More About Me? Dare I?

I’ve just been busy, busy, busy. Finally managed to get everyone I needed on the blog roll–I like to give newbies the chance that everyone who included me did–updated those that have changed their names, addresses, etc.. and now time to chill and do a bit of writing. If any of you notice that your name is not there and should be just give me a yell. I’m wishy-washy at best and don’t catch everything. That, and I know there are a few of you I was subscribed to that suddenly was no longer on my subscription list. ??? Have no idea what is going on with Word Press nowadays, but shit’s been occurring left and right lately, so don’t blame me….kay? I tried to catch it and remedy it. I still luv ya!

Okay, on to the next topic–((cringe))–the Versatile Blogger Award. I elaborated on the cringe because I’ve received it several times, but have never participated in the follow-up requirements, and kinda feel like an ass cause I don’t. Apparently not a big enough ass, mind you, to go ahead and just do it, but still an ass. Not that I don’t appreciate it. I really do. It means a lot when your peers take notice of your work whatever it may be. For me to have someone say they like my writing speaks volumes. And as long as all of you are okay with the fact I don’t follow-up, keep handing em over. I won’t bitch. The thing is I’m just not a ‘joiner’. Is that even a damn word? So much for being a literary ‘giant’ that earns awards, eh?

I’m not quite sure why I’m not, being the people-person that I am…but I’m just not. Probably some characteristic peculiarity (I got that from my online dictionary and used it cause it sounded pretty smart) called an Idiosyncrasy (I actually knew that word. Kudo’s to me for being ‘kinda’ smart without help. Ha..ha…). I think it’s due to my having such a less-then-stellar childhood, being homely, always feeling the need to ‘join’ and ‘participate’ in everything my friends did in order to feel somewhat equal and accepted. Tough shit to admit…but nevertheless the truth. Any-hoo…once I moved out and past that awful stage in my life, I almost rebelled and in defiance moved to the beat of my own drum. I’ve been like this for years. I just like to do my own thing, be my own person, and don’t wanna feel ‘required’ to do much else. I find doing shit that don’t come naturally or feels uncomfortable to be a lot of unnecessary work for me. Anyway, my problem and I hope I worded it to where you all understand but don’t take offense. I love you all and wouldn’t want anyone to think otherwise. I do know that ‘part’ of the requirements are to share, I believe, 7 things about myself that you all might not know, right? I’m willing to do that. Well….if you’re interested. 

I thought about this for a bit, and must admit I was stumped at first. I’ve shared so much with you all I couldn’t figure out what tid-bit about me might be interesting you don’t already know. I know anyone who reads my blog understands what I mean, because, well…Pissy shares EVERYTHING and doesn’t mind hanging her dirty laundry in public. I got a filthy, dirty mouth, and no filter on my thoughts or entries. Yep, my own brother told me at the last, family dinner I attended “I just can’t read that!” Ha..Ha..Ha.. I took that as a compliment. It meant I’m being true to the promise I made myself that my blog would be all about ‘truths’. Anyway, this is what I came up with.

1.  I drove the ‘Big Red’ Wells Fargo armored trucks and carried a 12-gauge and  38 for a while after my first marriage ended.

2.  I had a temporary stint as a dancer when my two youngest were still small. No, I don’t mean ‘tap’ or ‘ballet’. Ha..ha.. Picture a pole…. (Hey, someone had to feed the kids. The ex-husband wasn’t paying child support, and I was still trying to get my GED and move past the 8th grade education I had.)

3.  I can roll my belly like a belly-dancer. (Okay, I’m not so sure about now with the whole ‘muffin-top’ thing going on, but I used to be really good at it. Believe it or not, I learned from my oldest sisters, first husband. Funny, huh?)

4.  I’m a twin-survivor. (That’s what they call it anyway. My mother nearly miscarried both of us before her due-date, lost the other, but I survived. She always told me while I was growing up that I had the brains and orneriness of the both of us.)

5.  My favorite music overall is Motown. My favorite band is ‘Yes’. My favorite song is “Miracles” by ‘Jefferson Starship’. My favorite color is Black. For years it was the only color other than denim in my wardrobe.

6.  Contrary to my deep, religious ties and upbringing I have a mad fascination with all that’s paranormal and occult, believe in ghosts, and really feel if there is such a thing as reincarnation I lived a previous life as a witch. (Laugh if you will, but my husband nor friends don’t think it’s that funny. They tell me I have a dark-side. 😉  I find this to be a very uncomfortable side to myself, have tried to disregard it, but am drawn to it nonetheless out of curiousity.

