The Old Man’s Got More Pussy Than He Knows What To Do With!

I’m going to try and make this short and sweet this morning. Don’t be rolling the eyes. I know…I know…I’m a jabberer! Okay, already! No, it’s going to be in the nineties and humid again today, I got a ton of shit to do, and figured getting it done in the morning hours was wisest so I wouldn’t be baking this afternoon. No air in the old farmhouse, remember? “Why us here backwards…er…I mean, backwoods folk just don take to fancy stuff. Reckon that’s fer them city folks that are faint.”


Okay, so guess what? I’m a grandma again. Yay!! No, one of my children didn’t give birth. Well, yes… I guess they did. It was my female cat, Lucretia McEvil.  We got a little kitten-action going on! Yay, again!!!

I told you all in one of my previous posts that a male Tom Cat had been hanging around a while back (The one my husband called the black bastard he was going to shoot that raped his daughters. Yeah, both! Sister cats no less, that I named after me and Patty: Lucretia McEvil and Pandora Kitty), and as predicted both wound up pregnant. So here’s these two cats the last couple of weeks, barrel-round, and weeble-wobbling in and out of the back porch to eat and sleep, and I’m waiting on pins and needles. I’m not sure if I should bring them in to make sure that the babies will be okay when they’re born, but I don’t exactly want them having them on my carpeting or some shit either; and I’m having a hard time pinpointing exactly when they’re due. So I thought I’d just wait and if it looks like it’s getting close I would figure something out then. Too late…they came! Well, one set anyway. Five, little, black darlings with their eyes still shut. More about how I found them yesterday, in hopefully tomorrow’s post. Mother and kittens are doing fine, and are in the house. As a precaution I brought Pandora in too, because she looks like she’s ready to blow up.

Now, I’m an animal person, and anyone that knows me well can attest to this. Once I sink my claws into something cute the damn thing belongs to me whether my husband likes it or not. My husband right now is very afraid. I can see it in his eyes. He’s worried I’m going to get attached to all of them and won’t want to let them live outside. Five is a lot, but Pandora’s haven’t even arrived yet, so who knows how many more we could end up with. Nail biting moments for him could be coming in the future. Of course, I’m excited as hell, and he has no idea what he’s gotten himself into. He’s never had litters of cats in the house. He truly is naive. See, they only stay small and contained for a short time and then they’re everywhere….THEY’RE EVERYWHERE! They’re creeping round the house, rolling around the floor, trying to climb up the drapes…soooo much fun to watch and play with! I’m like a little kid right now with a brand new toy! Yay again!! I have no doubt they are going to drive my husband berzerk! Who care’s, right? Yay again!!

I almost chuckled at the thought when it occurred to me that a bunch of pretty pussy surrounds my husband, and as luck would have it, it’s not the right kind. Ha..ha..

Okay, I’m going to close for today. I got shit to do, and hopefully I’m going to have some time later to read everyone else’s posts. No rest for the incredibly wicked! Hey, anyone want a little pussy? I got five!