Pissy and Pandora Partied Hard!

Okay, so I’ve been incognito for damn close to a week now, but Pissy has been busy, busy, busy. First I spent the weekend with Pandora Patty, then I spent two days recovering…YES, RECOVERING…from the weekend with Pandora Patty. The last couple of days I’ve been fighting with trying to get shit cleaned out of my computer, trying to download photo’s I took from the weekend–and if they don’t show up I don’t know what to tell you–and of course I decided to change my blog theme, because frankly I have the attention span of a two year old and bore easily. In case anyone is interested, the header photo above is Pissy’s property. Yes, that’s my personal hovel. I’m a country bumpkin now, doncha know! The brilliant colors in the background are pics of an actual sunrise from the viewpoint in my yard this past winter. No shit, It’s like a light-show some mornings. Neat, huh? On with my weekend…

Now I’m gonna try and use as much discretion as I can with these pics, and can’t include them all, but wanted to highlight on the ones I did. Not all are going to be flattering for everyone, including me, so the lot of you are going to have to suck it up if you find yourself on this post and don’t like it. Oh yeah, Disclaimer: All photo’s taken were with the permission of each individual that had ample warning this was going on my blog. So don’t bellyache later!

Pandora Patty and her dad.

Pandora Patty and I had a nice dinner after she first arrived in town on Friday, and then headed out to see her dad. Here’s a pic of the two of them together. Isn’t that sweet? ((sigh)) It makes me miss my dad. She was just so pooped after from driving all day we decided on grabbing alcohol, getting our motel room, and staying in for the rest of the night. I could’ve done without the six pack of Bacardi Raz. Ewww…too sweet! Patty didn’t seem to have a problem polishing off her bottle of wine. What was it she referred to it as…’twist-top’? We had quite the laugh over that, as I was quick to point out it was just another way of saying ‘cheap’.

The next day we wasted no time in hitting the bar. Didn’t venture too far as she was driving, but did go into the little town of Avoca, Iowa, to a place called “Freds”, where the service was good, the bartender was friendly, and the locals were chatty. Pissy loves chatty locals, as you’ll see in upcoming pics. Not a lot going on there, except they piped jazz music out in the streets which was cool, so we headed up to Walnut, Iowa, ‘The Antique City’.

View of the main strip in Walnut Iowa.
View of the main strip in Walnut, Iowa

There’s a bar tucked away dead center of the antique shops called “Dmaku’s Tiki Bar and Grill” that we went into. We met the nicest folks in there that night.

View of "Dmaku's Tiki Bar and Grill" from the sidewalk.

The owners, Marty and Deemaku Atkinson were way too cool to hang with.

Deemaku and Marty Atkinson (owners of "Dmaku's Tiki Bar & Grill", Walnut, Iowa).

Don’t they just look like they’d be tons of fun? They are! Made us feel completely welcome and at home. Big shout out to “DMAKU’S TIKI BAR AND GRILL”!

Marty and Deemaku sharing a bit of conversation with us at the bar.
Inside of "Dmaku's Tiki Bar & Grill" in Walnut, Iowa
Inside of "Dmaku's Tiki Bar & Grill" in Walnut, Iowa... with Pandora Patty sitting at the bar.

And the drinking and 8-ball begins….

 Is Pandora Patty laughing because she’s already getting drunk, could it be my pool game, or the glasses I’m forced to wear to be able to shoot my pool game? Hmm….

Pissy taking a shot. (Old lady can't see without her glasses now. Ugh!)

Yeah, Grandma here can’t do shit without her ‘eyes’ anymore. Talk about giving away my age!

Deemaku's artwork.

Of course once I noticed the ink I had to get some pics… Isn’t Deemaku just cute as a button!?

Marty's ink.

Had to include Marty in this. He’s got quite a few. (Sorry Marty, I’m not going to include them all. I am, however, planning on including all pics on a separate page to be added later.)

Marty's ink.
More of Marty's ink.
Pandora Patty playing the jukebox.

Tunes are good. Now we’re getting into the swing of things.

Pissy and Pandora Patty. (Ahhh...can you feel the love?)

Yep, the liquor is starting to hit. We’re posing for cheesy shots again!

"Hmm...is Marty laughing because he's drunk, or because I'm drunk?"
They put Pissy to work?

