Osama Bin Laden Is DEAD!

I was just pulled away from my computer by my son saying these words, “Mom, Ashley (his girlfriend) just texted and said Osama Bin Laden has been killed.” We both rushed to turn on the tv, and sat transfixed listening to President Obama announce to the country that he had in fact been killed and his body was now in US custody. I couldn’t help myself. I cried.

I remember where I was the morning the Twin Towers came down. I was temporarily staying with my sister and her husband, and was readying myself for work. They both called me into the living room and I watched with terror as they fell. It was the most paralyzing feeling I experienced at that moment. I felt the power of our country weakened by this horrific act. For the first time I feared our vulnerability. I knew nothing would be the same again. I went to work that morning with a heavy heart. The jukebox was silent as all patrons in the bar were glued to the television sets. Some, that had never showed signs of sensitivity before, had tears in their eyes. This lone man filled with hatred and not worthy of consideration had brought a nation to it’s knees.

I’m not going to drone on about what happened after that. The whole country is aware of the facts. The news coverage was very thorough. Years later we all still feel the reverberation of it’s effects, and healing for the families has been slow in coming because this man was still free to destroy lives. He now no longer is.

My older brother, Allyn, disappeared twenty-five years ago. He was never found. There has never been closure for our family. I know that pain. I would never wish it on anyone. I suspect, albeit different, the families of these innocent, murdered victims feel the same. In their case, closure can only come when justice has been served, and those responsible are finally held accountable. I hope today and the revelation of his death brings them that much closer to finding peace.

Thank God for every man and woman wearing a uniform who made sacrifices, and are still making sacrifices to keep the rest of us safe. Don’t forget them in your prayers.