The Puppies Have Wheels!

I’m back. I didn’t want to let too much time pass before updating my blog with new pics of the pups, as they grow soooo fast.

Well, this litter sure is keeping me busy, busy, busy. Busier than the last anyway. Probably due in part to the fact the weather doesn’t always cooperate, I can’t take them outside the way I did the other litter last year when it was warm, and am trying to stay on top of the mess by cleaning out the whelping box constantly.

For those of you who can’t grasp what I’m trying to say, I use the description industrial sized poop machine when describing my litter of ten, Labrador pups. This means having to lug the hard plastic baby pool from the back porch into the kitchen where the whelping box is after they eat, nap, and crap (three times a day), transfer them from the box to the pool, clean out the box, wipe down each of the babies as I’m putting them back in, then clean up the pool. A time consuming, arduous, task. 

First day on dry food
First day on dry food


Waiting their turn to get wiped up and put to bed.
Waiting their turn to get wiped up and put to bed.
Ahhh...back in a clean box at last.
Ahhh…back in a clean box at last.

 I did get a bit of a reprieve, as the weather was really nice this last weekend, so I was able to spend time with them outside. As you can imagine, carrying ten puppies outside two at a time, can be hard on the arms and back, so my daughter was kind enough to let me borrow her red wagon to cart them through the house to the front yard. My husband finds this hilarious, but it works! 

Wagon full of puppies!
Wagon full of puppies!
A little scared of the outdoors at first.
A little scared of the outdoors at first.



Puppies first day outside with mom.






Bon Bon keeps watch from afar for signs of danger.
Bon Bon keeps watch of the brood from afar.

My daughter and grandkids came out Friday afternoon to check them out, as they’ll be taking a pup when they are ready to go. My niece, Brandi, her husband and kids, came out Friday evening to look them over, and will be taking another. Two down and eight more to go, if I decide to let go of Sassy Girl, which I’m still undecided about.  Time flies by so fast.

8 thoughts on “The Puppies Have Wheels!

  1. How lovely to see your babies, Lou! They’re all roly poly and adorable. I’m sorry about the one you lost, but hope you’ve come to accept that there wasn’t anything you could have done. In Shelties we called it the Fading Puppy Syndrome and it was always a heartbreak.

    The red wagon made me smile. Very innovative of you! 🙂

    1. Hi Carol.
      Yes, Fading Puppy Syndrome is how we refer to it also, but I managed to keep the two in the last litter that were fading alive, and it’s difficult for me to accept that I couldn’t do the same for this little one. I won’t be allowing Lil Girl to have another litter. The loss is way too hard on me,
      The little red wagon idea was good for about a week. Ha..Ha..

  2. Very, very cute. Just as well, because there is a LOT of work there. Take care of yourself. Please. Don’t run yourself into the ground – and I think the little red wagon was a BRILLIANT idea.

    1. Yes, they are A LOT of work. And dammit, if I don’t have Tendonitis in my right elbow, so it makes the job that much harder.
      Well, the wagon is a good idea for now, but I see that quickly passing…as it’s already full up and they aren’t getting any smaller.
      Hey Sue, did you happen to notice my ‘attractive’ sub-floor in the pic? Umm, yes, that’s my kitchen floor. The Old Man laid it at least seven years ago and still hasn’t covered it. And people have to question why I refer to my home as a hovel and bitch!

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