Bon and Bailee’s Big Day

I’m going to attempt to get this done while the baby is sleeping. Yep, I’m a new mommy!  I took some pics of his arrival–or our picking him up I should say–and wanted to share them with you. Saturday was a big day for us. We got ourselves a new baby, and I got a chance to attend my granddaughter’s 5th birthday party. Well, the beginning of it anyway.

The Old Man and I have been seriously looking for a pup online for the past week or so. We finally ruled out getting another Pitbull (the Old Man didn’t want to take any chances comparing the new one to Sully) and decided to look for a Lab this time. I finally found some pics of ones that I thought my husband would like, he took a look/see, and we notified the owner we’d like to come take a look. Ya know…cause just taking a look was all we were gonna do. Whatever! She was a really nice woman by the name of  Diana Rech who gave us her location and provided us with directions to her home in Dwight, Nebraska. So early Saturday morning, the Old Man, Hound Dog and me, set forth on our busy journey.

Wow…the drive was long! Two hours into it after rerouting, backtracking, and winding down some seriously, long country roads, the Old Man finally turned to me and said, “Shit, we could’ve gone to Colorado and it wouldn’t take as long.”

Miles and miles of road. Good thing we had the old pickup.

The weather had turned, we seemed to be driving in and out of bouts of rain, so we were relieved when we finally found the place. Guess what she had waiting for us in the front yard?

Three, little boys. Aren't they darling?
How do you choose? I wanted to take them all home. The Old Man gets to pick.
Hound Dog wants in on the choice.
His choice was he didn't like any of them and started back towards the truck.
That's Diana (the owner) chatting it up with the Old Man. She took the puppies out and let them run a little so we could get an idea of their personalities.
This one started 'hounding' Hound Dog relentlessly.
Well you know the one that picked Hound Dog was the one we were keeping. The Old Man was hooked the moment he picked him up.
Daddy's new boy. Isn't he handsome? We named him Bon Scott in honor of the lead singer of AC/DC who passed away in 1980.
I put Bon next to me, and Hound Dog was pissed. He crawled up in daddy's lap and refused to even look at me. Or it could've been he was embarrassed to be seen in the stupid outfits I put on him. That's what the Old Man thinks anyway.

We had a little time to kill before I was supposed to be at the birthday party later in the afternoon, so we decided to drive to Columbus to see the Old Man’s best friend, Eric.

Eric was working out in the field so his uncle came to get the Old Man.
I had no idea he was hitching a ride with him, but there he goes leaving me alone with the boys.
Did I mention it started pouring and they both had to go potty? Sucks to be me!
You might know they returned 'after' the rained slowed down and I was wet from letting the boys out of the truck to do their duty.
Old Man maneuvering mud patches, with Eric close behind.
Can you say 'Rednecks'?
I just love Eric though. He's a keeper. Ladies, he's single if you're into hardworking, country men!
The road that leads from the field around to the property.
I just love downed trees.
Gnarled trees really give you the 'feel' of Halloween.

We said our goodbye’s and headed out. It’s a long, damn drive to Council Bluff’s to my daughters and Pissy was already getting tired. My back doesn’t do long rides in a vehicle well. 

At least Hound Dog is willing to sit 'sorta' close to him now. As if there's a choice...the truck is small.

We had to detour through some small town so the Old Man could show me where he purchased our propane tank. He said he knew I liked spooky, old houses and this one reminded him of something out of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

He wouldn't let me get out. He didn't want the people to see us and want to gab. Apparently they gave him the creeps. That's the main entrance to the house.
Better view...if there is one, that is. Too cool, huh? People live there?

The long drive back was miserable. Ugh! Another three hours, now cooped up with two dogs, one of which already hates the other. It was made more bearable by stopping at McDonald’s along the way. Pissy doesn’t care how old she gets, and how many other burger joints are around, McDonald’s still rules!

Arrived at my daughter’s about a half an hour early. The Old Man wouldn’t stay, went to Bomgaar’s to find a bed for the new pup, so I was only going to stay for a short while myself.

The birthday girl, my granddaughter, Bailee, with the family Pitbull, Tasha.
This little heart-throb is my grandson, Jakey.
My daughter, Jessie and her boyfriend, Jesse (I tried to talk them into naming Bailee, Jessie when she was born, but they weren't as keen on the idea as I was). Why do guys always 'grab' something in pics? Notice how commonplace this must be. She doesn't even appear to notice. Nice shot!
Me trying to take a pic of us. Yeah, I know I look like shit! Whadda you expect. I've been in and out of a truck all day while it was raining, so Pissy had to put a ponytail in. The hair 'whacked out' on me. What the fuck is going on with the neck lines?! Arrggghhh! Is that what getting old looks like?
I won't be around for Halloween so the kids showed me their costumes. Bailee makes a great Tigger.
Jakey is a lion.
Grandma wants to get in here.
Better get one with their beautiful mom.
One of the two of us together.
Pissy loves her girl. I want to be just like her when I grow up! Ha..ha..
Pic of the birthday cake. This is what $50 buys nowadays. Yikes! What happened to baking your own cake? Gotta admit though, it's pretty neat.

