The Litterbox is Up and Running for Another Year

As of this morning I have now taken care of both renewals and is good to go for another year. Yes, I’ll be sticking around folks; whether you like it or not. Word to the wise: Bring a pooper-scooper when you visit, cause shit sometimes gets deep around here.

I sit here in amazement and can’t believe an entire year has already passed since I started this blog. I know it has though; I don’t need dates to tell me that. The ‘place’ I’m in now is so much better than the ‘place’ I was in then. And it’s a place that takes time to get to and doesn’t happen overnight. Not Nirvana, by no means, but at least I no longer feel like I’m trying to scoop my way out of a monstrous pile of shit with a baby spoon. I can actually get through a day without that anxious feeling taking my breath away. Most of us refer to them as Anxiety or Panic Attacks. I can finally see a future with my husband where there once had been none. I’m finally at that place where I can be open to allowing good things into my life and know I deserve them. I attribute these steps of recovery I’ve made to sitting under some of the best therapists that are available…YOU! I know it only occurred though because I opened up to all of you by running naked through my blog and exposing myself completely. Your reassurance that I’m not so unpleasant or the monster I thought myself, and that I’m worthy to be accepted and loved for who I am, is healing me. Anyway, I just wanted to say “Thanks!”… and that I love you all.

That being said…on to new business.

It appears, dear friends, as if I’ve become a one-post-a-week blogger. I never thought the day would come. Sadly, I may continue to be just a one-post-a-week blogger for a while, as I’ve already come to the realization I won’t be able to focus on any one thing for very long until these pups learn to poop where they’re supposed to. They actually are getting the drift of the way things work around here. They know enough to go to the door when they have to go potty. They just haven’t figured out that they need to make noise to get my attention when they go to the door, and if I don’t notice after a few seconds of them standing there will find another place to potty. It’s almost a done-deal though. Hopefully, by the first of the year I can again resume my daily blogging and actually get to all of your posts. You’ve been more than patient and understanding with me. 

I didn’t get the chance to play on the computer this week or make an entire round of visits as I’d planned. I got motivated and rearranged the livingroom Monday afternoon, and didn’t realize when I moved the computer from one end of it to the other that there was a filter our phone/internet company had plugged into our phone jack that needed to be moved as well. No internet. It took them till Friday to get out here and tell me that all I needed to do was plug it into the other. I don’t know who’s the bigger ass…me or them? I mean, I know I’m a techno-idiot, but you’d think that this would be one of the first steps that they would have me take over the phone to see if I could get it working myself, right?  Well they didn’t. So anyway, I spent Friday morning waiting for the guy to show up, felt like a complete idiot when he told me what it was, shared a bit of gab–cause I’m a talker–and bid him “Happy Holidays” as he walked out the door with a smile, toting two beers in a plastic bag to quench his thirst when he got off work. Pissy knows the proper way to tip service people, doncha know. 

I suppose it wouldn’t have mattered if I had the opportunity to hang out with all of you or not; I came down with a sore throat Monday night and by Tuesday had a full blown head cold. I laid on the couch till Saturday bundled up, fighting sinus headaches, hacking, spitting up phlegm, and straining to hear through plugged ears. I found this more than infuriating because I seldom get colds that linger more than 24 hours. And of course if that wasn’t enough (being sicker than shit, having no energy, and being forced to continue chasing these energetic puppies around)–cover your eyes guys if you’re weak in the knees–I started my damn period! Oh yeah…Pissy don’t do nothing half-ass.  Ain’t you all figured that out by now? The good or bad positively POURS on me when it comes.

So yesterday I was feeling a bit better and fighting mad at no one in particular for the shitty week I had to endure. The Old Man went out of his way to kiss my ass and tell me I looked very beautiful in the morning–although I was wearing my thermal underwear covered by baggy sweat pants and shirt, purple bootie slippers, and had a nice, bright red zit beginning on my chin that I fought desperately to cover before I had to venture into the Dollar General store later for tampons, pads, menstrual pills, chapstick, and coughdrops–and assured me I was a keeper. Way to blow smoke up my sagging ass, babe! Eh, it worked though. By mid-afternoon I wasn’t a complete tyrant anymore.

Today I’m going to tackle the backed-up laundry. I AM SUPERWOMAN! ABLE TO LEAP TALL LAUNDRY BASKETS IN A SINGLE BOUND! I’ve accepted that there’s no rest for the wicked or weary…and know I’m both. We’ll see just how much I get accomplished this week. Might not get any further today than that bottle of Jack chilling in the freezer. After the week I’ve had I think I’m more than due for a cocktail….or twelve!

11 thoughts on “The Litterbox is Up and Running for Another Year

  1. At least your week is picking up! Cheers on the birthday! And blog when ya wanna. I do. But I am OCD and do it at 0800 1200 and 2000 everyday…at least 😉

  2. Hi Lou, just a heads up that I gave you the Versatile Blogger Award. It’s one big pile of work to do this thing, so eat your Wheaties and drink your Guinness!

  3. Congratulations on making it to your first birthday. The first year is the toughest and this year has been very tough for you. You now see the light at the end of the tunnel. That’s a good thing. Celebrate it. Seasons greetings from a faraway Muslim land that’s stuffed with Christmas things in the shops (Turks hate to miss out on things).

  4. Hey, where’d your “like” button go? Or did I miss it?

    Sounds like things are coming along just fine, despite the illness and revenge of nature on women. Those pups will learn to open those doors themselves in no time. Probably waiting to surprise you with that as a gift Christmas morn’.

    I betchoo hit that Jack? Did ya Did ya Did ya? heh heh heh. ((wink))

  5. What a week! My condolences! I hope the worst of everything is behind you now and the pups also get their pottying habit sorted out before Christmas. 🙂

  6. three or four years ago, i was a daily blogger. as my head cleared of ‘stuff’, it’s slowed to twice a week-ish. write when you can. write when you need to. we’ll keep reading!

  7. How many times do we/I have to tell you? It doesn’t matter if you blog once a week or twice a day. ‘Was it good for you?’ (and yes I meant that double entendre) is the only thing that matters.
    It does indeed sound like a vile week. I am guessing high on your christmas list is the miracle of housetrained pups. Good luck.

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