7.  You’ve seen pics of me and my son together, the old man, and Pandora Patty, but I’ve yet to introduce you to my youngest son, my daughter, and my two grandchildren…so here they are.

My crazy-ass, 17-year old.
Yep, Jakey is already a heartbreaker.
Isn't Bailee a doll?
My beautiful daughter, Jessica. Now you know where my grandbabies get their good looks.

Well, now you know nearly as much about me as I do. Ah, just kidding… I’m a woman of M-A-N-Y secrets. 

22 thoughts on “More About Me? Dare I?

  1. From 12 gauge and 38 to forcing men to masturbate. That’s certainly an interesting transition huh? I’ve always had an interest in exotic dancers… in a journalist way… most of the time. Never heard of a twin survivor either, that’s some eerie business.

    1. Okay, that first line made me chuckle. I never quite heard it put that way, but I suppose it’s pretty accurate. Ha..ha.. I don’t know how ‘exotic’ it was though. Just a bunch of women with sore feet, attired in really nothing more than a glitzy thong bikini (nope, we didn’t have ‘naked’ back then), shaking what they had to pay the bills. Dancers get a bad rap, but really the majority of them are just doing it to pay their way through school or support their family (unfortunately a lot of them are also supporting a dead-beat man who lives off their wages). I don’t know about now, but back when I was cocktail waitressing/dancing and doing road shows on the side, there wasn’t a bunch of drugs or ‘hooking’ going on. We were all just trying to make a living. Of course that was twenty years ago and a lot has probably changed since then.
      The twin survivor thing…it is eerie, isn’t it? Believe it or not they have tons of websites dedicated to the subject. I’m considered a womb twin survivor. I happened to stumble upon it while researching information on my depression and panic disorder. They claim that because our memory is so vast we subconsciously remember the loss of the other child and never feel complete because of it…or some shit. Dunno, exactly. I do know that while reading up on it I found very accurate descriptions of symptoms I have and it did make a lot of sense to me. I guess that’s neither here nor there though, cause I can’t change a damn thing about the other dying. So if that’s whats making me crazy, guess I gotta just live with it. I have to admit though what my mother always said to me kinda bothered me. I could almost picture myself in there saying, “No, you must go! I want it all!” Now that’s eerie….

        1. Nope! I did it for ya! Haven’t you figured out yet that it’s reeeeally hard to cross the line with me? Anyone’s opinions and/or thoughts are welcome on my blog as long as they are not used to hurt someone else personally (I ain’t having it used for petty back-biting). Even if it’s an opinion I differ with. I don’t expect everyone to be carbon-copy Pissy thinkers. That wouldn’t be no fun…and actually sounds a bit scary. Yeah, I could see with the domineering personality I have, and have always had, how I could be the life-sucking parasite that did the other in. Ha..ha..

  2. Other than hair color, your daughter is the spitting image of you. I’m with you on the awards thing. The first two I got, I was clueless that I was actually supposed to do something to move it forward. Wouldn’t have had the skills even if I had known! It reminds me of those annoying emails where you’re supposed to pass them on to 12 of your closest frends otherwise someone you love will die! God, I hate that crap.

    1. I am soooo glad that there are other people who feel the way I do. Not that I need affirmation to own how I feel, but I don’t always like the idea of being odd-man out either. Not looking to get the title of ‘naysaying-trendsetter’, thank you. I, personally, just don’t see the purpose in some things, and think most of us just go along with them because others have before us till it gets blown out of proportion and completely exaggerated. And you’re right, most people don’t even know how to participate, because they’re still new at copying, linking, etc. I know it’s taken me F-O-R-E-V-E-R to figure out how to do the few things that I know. And I love that comparison you made about the annoying emails. So completely accurate! I hate those things and have never once passed them on. I just know for me all I want to do is write and enjoy friendships I’ve made online. Maybe we should create a disclaimer to put at the top of our pages that we reserve the right not to participate in anything sent to us, therefore they should forward at their own risk. 🙂
      You think my girl looks like me? Ahh…I’m taking that as a compliment because I think she’s absolutely beautiful. I’ve heard that before though from people who knew me when I was young. Believe it or not, before dye jobs and graying, my hair was the color of hers. Most people don’t know I’m a natural brunette. Honestly, I can’t see a lot of resemblance. I’ve always thought she looks more like her father. I know her brother is damn near a carbon-copy of his dad. And although their father is a far cry from the man he used to be, when I was with him…WOW!…he was one good-looking, son-bitch.

