It’s a Beautiful Day and Anheuser Busch is Calling My Name!

Phew! Glad that is over with….

Good grief, I’ve been on this pc since five this morning. No exaggeration. FIVE THIS MORNING! It’s now a quarter to noon. Do the math. I have chair-ass. If you’re not familiar with the phrase….think of your ass as a hotcake…flat…flat…flat…

I just cleaned up a thousand emails people. Still no exaggeration. A THOUSAND! Okay, so I deleted most of them, but I had to go through pages of them first to do it, and managed to make sure I’ve touched base with everyone yesterday and today. Am I the freaking bomb, or what? Now, I can’t possibly go back and read every one of your previous posts, nor did I reply to all of the comments that are old left for me, but I assure you that each and every one of them were read and appreciated. I have just been spoiled by each and everyone of you and have the best damn blogger friends E-VER! Really, I mean it. I’m so happy to be back home.

Okay, so tomorrow’s project is going to be updating my Links and making sure you all have a place on my page. I’ve made some new friends, and apparently some old ones I need to update. Hey, I might even get crazy, live on the edge, and change my page. 

I’m so proud of myself I think I deserve a cold beer. Salutations my friends… Pissy’s on the move!

12 thoughts on “It’s a Beautiful Day and Anheuser Busch is Calling My Name!

  1. Greetings from Bodrum. I’m buried under a daily dose of emails that sometimes overwhelm. I am supposed to be retired, putting my feet up and watching the pansies grow. Not a chance!

    1. I hear ya! Everyone thinks I got it soooo easy cause I’m a stay-at-home wife. Reeeally? Umm… if I’m not cleaning dirty toilets, doing laundry, cooking meals, taking care of animals, tending to the house in general…then exactly who is? And blogging can be a LOT of work. The longer you do it, the more friends you acquire, the busier you play ‘keep up’.

  2. A thousand emails? I don’t think I could handle that – no, too much. Someone wrote ‘welcome back’ – where have you been?

    1. Well, Hi there! Thanks for stopping by Pissy Kitty’s Litterbox. It’s a public litterbox. Anyone is allowed to dump, just make sure you cover your own, okay? Ha..ha..
      I haven’t been blogging much the past couple/few months as I’ve been dealing with some personal issues, and tending to another bout of depression. Clinical depression sucks! Yeah…I’m a bit nuts 🙂 I’m finally starting to come around again, things are resolving themselves, and I’m trying to get back into the swing of things. My fellow bloggers are my ‘family’ and were welcoming me back into the ‘fold’. You won’t find a more supportive bunch out there.
      I’m going to have to swing by your site when I get time in the next day or two and check out your blog too. Don’t be a stranger!

    1. Hi Sue! Yeah, I’m feeling tons better. It’s amazing what just a few days hanging out with my cronies again has done for me. Trying to keep reminding myself…”Don’t sweat the petty stuff, pet the sweaty stuff”. And as soon as I find some sweaty stuff I’d like to pet, well…then..I’ll really be set! 😉

    1. Yes I am. What a relief! I hate it when I let things go and they begin to take over me. But the veil of depression is lifting again, I survived yet another round of misery, and for a time till it rears it’s ugly head again things look promising.

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