I spent most of yesterday dropping by blogs and eavesdropping on conversations. I can’t/won’t get to them all at once, because I do have quite a few subscriptions and subscribers, and am not that damn good at multi-tasking (I have no idea how some of you are). Many are new to me, and out of courtesy and curiosity I made an appearance. Most are old friends (and I do consider them old when I spend everyday and more time with them than I do my own family and friends) that I like to touch base with and see what’s been going on with them. I thought perhaps I would do the same today and not do a post myself. See, I can do that now; post when I want. Then I read something on another’s blog that made me decide I was going to touch on a subject I’ve talked about before, that some have read, others not, but I felt was worth repeating. Okie-dokie?

You don’t have to blog. Did you get that? I know I didn’t stutter and made it perfectly clear. Repeat after me….”I DON’T HAVE TO BLOG.” There…that felt good to say aloud, didn’t it?

The fact is, you don’t have to blog; not every day, every week, every month, or at all. This is not a job you’re required to put so many hours into, and one you’re getting paid for. This is supposed to be about having fun. FUN! When you get to the point when you feel almost obligated to post something, read subscriptions, leave comments, etc., and it stops being fun, it’s time to stop, entertain yourself with something else, and then go back to it later if you wish. I had to. Many have had to. The sad reality is, although we may see ourselves as a vital part of this community, if we choose to take a break the wheel WILL keep spinning without us. And okay, so you may lose a few subscribers who become disinterested when you are no longer putting out or stopping by their crib as much anymore. Big deal! Trust me, many come back. The ones who don’t are quickly replaced with new ones. Eh! ((shrug)) No biggee. The majority won’t notice or even care that you’d like to have a life beyond this. Psst…it takes a lot more than that to hurt our feelings! And besides, I hate to point out the obvious, but when you’re tired, irritated, and don’t really feel like writing, your stuff ain’t worth a shit. Hey..hey..hey…before you start throwing darts, let me just say that I’m including myself in that ‘fucked-up’ mix. And I for one will tell ya, when it ain’t worth a shit, well..I don’t want to read it. I don’t believe anyone else worth their weight in salt that flavors the blogging world does either. Capiche? It doesn’t always have to be humorous, filled with sincere emotion, incredibly personal, or profound, but we’d like a little something with some substance to chew on.

Okay, so now you know. It’s not a job, it’s all about fun, we’ll be here waiting for you when you return, and no hard feelings that you wanted to have a damn life. You know…the REAL ONE. All you have to do is put your ‘CLOSED TEMPORARILY DUE TO… SICKNESS, MARITAL PROBLEMS, EXHAUSTION, COMPLETE BORDEOM WITH MY BLOG’ etc., sign in the window and we’ll support you in this decision.

Oh, don’t thank me. No…really…it was my pleasure. Well, if you insist. Honestly, your adulation is more than enough! Now go forth my word-weary friends and have a life with our blessings. 

18 thoughts on “CLOSED DUE TO……

  1. Spot-on, Pissy! Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been feeling guilty about not keeping up with my comments and I’m way behind on my reading. I needed to hear this today.

    I always love your refreshing take on life. You’re a breath of fresh air!

    1. Ah, I like that. Breath of fresh air. I can feed off that compliment for weeks. 😉
      I know all of us have gotten so wrapped up with this thing that many are forgetting to do something else for ourselves; and I thought by drawing attention to it maybe it would ease some of the guilt for all of us and enable us to give ourselves a break. I’m glad that the message was so well-received and people are taking it to heart.

  2. It’s absolutely true, all of this!

    I’ve been off-balance and not posting, and felt bad about it. I also figure, most bloggers have many subscriptions they feel obligated to read and comment on, and when I am not posting, it gives others more time for their other “duties”. So, by not writing, I am really contributing to others lives by giving them more space and time!

    Ok. That’s outa the way. NOw, what the hell will I write about this morning???

    1. Okay, I’m going to tell you the same thing I told Donna (aka Redneck Princess)…back away from the computer and don’t go back till you remember what it was like before you were Spectra. Balance is nothing more than learning to say when and practicing some moderation. I know you can do it! Ha..ha..

