the blood? Hmmm…bit of food for thought. So there you have it folks, another of Pissy’s dirty little secrets: SHE’S ALL GIRL!Ā  My word…who woulda thunk? Ha..ha..

So I’m really curious. What do you like?

Getting to know you…getting to know all about you…

getting to like you, getting to hope you like me…”

33 thoughts on “I Wanna Live in Iris’s Cottage

  1. I don’t watch a lot of movies, so it’s not surprising that I missed this one. But I just hunted up the trailer and now will have to see it. The house is fabulous! I’m a country person when it comes to wild English-style gardens, acres of privacy, a simple lifestyle. My decorating tastes aren’t really country, though, but I adore these photos! I’m not a great one for a lot of housework, dusting, etc., so all the clutter would probably drive me crazy trying to keep it clean and tidy, but the atmosphere might just be worth it. There’s a sense of comfort, of homeyness… a welcoming warmth. I can see why you love it. Still… the house you have (I think you said it was the one pictured in the header here) has that kind of feeling, too. It’s bigger, of course, and wood, not stone, but I don’t think it’s the size of the cottage that lends charm to the interior so much as the decorating… the old world muted colours, furniture styles, the cosy room arrangements and all the accessories. I’m betting you have an artistic knack that has your home looking equally inviting. šŸ™‚

    1. Oh, you’re going to love that movie when you watch it. The decor and scenery is beautiful, the characters are very likable, and it has feel-good romance about it.
      Yes, that’s my home in the header pic. It was taken sometime this past Fall or Winter I believe. I thought of getting a current one but now the leaves on the tree prohibit a good view. My artistic knack stems more from a shabby chic approach…and lean more towards the shabby part. Ha..ha.. I love antiques, knick-knacks, furniture you can throw yourself down on and get comfortable in, and have cluttered my home with such. Unfortunately at times I feel like I’m putting makeup on a pig, in that whatever I’m doing isn’t enough for the repairs we need to make, but I do what’s necessary to make it comfortable to live in spite of it. Unless a bucket full of money lands in my lap progress will continue to be slowing coming.
      That little stone cottage does give one a lot of ideas about how to decorate though, doesn’t it? I know it has me. Now if I can just get my husband motivated….

  2. Hey Kitty –

    Vintage sundress and pony tail is definitely all female so no worries; I think your point came across nicely ;). I do like the English cottage but so prefer and sprawling ranch home tri-level. Even some I’ve seen with a double basement meaning there are 2 levels below. If you haven’t seen one like that they are rare and very cool. I also like really long hallways where you can run in the house. You can run in many houses but the long hallway allows you to work up good sprinters speed before you have to slam on the brakes. Long hallways also allow you to play ball, bowling, and other pass-the-time games with balls against the walls, lol. šŸ™‚

    1. You are definitely all guy, aren’t you? Ha..ha.. For most of us sweetie we don’t run in the house. We do that, say…outside?
      Well I didn’t think the men would respond quite as well to the cottage as women would. And ‘pssst’…we don’t really expect you too. We kinda know that frills and fuss are chick shit. Although a stone cottage can be decorated many ways.
      Yeah, I could see you getting into the ponytail/sundress kind of woman. Okay…lets be honest Charlie…I could see you getting into ANY kind of woman. You’re like a male version of me. Is there a male word for Tart or Flirt? ‘Mr. Charm’ maybe?
      As usual I love it when you stop by. Make sure you visit more often!

  3. I could so definitely live there! Gorgeous but still homey! I may Have to race you for who can build it first.
    (Except for the bathroom, which might need to be tweaked a bit. I love my creature comforts, and that seems a bit…basic for me. Otherwise, perfect. I always wanted a blue kitchen!)

  4. I loved that film too and have re-watched it many times but I think what I particularly liked was the thought of being able to ‘swap’ your life for someone else’s for a while šŸ˜¦ and about the house – I actually lived in a house very similar to that one (probably not as nicely furnished inside). It was a 150 year old cottage with two and a half acres and on paper it was everything I had ever wished for – the stone floors, the pine kitchen, the countryside, the wildlife, the privacy etc. etc. But alas it was not what my then husband wanted and the move there was to prove too much for our relationship (long and very boring story there). Now I find that it is modern, minimalist design I am attracted to (complete reversal) which is a bit odd. I still love privacy and countryside but for now find I’d rather be in the city to live and feel I am only just now really finding what it is I like. Might change again!
    I never knew they had built the house especially for the film – mad! As always great post Lou and you have made me think again about the importance I have put on houses over the last while. Hmmn, I feel a post coming on!!

