I Am Absolutely Smitten With Each And Every New Kitten!

Pandora Kitty finally had those babies Saturday afternoon. Scared the hell out of me too. My son and I were in the living room and started hearing this crazy squealing coming from the other room. At first we thought maybe our cat Lucretia had wandered away from her kittens in the kitchen and they woke up and were crying, but no…it sounded really close, so we both raced into the dining room and just stood there for a second waiting for another sound. There it was! Where the hell was it coming from? Umm…from under the freaking table!

Yep, my goofy-ass cat decided that the place to give birth was not in the little apartment I’d set up for her in the kennel…Oh, hell noooo!…but rather on top of the dining room chair that was pushed up against the table, and hidden by the tablecloth. Great, huh? Totally ruined my chair pad, and those things are not cheap, or easy to replace when you have a set! Fortunately, by the time we realized what was going on she’d only been able to have two before I ushered her, the mess, and little critters into the kennel on the bedding. Unfortunately, one had already rolled off the chair and onto the floor, complete with afterbirth still attached. Poor little darling looked like a messed up baby bird, or something. Don’t worry it survived. No thanks to her!  She had three more after that, for a total of five. Five new kittens to go with the five kittens we already have! 10 little kittens for me to play with soon! Yay!  Two out of the ten are blonde. Who woulda thunk? Taking after Grandma?

Well, I guess I don’t have to tell you that my house is starting to smell like animals actually live here—which is something I’ve strived really hard to conceal. There is no excuse for your house smelling like an animal shelter, no matter what you think!  Funny thing, I think it smells more like a birdcage that hasn’t been cleaned, then a dog/cat shelter. I hesitate to mess with their bedding too much though, because being newbies I don’t want to introduce too many new smells into the kennels. I don’t know if that matters, but it makes sense to me so I’m holding off. My husband says he doesn’t notice the smell, but given that this is a man who smells like something died inside of him every time he releases gas, and is willing to sit there in the midst of the toxic vapors, I don’t know how trusting I am of his nose. You ever heard the phrase “Cast iron stomach”? Well I think my husband has a cast iron nose!

I did get a chance to have some cocktails with Pandora Patty over the phone Saturday for a bit. I had to get in a little time with her, as she’s leaving for her Alaskan cruise this Friday. She has the most wonderful daughter in the world who is splurging on a cruise for the two of them for Pandora Patty’s birthday. Too cool, huh? I wish I could get the opportunity to do something like that with my daughter, but alas…she has two, small children at home, and her boyfriend has a stick up his butt all the time where I’m concerned. Hell, I’m doing good if I can even get her to come out and see me. In a perfect world…well, he wouldn’t be in it!

I think the hubby finally nabbed the solution to the water problem and fixed it. He’s had to dick around with well guys for the last couple/few weeks, who keep saying they are going to come out and get shit fixed, and then just blow us off. He finally got frustrated, rented out a pump and pumped the water out, and climbed down in there himself yesterday. Oh, you know I had my son go with him and make sure he didn’t end up dying in the damn thing, or something. As I tell my husband all the time, “Don’t take any risks, because I don’t want to be stuck here taking care of your dog and this money-pit by myself!” He saw what he thought was the problem, ran to the city to get the new part, and put it in himself. Seems to be holding water. Sorry, I couldn’t help the pun.

Well, it looks like there’s an absolutely beautiful day going on outside, so I should probably get motivated and tend to some things. I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!