I Love You, Allyn. I’m Still Looking.

I don’t normally pay attention to the actual date it is anymore, as I’m a housewife and am doing good if I remember what day of the week it is sometimes. Only holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, medical appointments, etc. (things I have to keep track of) remind me. And this. This is something I try not to think of at all, and am lucky most of the time to have that luxury, but what wakes me up in the morning every year on this particular day like a bolt of lightening. So it was this morning as my husband was preparing to leave for work. The moment my eyes opened it was like someone whispered in my ear and reminded me. I asked my husband if he knew what day it was, and he replied no, in a way that made me wonder if he thought he’d forgotten something important. I closed my eyes and barely heard myself say the words. “Today is March 23rd. Today, twenty-five years ago my brother disappeared. Continue reading “I Love You, Allyn. I’m Still Looking.”