The Old Man didn’t waste much time shopping for the pup, and was ready to pick me up just as the party was beginning. I didn’t get a chance to see my granddaughter open the gift I got her, or watch her blow out her birthday candles, but felt fortunate I did get the time with her I had (I’m not big on crowds of family, and don’t make myself uncomfortable like that anymore). My granddaughter didn’t seem to mind that I had to leave early, gave me a hug and kiss at the door, smiled and said, “See you later, Grandma”, and ran to play with her friends. I left with her kiss still on my cheek and a new pup waiting for me in the truck. My cup truly runneth over Saturday.

The last hour of the day driving home was miserable. We both crawled in the house, fed the animals, and finally gave ourselves a chance to unwind. The Old Man went out to see Sully, and told me later that he let him know there was a new addition to our family. I told him that Sully would want him to be happy, and share his parents with another fortunate dog. This was the last pic I took before downloading photo’s into the computer.

The Old Man and his new 'Boy'.

Our day, and trip had been successful. The Old Man finally seemed at peace with Sully’s death, and was allowing himself to love again. I got to see my grandchildren and daughter. We both retired to bed that night with a smile on our faces…oh, and you know our boys were right there with us.

Just a quick note to let you know how the last two days have progressed. It is now Monday morning, the Old Man is back at work, and I’m alone with the boys. I have had little or no sleep for the last two nights, the new pup quickly went from being called, Bon (his proper name) to Little Man (apparently his new nickname). He should be called ‘whiner’ cause all he does is cry. Or ‘chewy’; both of which are self-explanatory. His is already a big pain in my ‘back’…as he resembles a polar bear cub, and weighs almost as much. It also didn’t take me long to figure out what it was about him that seemed so familiar to me. Have you noticed? He looks just like the dog ‘Marley’ in the movie “Marley and Me”, and I have no doubt that I, too, am going to be saying he is the worst dog in the world. But oh the sweet smell of puppy breath as I’m teaching him how to kiss me when I say the words “Give momma sugar” somehow makes it all worthwhile. 

27 thoughts on “Bon and Bailee’s Big Day

  1. B.E.A.utiful!
    The dog is just so cute! How can they be that cute? I always love your posts Lou, you’re amazing. Thank you for telling me about the pics and what nots.. I am so glad you did and I came right over!!
    Sounds like your neck of the woods is lightning up too 😀 Which is it good to hear and see! Hang in there chicka, once you’re down, the only way is up!

  2. love the pics! beautiful family – and gorgeous pup! i can see why hound dog was a little annoyed, though. just wait til Bon grows up…. ouch…

    1. Hound Dog is already laying down the law and training him like he did Sully. A growl here, a nip there, and soon no matter how big Bon gets he’ll know not to mess with the King. Hound Dog don’t take no shit off anyone, including US! Sadly, we are our pets…pets.

  3. I LOVE the picture-story! I know you said it was miserable but it looked like a great day!
    I don’t think Hound Dog seemed embarrased at all, he looked a little superior to me, as if he thought the puppies were naked without coats on and therefore not worthy of his time, lol.
    And your beautiful, gorgeous, squeezy, new boy? Looks like a whole heap of trouble to me!
    The Texas chainsaw house creeps me out, arrgh, defo right to stay in the car. Love the rednecks pictures, they’re brilliant, the photos clearly don’t do the weather justice, it looks heavenly.
    And what beautiful grandchildren, lucky you, so adorable in those outfits. Amazing cake too. P.S: you don’t look ‘whack’ at all, you look great. x

    1. It was an exhausting, but wonderful day all the way around, I admit. The Old Man is ecstatic about his new baby, was happy he got the chance to see his buddy who lives several hours from us, and I got to spend time with my grandchildren. It was a good day.
      So you liked Hound Dog’s clothes? Me too. I think they are adorable. The Old Man makes fun of them and says I’m trying to dress him like a girl. Hey…Hello Kitty may have been on one pocket, but there was a monkey on the other. It’s both for boys and girls! 😉
      Yeah, I admit that house creeped me out too. I still can’t believe people live in it and it’s that rundown. Wow!

  4. Damn you to hell. You have made me cry. I love your boys (all three of them). I love that you got to the start of Bailey’s birthday party. Love the pictures of her and Jakey. You and your daughter are seriously alike. You look like a glamazon from here.
    PS: Be thankful – I once read of puppies called piddle and puke. Oh joy, oh bliss.

    1. Joy, bliss, unless you’re cleaning up piss! Ha..ha.. Good thing I have a new can of 409 carpet cleaner.
      It was a good day, and I absolutely relished in spending time with my grandkids. They are so bright and energetic it makes me feel young again.
      You really think me and my daughter look alike? I’ve always thought she resembles her father more than me. I don’t know what he looks like now, as I haven’t seen him in years, but when he was younger and we were married he resembled the actor, Sylvester Stallone and sounded like him. (No, I’m not exaggerating this. My family and friends read this post and can verify it’s the truth. Back when I was with him he was a yummy 🙂 Although I do admit that she resembles me some in pictures of me when I was younger. I am actually a natural brunette, who keeps my hair blonde all the time to hide the gray (yep, I’m giving away secrets).
      I had to look up the slang glamazon to see what it meant. Hey thanks Sue! I take that as a compliment, Babe!

