A Little THEN…A Little NOW.

Someone lit a fire under Pissy’s butt earlier and I need to defuse, soooo…

As mentioned before, I’d been gone for a while; left the blogosphere and spent most of my time concentrating on me and mine. Upon coming back I realized how much I’d missed, and how many of my old blogger buds had gone and new ones had arrived. This is the shit that happens, Pissy, when you don’t check your friggen emails! Anyway, given that some of you over time might want to look back on a few of my old posts and are confused as to whom I’m referring to when I gush over, bitch, or throw someone under the bus—done that!—I thought I’d give a bit of an update through pics of me and mine, then and now.

Yeah, so much for anonymity, huh? I never really was good at that. Balls to the wall, Pissy!

 The Old Man and I are still together. We’ll be celebrating 15 years of fighting loving, in 21 days. That’s a 105 in dog years! Actually it’s a damn miracle I haven’t scratched his eyes out and he hasn’t run me over with his truck, yet! But that drama is for another post.

We were pretty cute when we were dating (circa 2004?). Starting to show our age a tad in the next (2007)—Okay, I was! But dammit, I am almost 9 years older than he is! And this past Christmas 2019. Yeah, maybe not the best pic we could’ve taken, but it was Christmas Eve, we were hanging out with fam in our jammies, and no one puts on airs around Pissy’s crib.





Lulu and Doug Feb 07
Christmas Eve 2018

Pissy still lives in the same hovel on five acres that she occupied when she first started the blog back in 2011. And YEP, it’s still a work in progress. FYI for all you young, doe-eyed girls with dreamy ideas about moving into a fixer-upper with the love of your life and expecting him to turn it into a fairytale castle. Buy new or walk-in ready. TRUST ME!

Home is where the heart is

Our five acres are pretty much secluded and the view is amazing, though, so….you don’t need a paintbrush for that.

Bon and Lil Girl have it rough out here. Ha…Ha…

The ‘Markchild” is still alive and kicking, made it past 18 and is now 25, though if you read some of my old posts you’d wonder how he survived. Last couple years of high school it was touch and go. I made him and I was about ready to take him out (snicker). Nothing like the baby of the family to totally SUCK the cool out of his aging mother. He’s doing plumbing now. Seems to be a good fit. Ha..Ha..He’s still single so I doubt you wanna ask him what plumbing he’s doing. He gets more ass than you see plumbers-crack. Did you catch the pun? Huh? Huh?

My crazy-ass, 17-year old. (THEN)
(NOW) Some things never change! That’s a selfie he’s taking while flipping the Old Man the bird when they worked together.
Me and my baby. Ah hell, I’m probably to blame for his attitude. He acts more like Mama than any of them. 

We’ve been adding onto our family for the last handful of years. Old Man and I still have our English Lab, Bon Scott, our American Lab, Bronaugh (lil girl), and our Yorkie, Mu, but added a little white ShiPoo to our family a year and a half ago. Her name is Maggie Mae. Mama calls her Magpie. Old Man calls her Bay-bay. She should be called, Monster! She is a holy terror, I shit you not! Fearless, selfish, territorial, annoying, and…the love of my life. Sigh.


Our 4 ‘hairy’ kids

Mama and Magpie staying snuggly warm over the holidays. Isn’t she a doll?

My oldest, Jud, has been busy since he got out of the joint. He started cleaning up his act, and…um… started breeding. Honestly, I didn’t think it would ever happen. Then—oops—one day he just up and plops down this sweet little thing named, Shanna, in our yard, introduces us to her, and informs me that he’s in love. WTF? Only took him till he was nearly 30. Next thing you know Pissy has a couple of tow-headed grandbabies with beautiful blue eyes, Zainn and Iyonna, to compliment my daughter’s, dark-haired ones. We like variety in this family. The more the merrier.

