I Let Him Run

It’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’m sorry. I have literally been at a loss for words…which honestly I can’t recall ever happening to me before. I have always been able to write, but for some reason have recently lost the desire. Current events? I’m sure I could attribute most of it to depression and the excruciating pain I’m now dealing with again since my TMJ Disorder has decided to flair up. In case you’re unfamiliar let me just tell you the symptoms closely resemble what I can only suspect would be akin to a screwdriver being thrust in your temple after someone has slugged you in the jaw. Yep, it’s that kind of pain. Nevertheless, I did read the kind comments left to me after my last post, and although I never replied back would like to thank you all for them now. They meant a great deal to me. Because of this I felt I owed all of you a post to update you on current events.

With a heavy heart I must tell you that our beautiful boy, Sully, has canine cancer. His most recent lab results came back yesterday and confirmed the worst. To say I’m torn-up over the news would be a understatement. I knew something was terribly wrong, but I never suspected that. At this point we were told the next step is to get xrays to locate where it is, which we will be doing this coming Friday. From there I don’t know, although I will tell you I don’t feel good about the outcome. This came about quickly, and hit hard. In just a few weeks he went from appearing healthy but having a few accidents on the floor, to now having no appetite, dropping significant weight, having difficulty moving around and breathing, not being able to get comfortable wherever he’s laying, and constantly groans in pain. I tell you this not to shock you, but rather to encourage you to make sure your pets get their annual checkups, pay attention to any signs of sores not healing, lumps they may have; any type of change in them. We have always been very diligent about keeping his shots up to date and tending to any medical needs he may have had, but I failed to pay attention to something as simple as a small sore on his head that wasn’t healing I thought was nothing more than a bug bite. We were treating it topically for several weeks before we had it looked at when he went in to the vet to get checked for the kidney infection. Something that minute can be a warning sign, so pay attention.

My husband and I made the decision last night that if there is anything that can be surgically removed to remedy this, that is a route we’re willing to take. If it is a matter of chemotherapy that is one we’re not. My husband lost his mother to breast cancer many years ago. I lost both my parents to lung cancer. All fought it with everything they had, and squandered the time they had left so ill they couldn’t enjoy it. This is not something we wish for our son. We’ve decided that the only decision we’re comfortable with if it comes to that, is to simply keep him medicated and as comfortable as possible till we feel the quality of his life is gone. He has had a good life, albeit it only four years. He’s always had a warm fire to lie in front of, a full belly, I’ve been fortunate to be able to stay at home with him and he’s never been alone, and he has had more love than many will ever see. He has been very fortunate. So have we. He is the best dog that either of us have ever had. He deserves better than the hand he’s been dealt.

I let him run last night. Something we don’t let him do for fear of him straying too far. Last night I opened the door and watched him run slowly, unsteadily out into the tall, damp grass. I watched him enjoy himself completely and experience freedom. Later my husband helped him onto our bed and he slept between us. These things…little things…I do not just for him, but also for myself. I’m making memories. He is my child and I don’t want to waste one moment. If you haven’t hugged your four-legged child today you might want to do so. Show them a little of the loyalty and devotion they’ve always shown you.

Say a prayer for my boy.

Sully (Spring of 2011)

14 thoughts on “I Let Him Run

    1. I am. I know that the circumstances that have now taken him from us were nothing we caused or could’ve prevented, and while he was with us he was truly pampered and loved. I take comfort in that he was happy for the short time he had.

  1. I am so sorry to read of your sorrowful news. My heart is heavy for you and your husband as you go thru this experience….my thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Peace,love, and cyberhugs, to the three of you.
    Siggi in Maine

  2. I value and applaud your bravery, and your husbands bravery, in light of your last post, describing the intense and severe trust and love you have for this dog…You don’t need to sell me! I know animals.

    I have faith in your choice…harsh as it is. You go ahead, and give him the good life he has always known, a fantastically good life. And when quality of ife is so diminished that he lives in pain more than life, you must consider what I had to…It got to the point, where my baby pooch was not really alive. She was just a living illness. There was no recovery on the horizon. I took the adivce of others, those who loved animals, like me. I had my baby put down. It was awful. I broke apart, went into a 6 month depression. But I never regretted my decision, in fact, I felt I would have been kinder to end her pain and suferering 2 months sooner. I kept her alive for me….there was no cure. She was, afterall, 15 yrs old.

    So, relax, love, appreciate. Make the best decision at the time you know is best. You will be sad, but do not regret it. We are able, at the very least, to end their suffering in this world. God knows, such great and loyal companions deserve our loving courtesy in this way, hard tho it is.

    My heart, as always, is with you, Lou!

  3. I am praying for you and your boy. I will never forget the pain of finding out that my beloved Molly had canine lymphoma. I also suffer from TMJ. Your description is totally accurate, BTW.
    Hang in there!!

  4. Heart hurting for an with you. They wind their paws into your heart and refuse to let go.
    So with you on the no chemotherapy path. What he, and you, need is quality of life.
    Sending hugs from afar.

  5. I’m saying prayers for Sully. I have two fur-kids and one has a chronic dry eye condition which I have to medicate everyday (he is 6) and the puppy (13 months) who has a slight ear infection that I have to wrestle him to put in the meds. Plus he is being housebroken now so we’re working on that. I know how much you love Sully but you have made the best decision for him. Just know that you and he are in my prayers.

  6. What a noble boy Sully is! I look at my 14-month old boxer Baxter and already can’t imagine days without him. My heart breaks for you, but I concur about the chemo choice. Let the sweet boy enjoy his summer in peace. I’ll say a little prayer, Lou.

  7. Oh my, I’m so sorry. I’m tearing up as I read your blog. I’m so sorry you have to go through this and even more sorry for Sully. Bless his little heart. I’m definitely saying prayers for Sully and your family as well as having Titan send some angels. God bless

  8. Hopefully they can find it and fix him. So sorry about this, I hope you find comfort through it and hug him tightly when you can. Thinking about ya Mama Lou.

  9. Oh! I’m so sorry… crossed fingers it’s operable. Wishing you all the luck in the world.
    Hope your TMJ calms down soon too. xXx

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