A Dash of Winter and Sprinkle of Irony

Sometimes life with its twists and turns surprises me. Like when something goes totally afoul, you don’t consider any good could possibly come from it, and it turns out to be the catalyst to something wonderful. I just shake my head when fate plays these tricks on me, and remind myself that I really have to pay attention to all the little details before drawing conclusions. The past couple of days have been such.

Someone or something hacked, phished, or whatever the fuck it is they do, and got into my email contacts. I’ve never been more embarrassed. They/it started sending people on my contacts list all these links to sites for products like Viagra. Oh, you can only imagine that I was getting responses. My niece who is single and dating notified me that she definitely didn’t need anything like that product. My buddy told me he was sure he didn’t need it yet. My sister was completely confused by whether it was something caused from her site or mine. Anyway, yeah…I got reactions that left me red-faced. 

Now, this probably wouldn’t have been a big deal if it were not for the fact that all these contacts are ones that have been accumulating since I opened this email address SEVEN YEARS AGO. Now is probably the time to also mention PISSY IS LAZY AND DON’T DELETE ANYTHING OR ANYONE! So here I am groaning upon realizing this has happened, because I knew that there were businesses on there, people I’ve had a falling out with, and others that I just haven’t spoken to in a while and sure as hell didn’t want this to be my way of saying “Hi. How ya doing?” Know what I mean? I can’t even begin to tell you how embarrassed I was, and immediately typed up a note of apology and sent it out to those whose opinions I actually cared about; notifying them that I would be using another email address for correspondence in the future. Case closed. 

I guess I didn’t even think that perhaps this occurring would remind those I have sort of lost touch with that I’m still around and to get a hold of me, but it did. I got an email back from a good buddy that I haven’t spoken to in a while, and also Beth’s sister. Neither of which I intended to ignore, but rather just got preoccupied with my daily life (the have-to’s and need-to’s) and forgot about. Sorry! All’s well that ends well though, and something really positive did come from it.

Till now I have kept my blog a secret from most I know–other than a couple of friends and family members–for fear the raw material I sometimes use would hurt others.  I’m well aware that a lot of my pain, happiness, good and bad memories are a result of my interaction with others, and although I felt I needed to air these feelings in order to heal, didn’t want to put anyone else in pain because of my actions. I was especially concerned about how Beth’s family would receive my sharing her death and what it’s done to me with all of you. The last thing I’d wanted was to hurt them more than they had already been hurt by her suicide, so I kept this blog to myself. Being given the opportunity of Beth’s sister contacting me, I gained the courage to share this tidbit of information with her, and invited her onto my blog. I am so glad I did. She read a little of what I’ve shared with all of you about Beth, and seemed pleased that I was attempting to turn this terrible tragedy into something positive by trying to help others. Her acceptance, permission, has given me an incredible peace about the choice I made to do so. Something wonderful came out of something that appeared to be negative.

Oh, and I might also mention that it snowed yesterday. YAY! Pissy loves snow, doncha know… And although it’s warming up again today and it’s nearly gone, me and the boys went out into it and got some pics I wanted to share with all of you. It was absolutely beautiful. There’s nothing quite so pretty as winter in the country. Enjoy! 🙂

I just love Winter as it sneaks up on Autumn.
Good thing we took the chair pads inside, huh?
Bon's first snow. Hound Dog's an old pro at dealing with the 'white stuff'.
Corn's gone just in the nick of time.
The old, 'Texas Chainsaw Massacre' looking barn don't look so menacing now, does it?
I think I might use this for my new header pic since Winter appears to be here.
The boys are more than ready to go back in. The weatherman said the flakes were as large as silver dollars.

My little corner of Iowa. Ahhhh….. 

11 thoughts on “A Dash of Winter and Sprinkle of Irony

  1. Ooooh snow. We almost never get any. I am jealous. I read Beth’s brother’s comments on your post and it made me weep. You write so powerfully and so truthfully.
    Now – do I need a new email address for you? And your hacker/phisher didn’t come over my way thankfully.

  2. so good that you can find the upside to an annoyance — and that the connection you were able to make helped you process a demon!

    for what it’s worth, i’ve had acquaintances get ‘hacked’, and gotten such spam. and pretty quickly recognize what has happened…. i’m sure most of the folks who got the unexpected ping knew it wasn’t really you!

  3. I have been gone from blogging for a little while, but decided to come back and do a little reading this evening. I absolutely LOVE snow. I am originally from Minnesota and love the winters there. I currently live in Oklahoma where it will do 1 of 3 things:
    1) not snow
    2) cover everything with ICE
    3) have a massive, ridiculous blizzard!!!
    Never seems to be anything in between, although, I still enjoy it for the most part 😉
    The pictures you shared are great. Especially of the winter sneaking up on autumn!

    As for sharing your blog, I have kept mine a secret from everyone in my family and have only shared it with a close friend of mine. For the same fear of hurting someone with the words I have written or ever do write. Not that it is ever going to be intentional, but I do feel that there are some things that are better shared with those who are not the closest to you. But, when you do decide to share, like you have done, I think it can be a great thing too. I suppose I’ll get to that point…one day 🙂

  4. The pictures of the snow are beautiful…but I am glad that snow is rare in these parts. I grew up in the land of big snows and now enjoy the sunny south. Although the hurricanes are a pain.

  5. Now, at long last, I get to see a nice big picture of your barn! I love barns, especially old ones. It does look wonderful in that dusting of snow. I, myself, would like to enjoy some autumn, first, before we get slammed with blizzards here on the east coast. I still have eggplants and carotts in the garden!

    Glad something good came out of that hack job. And that you were able to, once again, share another moment of memory about Beth, this time with someone who knew her so well, and feels your pain. Be well!

  6. I’m glad the Email fiasco had some positive outcomes…those darn sneaky hackers! I also think your pictures should be on a calendar. Sooo pretty!!

  7. Pissy, I love the one of your chainsaw massacre barn! It is beautiful! And I love the snow as well! Can’t wait for it to reach into Indiana. Have a wonderful day and I am so glad something good came from you being hacked~

    1. Sadly the snow is all but gone today. This crazy midwest weather! Not to be disheartened though, as there are many more cold months ahead.
      Yep, who woulda thought something good could come out of that? 🙂

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