  5. OMG!! I am sooooo happy for you! Your new lil baby is such a lil sweatheart and I look forward to reading more stories about him! Awww ~hugs~ Now, the hubs is a lil hottie too gf! You’ve been holding out! LMAO j/k don’t ban me! hehe Looks like you had a really long day but out of all that, you gave a beautiful baby a wonderful new forever home! May he bless you and your family with many years of happiness.

    (For the record, I totally relate to the comparing to Sully thing. When my tomcat, Jaggar passed away in Aug 2010, I couldn’t bear to get another cat. Good thing, that is how we ended up rescuing Titan!)

    God bless you and your family girl! ~hugs~

    1. Thank you!!! Yeah, he’s a little handful let me tell ya. Momma is worn out.
      Ha..ha.. I read the hubby your comment. Like I would take offense. Pleeease! I point out good boobs and asses to him all the time and tell him to appreciate looking at them, cause this old jalopy don’t have many more good miles on her tires. I am sooo far from jealous. And yeah, I think he’s pretty easy on the eyes too, but then I’m partial….umm…when I like him anyway. 😉
      Thank you for the hugs and blessings. Many back to ya, Babe!

  6. You’re such a great storyteller, Lou — I loved sharing this day with you through your story and photos. Bon is a darling (of course so is Hound Dog, but I’m especially partial to Labs) and is lucky to have found himself such a great home with you guys.

    1. Oh Carol, the Old Man is so happy. He just smiled like crazy when he seen the puppy today after work. I guess all the work the little monster is putting me through is worth it. I am so tired! I forgot how hard they are when they’re little.
      Hound Dog is s-l-o-w-l-y coming around. It’s gonna take some time. Ha..ha.. Yep, I think we’re as fortunate as he is at having found him. He’s so much fun!

  7. I Loved reading this…how delightful, but frustrating at times, day. It was almost like being there, except I stayed dry. The pup looks like my grandpuppy Harley did…he lives in Denver 😐 and is now the size of a small horse. Lucky you…it looks like a match made in heaven. Congratulatons …and am also delighted to see the grandchildren photos… I would have escaped the party part too…. perfect timing.

    ☮ ♥ Siggi in Downeast Maine

    1. I’m not a big, family-kind-of-party person. Especially since it was made up of her boyfriend’s entire family. Not that I have anything against them, but them and then just me doesn’t feel right, and my two boys weren’t around to be able to join me, so…. Yeah, I bailed early. The grandkids didn’t seem to mind–as I was able to spend some more time with them–so all was well.
      Yeah, we have a feeling that Bon is going to end up being huge. I didn’t realize it till she gave us the paperwork, but he was born on September 7th….and he’s already this big! Yikes! But it is a match made in heaven. We are very happy.

  8. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Adorable! I love the name! 😉 I love the pictures. You have one darn cute family. I’m very happy The Old Man is coping well and that the new little guy is keeping both of you busy!

    1. The Old Man is finally smiling again. It’s like the little guy breathed life right back into him.
      We thought the name Bon appropriate too. We both love Bon Scott, and the little guy looks like a Bon, doesn’t he?
      Now if I can’t just get him raised without killing myself. ((groan)) He’s wearing me out.

  9. I think you looked great in these pictures! Thanks for sharing your “boys” and grand-kids with us. Your new baby is adorable. You may know this already, but cow-hooves (you can get them in pet stores) will keep chewy puppies busy for at least 10-15 minutes at a time 😉

    1. I didn’t know that. Oh, you can bet the Old Man will be going ‘cow hoof’ shopping real soon. The little monster is chewing on everything, including power cords. I feel like I’m chasing around a toddler, I shit you not!

  10. OMG! The new baby is too adorable. I swear on a stack of bibles that I’ll never go through puppyhood again, but…. My Baxter is finally becoming a citizen at 15 months. Glad you had a great weekend wth the family. And re the ‘neck wrinkles’? I was struck by your resemblance to Cheryl Ladd from Charlie’s Angels. We are always so much harsher on ourselves than anyone else ever is, silly girl.

    1. Cheryl Ladd? Hmm..that’s one I’ve never heard before. Hey, I can live with that. Ha..ha.. Thanks! And you’re right, we are always much harsher on ourselves, but that may have to do with the fact we remember what it was like when we ‘really’ rocked.

    1. Oh, we just love the little brat already. And he is a brat. He’s trying to teethe on everything and whines like a little girl. I feel like I have a toddler again who doesn’t sleep.
      And gorgeous? Flattery will get you everywhere! Ha..ha.. Did you see those damn, neck lines? Argghhh! Where in the hell did those come from and when did I start looking like an old lady? Time to invest in some expensive age cream. I won’t go down without a fight! 🙂

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