Answer: “I’d Buy Myself A Brand New Life!”

Yesterday I posed the question “What would I do if I won the lottery? Today I plan to answer it. Before I do though, let me tell you how my morning started.

I woke up at four when my husband’s alarm went off, and took my anti-inflammatory meds. I’m taking all my meds properly, have been on them for five days now, and still am feeling really sluggish. Haven’t been able to figure out why. Slow healer? Anyway, an hour later I’m awakened again, and this time by his bitching. There’s no water and he can’t find one bandana out of a stack of dozens he used to have (my husband is a drywall finisher and wears them faithfully to cover his long locks while working). I know he’s blaming my teenage son, and thinks he’s been carting them off to school. Wait! What? We have no water?

Yeah, it took me a few minutes to process that. Now I’m sitting up in bed and asking him, “What do you mean we have no water?”

“I mean there’s no water. None!” he says frantically searching through a laundry basket of clean, folded clothes I’ve yet to put away. “The cistern is dry.”

“Which means something is wrong with the well, right?” I ask, trying to sound calm, though I’m freaking the hell out because here we go again with the water!

“I don’t know. I don’t have time right now to screw with it. I’m late!”

He slips out the bedroom door, no kiss, no nothing. I just lie there and groan “Great!”

My alarm goes off at six and I head for my sons room to wake him up. I’m sitting on the edge of his bed in my ratty, blue robe asking him if he has any idea what happened to all the bandana’s in the house, and just then have a ‘feeling’. I rush from the room yelling at him I’ll be right back, and head for the bathroom. I found out pretty quick why I’m feeling sluggish. I started my period. I started my period and I have no water! How’s that for freakin, perfect timing? And people wonder why I say “When shit happens, it always happens to me!”

The answer to the question: What would I do if I won the lottery? Is… “I’d buy myself a brand new life!”

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