My son, Jud, and me; taken at the Clarinda Iowa Correctional Facility. (THEN)
Jud’s girl, Shanna, and me on her lap. I know…it looks like I could’ve given birth to her, huh? She’s a cutie!
And look what they made! Zainn and Iyonna.
Zainn, Shanna, Jud, and Iyonna. (NOW)


My beautiful daughter, Jessica, forever trapped in the middle of her crazy-ass brothers, has also brought change into our family. Yep, she’s still with the same boy, Jessy, fifteen years later that she met at the tender age of 16.

Jessie and Jessy. The early days. (THEN)
Little bit older, but still in love. (NOW)

Nope, she didn’t add-on to her family; she still only has my two, oldest grandchildren, Bailee and Jakey.

bailee 2
Bailee (THEN)
Bailee (NOW)
jakeys photo 2
Jakey (THEN)
Jakey (NOW)

But, she did work her tail off holding down a full-time job while taking care of two kids and going to school. Now I can proudly say my daughter is an RN. If you saw the humble background we/she came from, how much we all struggled, you’d see the significance of it. My girl did it! Applause…please!!!

Markie, Mama, Jessie, and Jud. Jessica’s graduation. 

Btw…in case you’re wondering how in the world my daughter ended up with dark hair when mine is so fair. This pic was me rocking my natural color like a hundred or so years ago. Stopped coloring it blonde a few years back when the kids told me my roots were already white. Yikes! Now I’m just ‘owning’ my age.

Pissy when she was a kitten. Me-yow!

 Apple don’t fall far from my freaking tree! 3 generations of Pissy. 🙂

Me and My Little Girl


My Little Girl and Her Little Girl

And before you think all we do in this family is have sex, make babies, and grow old, let me inform ya, we still do know how to play.

 Pissy got a couple new rides. Well, new for me. I always wanted a Jeep Wrangler and finally bought one. I figured you’re never too old to let your inner kid fly their freak flag.

Winter 2018

I also finally broke down and got the Harley I always wanted. I’m big on vintage EVERYTHING.

Spring 2018

(The Harley story is for another post. You’ll find out there why said Harley has spent nearly all it’s time in Old Man’s garage and Pissy has been an angry kitty with her claws exposed for months.)

Don’t feel sorry for the Old Man, cause poor Pissy is spoiled or something, he’s been picking up toys here and there, too. He got himself another truck and now has three Harleys; the latest one he went out of state for and bought on a whim. And just last week he had to get a four-wheeler with blade to do some scooping down our long ass drive, because it just isn’t cutting it with these snowstorms to drive back and forth over it to pack down the snow anymore. Humorous to watch! Just not practical.

The newest addition to the Astro Building. One man, one ass, 3 Harley’s.     I just don’t ‘get it’!


Well, that pretty much completes the ‘Then and Now’ of me and mine. Lotta changes been taking place: Old Man and I getting old, grandbabies growing up, grandbabies being born, daughter making me proud as hell, and the boys rocking tons of ink now.

Boys spending time with Mama, vacationing in Okoboji over Labor Day weekend, 2018. Leave it to those clowns to find the one abandoned building in the whole damn town to take pics. ha..ha..

I don’t just have friends in ‘low’ places…hell, I make my own. Lol! 

I hope those of you that remember the Old Pissy from waaay back when enjoyed the trip down ‘memory lane’. And for those of you new to my blog…Welcome to my Litter Box, conveniently located Last Blog on the Left in this ‘Island of Misfit Toys’ we call WordPress. Good to meet-cha!



3 thoughts on “A Little THEN…A Little NOW.

    1. Hi Hon! Yeah, we’re doing okay. It doesn’t take a lot to make me and mine happy. The beautiful thing about going through hard times is it makes you appreciate the good times even more. We’re more than a bit unconventional, but I look at it as a little ‘flavor’ in this conventional world where everyone are sheep. Lol! Never be ashamed of who you are, I’ve always told my kids, so we just fly the hell out of our ‘freak flags’.
      I’m just glad to be back. Glad you’re still here! So many have just faded away like I did for a long while. (sigh) So good to see a familiar blogger. 🙂

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