  3. You are right of course. You are more often than you give yourself credit for. And for people like myself, without much of a life, we probably need to blog less, not more.

    1. Seeee….I knew there was a reason I just love ya! If I can get anyone to tell me I’m right it’s a damn good day. Ha..ha..
      I’m in the same boat you are, Sue. I don’t have much of a life either, am confined to my home most of the time, and really should be working with what I’ve got to increase the variety in my life. I have many others thing I could be doing that is more rewarding then sitting at this computer all day. It’s almost like having a friend over for coffee in the morning, they don’t wanna leave, and you end up visiting with them all damn day and then feeling like you got nothing accomplished (I know this. I used to have those kinds of friends). I gotta learn to ‘push’ myself away from this thing too.

  4. Here here Lady Lou!
    The only thing that I write everyday is my “hand-written” gratitude journal, ’cause I just hafta find something everyday to be grateful for (even if it’s just opening my crust covered eyes in the morning.)
    As YOU know, I did begin an additional blog and have found it near impossible to write on both these things daily and STILL have a life!
    I mean, how can we write if we don’t have the damn experience to write about, Right? Write? ; )
    Anyway… keep cranking out the feelings as they come Lady Lou, cause they’re good shit and they’re real.
    Enjoy your day!

    1. You are so smart! I never even thought of mentioning that there’s nothing to write about if we don’t have the damn experience. Duh!
      I was wondering how you were faring between the two blogs, and having a life. Tough, huh? I know I’ve tossed around the idea of starting a separate blog that has to do with my family (kids, brothers, sisters, nieces, nephews, etc..). I know everyone would be interested and contribute a little, but have a feeling that I would be doing the vast majority of editing and posting, since no one in my family but me blogs. I just don’t have the time. I’m already on this pc for hours a day as it is, and my ass is losing volume from sitting. Ha..ha.. Anyway, I’m not gonna push it.
      Hope things are going great on your end. Just love ya, sweetie!

  5. Great point. I have to remind myself of this when I get busy & realize I haven’t posted anything in awhile. If I feel guilty I can’t write so I have to remember exactly what you said, its for FUN!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by the litterbox. Feel free to cop a squat. Ha..ha..
      You know, it really is for fun. But I think like anything we do in life it becomes a bit competitive, we feel we have to stay on top of it so we can keep up with our neighbors, and then you also feel bad at times when others are stopping by your blog and you’re not able to get to theirs. I know it can stress some out. I’ve been there. I’ve seen it happen to others. I just wanted to remind everyone, and enlighten some of the newbies, that it is about having fun, making friends, unleashing our creativity, having a forum to bitch, etc.,…not a job. I’m sorry, I don’t care what anyone else’s opinion is…mine is if I’m not getting paid it ain’t a mother fucking job! Period! And if it’s not a job, then I’m not obligated. Just saying….

  6. Writing keeps my mind sharp and witty. Write a bit and go to the gym — body and mind. I treat my blog like a job, but that’s because I don’t give a shit if people like what I write or not, I like it haha.

    1. Writing keeps my mind sharp and witty too, but I don’t have to blog to write. And I know many take this shit waaay too seriously; begin to believe that posting, reading, and commenting is some obligation that they have, and find themselves frantically worrying when they can’t juggle that with work, home and social life. It’s okay to get out of traffic, stop the car, stretch your legs, and refuel with a few munchies if need be. No one’s life is going to be dramatically altered if you’re not present for a while. You might or might not be one of them, I don’t know. But whether you are or not, I know there are many out there. Sometimes they just need someone to address this problem, say ‘been there-done that’, so they don’t feel so alone. And like you, I learned long ago that you can’t please everyone. so I just keep the focus on me as much as I can. If I had to contend and worry about all those I might ‘offend’ on my blog I’d be in big trouble, wouldn’t I? I don’t have the reputation of being a blogger with a potty-mouth and no filter for nothing. 😉

    1. Why, you’re very welcome Jodi, but I think I might’ve been leaning more towards letting go than I was revamping. Ha..ha.. But hey, whatever works and gives you incentive. I’ve been thinking about updating my page too. Maybe with a bit more holiday theme. Who knows….

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