Okay, maybe it was Marty that was drunk after all. Can you believe that Deemaku asked me to bartend for her while she took Marty home? Huh? I even asked her if she were sure, and she said “Well, you said you used to bartend.” Umm..okay. She’s gotta be the most trusting person I’ve ever met. Patty and I sort of laughed about it after. My god, we could’ve taken money out of the till or loaded up the trunk with beer. I must have a trusting face, huh?

I got to serve Pandora Patty again. Wait...isn't this how we met?
Pissy with one of her 'temporary' customers.
Pissy loves making new friends.

Phew! I’m glad all 20 minutes of that bartending gig is over. Pissy is just exhausted now and needs another beer!

Hanging out with the locals.
I could be wrong, but this local didn't seem too enthused I was taking his pic.
Where'd all these people come from? Porch is filling up!
Think they're related? Duh! Can you say...carbon copy?
These people obviously aren't the least bit interested in my camera.
I felt right at home with these women. She even looks a little like Pissy when I'm in a foul mood. MaMa?

Too much of a good thing, so Pandora Patty and I stepped across the street for a bite to eat at a swanky place called “Tony’s BBQ Bistro”. Took pics but it was so dark none showed up. Oh well…I was trashed by then anyway. We just had the cutest waiter serve us. His name was James Fischer. Pissy was ready to party hard after stuffing her face, so I asked him when he got off work and if he’d like to join us. Of course he said yes!

This gentleman is a local who transplanted to Florida. (What the hell is he doing here over a holiday? I'd be in Miami!) That tall, cool, drink of water in the background approaching is James, the waiter from "Tony's BBQ Bistro" across the street.
Pissy and her new friend, James. He likes older women ((wink..wink..)). Nah...I was good, dammit!

Pissy just loves them ‘pretty’ boys!

Pandora Patty got pooped after the wine and figured she’d head back to the hotel (It was a long day!) I decided to hang with James and hit another bar in Atlantic. Pandora Patty dropped us off there en-route to the motel (Yes…I felt awful the next morning that I bailed on her, but I was on my ‘drinking’ roll, and fortunately she understands that I only get out of the house to have fun like once a fucking year…so there!)

My pool game was 'rocking' till these clowns came along. Or maybe Pissy had too many shots by then??
Men just go out of their way to treat me like a lady, don't they?
James stepping out back for a smoke

James first mistake when we got to the other bar was insisting on buying me the shot of my choice and partaking of the same. Pissy drinks Jack Daniels. He begged off after the 2nd or 3rd I believe. (Hey, doesn’t he know it’ll put hair on his chest? Worked for me….ha..ha. Oh, fuck I’m just kidding!)

Wow!! Pissy is trashed and we're having entirely too much fun.
Think James is drunk? Those glasses are mine.
Stea-dy...Stea-dy... I was drunk, but James took the pic. Yep, he was drunk too!

Go figure that the people we were supposed to meet at the other bar that were going to give us a ride never showed. Closing time James was frantically searching for a ride for me. This nice fella came along and decided to take us the distance. Who says chivalry is dead?

Desmond Armentrout of University of Mass of Amherst. In town visiting, and was my knight in shining Mustang.
I had to get a shot of all of us. Think I was distracting Desmond, the driver?

Well, both these nice gentlemen dropped me back at the motel, and in the morning a very hungover Pissy had to apologize to Pandora Patty for bailing on her. My bad! The weekend was coming to a close so we ventured out and towards a little place to get some breakfast Sunday morning. 

Inside of "The Wander In Cafe" in Carson, Iowa...just a stone's throw from my house.
On the left was our waitress. On the right is the owner of "The Wander In Cafe". (Owner is the best damn cook I've ever found!)
Pandora Patty at breakfast. Pissy doesn't care if she wants her pic taken or not.

Hey, here she is again! Ha..ha..

Close-up! She's gonna hate this one. I don't care. I think she's beautiful in the morning.

Pandora Patty stopped at the house for a few to visit with the old man when she took me home. He was hungover too and looking a little rough. Drinking and fishing will do that to ya!

I don't think the 'old man' wants his pic taken.
This is what Pissy wakes up to every morning. Pssst...He's gonna kill me when he sees this pic. Ha..ha..

Well, we’re about to say our goodbyes. One last photo of the two of us for the road. I hope you were able to enjoy our weekend with us!

Last pic before Pandora Patty goes home. When we sat down for this she tried to tell me the big boobs go in front, and I assured her that muffin-top goes in back, and that rules.