Together…as They Should Be.

Hound Dog is gone. I knew he was that morning when I posted. In the five and a half years we’ve had him I’ve never once seen him venture far from the door when it’s very cold. For him to wander off was unlikely. I don’t know what it was that got his attention and made him curious enough to creep near the woods, but I have no doubt that’s where he was when it got him. I suspect it was a coyote mother that has a den in the hillside that thought she was protecting her young. Our vet said it could be an owl that thought he was a large rat. It matters little. If he were safe he would’ve come home, and he hasn’t. I knew that within an hour of his disappearance. Now two days later I’m certain.

I’m sorry my posts have taken such a dark turn. It seems since the end of summer that grief has left its mark on our door and can’t be washed away. First my son moving out in August, then Sully being diagnosed with cancer, his eventual demise, and now this. My life has been one emotional upheaval after another, and I no sooner seem to be able to get a grip on one thing then another occurs. To say I’m at my wits end and unraveling would be like saying the Great Wall of China is just a fence. If it were not for the distraction of Bon who requires so much of my attention and is breaking my back (which deters me from feeling the pain in my heart) I would probably be in a heap on the floor. But the show must go on, and so must I. There is no rest for the weary, there is far too much for me to do that I simply don’t have time for a breakdown, and am somehow finding the strength to put one damn size 6 1/2 shoe in front of the other. I suppose this pain-in-the-ass pup is a blessing after all. 

I know that none of you are going to be the least bit concerned if I don’t reply yet to comments left for me. I know there’s no explanation due. I do appreciate all your concern and well wishes that you’ve sent my way. I just wish I wasn’t such a boo-hoo Lou, I had something more positive to contribute on this blog of mine, and could find my sense of humor again. I guess the content is a reflection of what I’ve been dealing with and is to be expected given the circumstances. I just have to keep repeating the same things over and over again that have gotten me over every other hurdle I’ve encountered… “What doesn’t kill me makes me stronger” and “This too shall pass”. I’m stronger than I look.

Well, I just thought I’d stop in long enough to update all of you as to how things are. Although the woods were searched by my husband and the vet and no sign of him was found, we know that Hound Dog is gone. I’m still trying to wrap my head around how/why both of my boys were taken from me in the short span of seven weeks, but am trying to seek comfort from believing perhaps they were meant to be together in death as they were in life. I have no doubt that the two are together in the yard somewhere as I’m writing this. This gives me some peace.

My sweet, Sully.
"He ain't nuthin but a Hound Dog..."