    1. Well, I’m glad to inspire you to write, Ms. Penny. Ha..ha..
      Oh my gosh, you had a house similar to that one? Ahh..I would love that. I truly think I could be happy for the rest of my life in a little stone cottage with an english garden out back. ((sigh))
      I’m surprised that you changed direction like that from old to new. I’ve had the same tastes since as far back as I can remember when it comes to houses and decor. I love the combination of vintage, shabby chic, country. I could immerse myself completely in florals. Imagine how much fun it is for my husband to live in what he refers to as a “Holly Hobby House” when he’d prefer to decorate in black and orange, Harley Davidson decor? Ha..ha.. Hey, he don’t clean it so he don’t get a choice!
      I really hope you find the home of your dreams. I believe all dreams are within our reach, and we just have to be bold enough to stick our hand out into the darkness and grasp whatever awaits us. Scary, but the possibilities are endless when we find the courage.

    1. Ha…ha..
      Although funny, being related might not be as far-fetched as you think. My father came from Canada and moved here with his parents when he was young. My grandmother alone had 19 brothers and sisters that are scattered throughout Canada with the last name Bohnet. My grandfather’s was Kellar, which is another spelling of Keller. Grandma was born in Russia, and Grandpa’s side can be traced back to France. You never can tell…you could be like my 15th cousin or some shit! šŸ™‚

  5. I think your Motown comment might have surprised me, before you commented on that Kenny Rogers entry. This just made me smile. It seems so right, especially when coupled with sundresses and happy thoughts of perfect cottages.

    I was surprised by which cottage caught your fancy! It’s not because I disagree, but because I actually watched that movie and gave not a thought to the cottage (which I didn’t realize was created specifically for that movie). It’s amazing to me how differently two people can view the same thing!

    As for my preference? Right now it would be for something with a yard and a driveway. (Every couple of months I accept a parking ticket because I cannot find parking within a one-mile radius. Seriously.) Also, no upstairs neighbors. Or downstairs ones.

    1. The ‘motown’ era music is what I call my feel-good house music. I say era, because not all the bands I adore were actually signed to motown records. The Stylistic’s is one of them. I was young and impressionable when I fell in love with this music back in the sixties and very early seventies. Barry White still makes me swoon when I listen to him. My god…that voice! It just makes you wanna have sex!! It took a little for my husband to get used to this side of me. It’s not one that I showed many of the people I hung out with at the bar. I think when you cuss like a trucker, have numerous tattoos, hang out with club members and belt back whiskey, people just expect you to live on Bob Seger or Lynyrd Skynyrd. I also played the dumb-blonde role really well too, but that don’t mean it’s who I am.
      I’m not surprised that you didn’t ‘take in’ the cottage like I did when you watched the movie. People see what they want to see…what strikes their fancy. It just so happens that I adore small, stone cottages. Now ask me about the other house in the movie and I probably couldn’t tell you squat about it other than it’s contemporary. That, and well…you’re LA and I’m Iowa. Ha..ha..
      I hope you get your yard and driveway. I don’t know how people in New York and LA raise their kids in the big city in apartments. I can’t imagine being raised in an apartment so close to everyone else, without my own backyard and tree to climb. I guess I’m lucky in that I grew up in a June and Walt Cleaver neighborhood, complete with kick-the-can in the streets. Yeah, it was that cheesy! Do some positive imagining and imagine yourself right into that little house, girl!

    1. I know…huh?
      Why Hook, I never would’ve guessed you for the romantic, English cottage type. Goodness, there’s so many different facets to you I don’t even know where to begin to look anymore. Ha..ha..

  6. I haven’t seen this movie, but now I have too. I absolutely love the cottage. I’ll take an old home over a new one any day. My home is 100-years-old and although I’ll admit it is a big pain in the ass, I wouldn’t have it any other way.
    Happy Friday, Pissy!

    1. Oh the scenery is so beautiful. And of course the movie is incredibly funny and romantic. I fell in love with it immediately. I could watch it over and over again!
      I feel ya on the old house thing. Ours was built in 1920, but here in Iowa in the middle of the country, a house that old might as well have been built in the 1800’s. You can tell by the lack of light fixtures on the ceilings that electricity was added later, and also the bathroom. I love it though. I’m with you on taking an old home over a new one any day. Back then they made things to last!
      Well, Happy Friday to you too, Lovely Lady! We’re supposed to have soaring temps this weekend, so I think I may lay up in the air this weekend (can’t afford to cool this entire mausoleum of a house so we never got central air). Maybe I’ll hang out with a good book, watch a few movies, or work on my manuscript for a while till the old hand gives out from writing. I really need to invest in a laptop!

  7. I love it too. Not enough bookcases though. And a wrap around veranda would be good, and I’d like to see the garden in spring. But truly beautiful nonetheless. And yes, old is almost always 1000% better. That is this dinosaur’s theory and I am sticking to it.