      1. At the risk of appearing self-promoting, I am leaving a link to my post today, regarding the passing on of these awards, as this here post of yours, and one by Steve at Brown Road Chronicles last week encouraged me to STAND UP and FIGHT against feeling obligated, where these awards are concerned.

        That said, I love getting awards…just not the Versatile Blogger, which obligates you to pass it on, and you don’t really have to even earn it! So, death it is, to the VBA! ARE YOU WITH ME PEOPLE! If so, go vote on it here:

        Your support to our cause is much appreciated.

  3. Love this post. Some of it is new to me, some not. The pictures of your family are gorgeous and I am so with you in hoping your beautiful daughter gets rid of the oxygen thief she shares her life with. When she is ready I guess.
    And I am not a joiner either. If I can’t do it by myself (Lifeline excepted) it probably isn’t happening.
    See, I told you that you rock. And there are others here in the blogosphere (lots of us) who agree.

    1. Yeah, I had to think about it for a few minutes before coming up with something new. I figured these are a few of the things about myself that I’ve never talked about, so… (well, except maybe with you since you’ve become my daily email buddy). I don’t know how interesting they are though. I think being me is pretty dull. I rather find everyone else’s life a heckuva lot more interesting than mine.
      Oxygen thief is so perfect! Just takes up space, air, and serves absolutely no purpose. Ha..ha.. Wonderful, Sue! Now if only my daughter could see that. ((fingers crossed))

  4. I have to make tommorrows post about this Versatile Bloggers Award. It’s become abusive at this point.

    Nice family pics 😀 I guess my vegetables are my family pics. A lot quieter and the weddings are cheaper.

    1. Abusive…that’s a funny word for it, but kinda feels that way. At least it does to me. I always feel so awkward when I get involved in things like that. I know it sounds stupid, and I’m not trying to play a ‘Greta Garbo’ in the blogging world or anything, but I seriously steer clear of most things that are games or group-oriented. I have to really be interested or have a desire to do something before I’ll join anything. Pool league is about the only thing I can remember joining in the last thirty years, and only because I adore 8-ball. Even then when it became a pain in the ass I excused myself from it.
      Hey, if it means anything there are more instances then not in my life when I wished veggies were the only things I had to care for. 🙂 I love my kids and babies though. Wouldn’t change that for the world, unless I could have them without their rotten-ass father’s in the equation. And as far as weddings go…my daughter says she is NEVER getting married. And if she did, I sure as hell wouldn’t chip in on the loser she’s with now. He hit my girl, Spectra! In my book that makes him absolutely DEAD TO ME!

        1. Oh, don’t think it hasn’t occurred to me. That SOB would have a baseball bat shoved up his ass if it was up to me. Any man that is ‘weak’ enough to hit a woman should be turned into someones…anyones…bitch! My girl still thinks she loves him though and they have two kids, so mama ain’t gonna rock the boat till she says it’s okay.

  5. The blogging awards are lovely to receive but I never know what to do with them, because I don’t really like talking about myself on my blog. Then, too, a lot of them ask you to pass the award along to several other bloggers, and most of the ones I know have either already received them or I don’t like to put them on the spot. I suppose my reasons don’t hold up since I love learning about others on their blogs. Nice to see more of your family here, too… a good looking crew!

    1. I’m with ya on the blogging award thing. I’m still a novice at ‘attaching’, ‘linking’, etc…and it just seems to be work for me to try and do pretty much anything other than write and post. I was doing good to figure out how to do any links at all and download pics. Ha..ha..
      Yep, I think I have a darn, good-looking brood, and bred pretty good. 🙂 I’m lucky too. My daughter is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the out. Never had the problems with her that a lot of other mothers did with their girls. She was never one to run around and be a tart, do drugs, drink, runaway, or anything of the sort. She was always a good girl, went to church, wanted better things for herself, and played by the rules. She is a wonderful mother, and does more than her share of providing for her family. I couldn’t be more pleased with the way she turned out. Well…unless she dumped her boyfriend…but we can only dream. She’s so mature she wants to know when I’m gonna grow up! Ha..ha.. I told her when I do I wanna be just like her. 🙂

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