Hound Dog is Gone

It appears misfortune was not quite done with us. We believe the coyote’s got Hound Dog this morning when my husband let him out. When it’s cold he doesn’t stay out very long, and has never strayed before. Shortly after he was let out we heard coyotes making a ruckus in the woods to the side of our house. It’s now been five hours since he was seen. It looks very bad.

The husband took the shot gun and searched, but found no sign of him. He took the day off from work, is going to his father’s farm to pick up the high-powered rifle, and is going to kill whatever is in the woods that has taken our baby. It’s been seven weeks to the day since we lost Sully. I haven’t even begun to heal from that, and now this. The only way I can reconcile this in my mind is to consider that perhaps they were meant to be together. I know Hound Dog hasn’t been the same since he lost his brother. Maybe Sully was lonely on the other side without him.

I thought maybe blogging would distract me from thinking about it until my husband returned, but it’s not working. I know you all will understand why I won’t be replying to comments or reading any blogs today. I’m sorry.