    1. Now see…this is the first house I’ve come across where I wouldn’t change a thing. I don’t think a wrap-around would benefit it any. In fact, I think it might take away from it’s old world charm. As far as books…ugh!…I have waaaay too many on my shelves, and am starting to stack them on top. Along with being a thrift-whore I’m also a book-whore. It wouldn’t do me any harm if I had to get rid of some.
      Well, I suppose looking at the pic there is one thing I’d change…I’d add more trees to the property. I love shade trees. I actually poo-pooed several nice houses before finding this one we live in because the property was sparse of trees.

  8. You’re a friggin’ Sweeheart!

    I love these pics. I do.I just do. I could cry loving them…I and a friend are going to a kind of farm market/thrift market to sell off some of our things…I always end up giving away such nice, new things. But I need to make room…space. These photos actually are providing ideas for how to re-design my “cottage” space. Inside, anyway, Outside:so cool.

    1. Glad to help you out, sista.
      I just adore this house and want to use it for inspiration myself. And actually the decor shouldn’t be too hard to find because it’s basically just a shabby chic look. I thought it was wonderful!

    1. I hope to someday put a wrap-around porch on this place. I love open-front porches too. I don’t think it would fare well on an Engish cottage though. I just love it, porch or no porch. Perfect just the way it is. And I do mean just the way it is, without any animals, the kid, the old man…hey, this is my dream I don’t have to include anyone but me! šŸ˜‰

  9. I agree…this is a lovely cottage…
    when you’re “in the money” you can get me one as a tax deductible gift I’m sure. !
    Keep dreamin’ on…ā˜ŗ.

    ā˜® ā™„ Siggi in Downeast Maine

    1. I say we all deserve an English cottage! Of course I’d be more than willing to settle for a historical cottage in Maine or Massachusetts. I’ve always wanted to live in Mass. I’m attracted to the witches! I can’t imagine why. šŸ™‚

  10. My bad. I ddn’t read all the way down before commenting…It’s been a rough week, dammit.

    1. Mike said you were sick. Did you catch something while you were here, other than an extreme case of weariness from watching me mix and mingle? šŸ˜‰
      The first thing I did upon watching that movie was start looking up locations online. I was so disappointed it wasn’t real, but I’m sure one could get a cottage built just like it. Isn’t it just the shit? I absolutely love it!

      1. It was ugly bad — had to stay close to the bathroom for 3 days. Good thing I brought my work computer home before my vacation. I think I left on Sunday with the bug in me.
        No, I wasn’t sick from you having a good time — God and I knew you needed it. Besides, it looks like you’ve been treated a little better since then.
        Jud looks amazing!! I can’t believe you went to a haunted house without me. What’s up with that?!

        1. Must’ve been something you ate. I’ve felt fine.
          Yeah, funny how that works. I take off for two days with you, come home with pics of hottie James on my camera, and suddenly the old man is treating me like I’m a new bride. YOU NEED TO COME IN MORE OFTEN OR I NEED TO SPEND TIME WITH MORE MEN! HA..HA..
          Doesn’t Jud look wonderful. He’s a little over 200 pounds now. The pics didn’t do him justice, because it was a picture of a picture. He’s got color to his cheeks, has filled out, and is tanned from working outside. Why the pic turned out so bright I have no idea. Anyway, he’s doing so good, has finished his GED, is thinking about college now, and his future looks promising. Now if I can just keep his damn dad away from him. The miserable bastard is still lurking around.
          Yes, I went to the Villisca Murder House. It was sooooo cool! It wasn’t like we planned it or anything. We took another way home and happened to come up on the town and I jumped at the opportunity while I had it. Besides…you and I still have a date in 15 months to do Salem over Halloween right before my 50th birthday, and that’s the big one! Pandora Patty and Lucretia McEvil drunk in Salem over Halloween. It just doesn’t get any better than that!

  11. Oh my God, I can’t believe it — I just watched that movie last weekend! (OK, you can call me weird, but I can watch a seasonal movie that makes me smile & laugh anytime.) I’m guessing you didn’t know they built that cottage specifically for the movie, didja? It was in the Special Features on my DVD. Didn’t mean to burst a bubble, but they did do an excellent job of making it look authentic.

    1. I know! I still can’t believe that they built the exterior just for the movie, and that the house itself doesn’t really exist…although I suppose there is one out there like it somewhere.
      I wanted to go see this movie when it first came out, never got the chance, then just sort of forgot till it came on cable this past winter around Christmas. I bet I watched that movie a half dozen times just for the house and scenery alone. Until now I had never seen a house and/or interior where I didn’t want to change something and personalize it. This place is perfect for me just the way it is! Yes, I think I could spend the rest of my life happily content writing in that place.

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