“Happy Halloween!” Did ya get your freak on this weekend?

Howdy… Howdy…

Yep, Halloween is finally here. Not that I would notice today as I’ve just been hanging round the crib doing na-da, but I did celebrate Saturday night, and had the hangover yesterday and bad back the last two days to prove it.  I suspect I might’ve been a bit of a bad kitty too, as I don’t recall the end of the evening AT ALL! When Pissy is intoxicated enough to black-out the end of the evening, caution is usually thrown completely to the wind. I think I’m safe though; I didn’t go to jail, the person I went out with is still speaking to me, and the husband isn’t mad. I must’ve behaved myself somewhat. Ha…ha… Although I know me, and am an incredibly, flirtatious tart when I’ve been mixing drinks.  I blame that on low self-esteem and the need for flattery. Hey, at least I’m fucking honest! Anyway, the Old Man knows that about me, so if he don’t like it he should’ve stayed and partied with me, huh? You can take the tart out of the bar, but you can’t take the bartender out of the tart….or some shit. 

Okay, so I was gonna get this damn thing out this morning, downloaded photos from the camera to the pc, took a quick look/see at my emails before I was going to start blogging, then….((halt!)) I started noticing all these undelivered emails that I supposedly sent, and realized that someone had hacked into my email account and was sending ads to people on my contact list. WTF? The worst part is that some of these people I either (A:  Haven’t spoken to for a while or (B:  Haven’t spoken to because I don’t want to speak to them anymore. Yes, I know….serves me right for not cleaning up my contact list on a regular basis, huh? So great, now I have shit going to people that are probably thinking I’m doing this to piss them off. Oh well… Anyway, I ended up running a complete scan on my computer and then changed my password just to be safe.

Okay, so I’m not going to drone on and on today–as I feel like shit–but am going to get to the getting. Photos please……”a-hem”…

Didn't really need to don the costume to be a witch, but what the hell.
Full length shot. Yes, I'm pale. No, I'm normally not that pale. Don't you love how the Old Man doesn't care that the pic he's taking reveals our untidy living room? Hey, it was a Saturday and Pissy was busy!
Me and my friend, Kristy, I was meeting at the tavern in Avoca, called "The Exchange". I knew she was a 'keeper' the first time I talked to her, cause she cracked me the hell up.
L to R: Me, Kristy, and her sister, Kerri.
The Old Man was only going to have 'one' when he dropped me off, but rounds were being bought and he just didn't get out of there right away. Check out the look on his face as he's standing between those two. Ha...ha.. Afraid to breathe, pal? Don't upset the witch and elvira. 🙂
All I remember of the bartender is that Kristy kept calling her Britni with an i, and those were real boobs! Yep, that's a definite DAAAAMN!
The drinking has officially begun.
The band playing up in the loft. They were really good. I think they were called 'Murphy's Law'. I say that because there was a van outside with the name on the side, and I'm clever enough to put two and two together. I know..I'm a fucking brainiac.
Check out the wall. Kristy said for $100 they'll paint your portrait there. Cool, huh?
The cop and the incarcerated? Hmm...sounds like my marriage. Ha..ha... (Sorry, I couldn't help myself)
??? I have no idea.
*Flower Power*
Kristy's boy, Blake. (I kept trying to get him to show me if he was going commando or not, but he wouldn't) Awww, quit! I seen he had shorts on underneath. I was just ribbing him.
Okay, you have to wonder....if that's a costume he has on, does that mean he isn't normally good with his hands? Huh? I'm just saying....
It was a bit dark, and I'm not exactly camera-savvy, but can you see the mouse ears they have on?
View of street from front of tavern.
Another view of the street.
Final view of the street. You can't see it, but there's a set of headlights clear down the block that is a sheriff's suv. I could be wrong, but I don't think it's legal to sit outside of a bar and just 'wait' for someone to do something wrong. Where I come from they call that profiling. Apparently didn't stop this clown from doing it.
There's the van I believe might belong to the band. Duh! I know, I'm quite the little thinker.


Viagra or natural? You be the judge. Ha..ha.. "Don't ya wish your boyfriend was hung like me...?"
Kristy and Blake.
Aww... Ma and her boy. It makes me miss Jud. ((sigh))
Kristy and the Woopie Cushion (I have absolutely no idea what his name is. Should I? My bad! Hey...I'm doing good to remember my own most days!
Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf.
What do you have when you cross a hot dog with a woopie cushion? Huh...Huh? Anyone.... Beats the hell out of me, but aren't they cute?
Crossing the street to hit the other bar, "Freds".

You know, I often wonder how long it's going to be before someone actually clobbers me while taking their photo. Pissy is photo-happy when she's drunk, and you'll get your picture taken and like it, dammit!
Kristy knows absolutely everyone, I shit you not.
Now see that would be the perfect costume for my husband. Of course, he wouldn't necessarily have to dress up, cause that's him coming home from work every Friday night toting twelves or cases.

I'm pretty sure I was shooting pool with this guy. Apparently we're becoming buds.

Okay, I had to get a shot of the guy back there. Do you see him?
Okay, I don't want any comments from uptight women screaming about male chauvinist shit, either. I don't care who you are, that's fucking funny!

Me and my new buddy? Umm...I think we were on the dance floor. Wow, I gotta stop mixing drinks. The evening is a blur. Hey, I might not remember any names, but I do remember everyone including this guy was pretty cool.

Well, I know this post wasn’t big on commentary, but sometimes you just gotta say what the hell and let the pics speak for themselves. That, and Pissy made the mistake of wearing heels and dancing, which is a no-no with my bad back, and I’m nursing some serious pain today.

Any-hoo….. I hope you all have a boo-licious Halloween, and make sure to hold your breath if you bob for apples, kay? Love ya’ll bunches, beatch’s!