Your Post or My Post?

I’ve spent my morning reading posts. I’ve found that I no longer have time to peruse Freshly Pressed or the tags I used to loved to go into, but now am doing good to keep up with my subscriptions and write a post myself.  Did you know that if you have, say subscribed to 28 bloggers, each is writing one post a day, and you miss reading them over a long weekend, that you could have as many as 112 posts to read? Not only read, but then wanting to leave a comment on some of them can become pretty time-consuming. Okay, well it wasn’t that bad, because I do play a little game of hit and miss even when I’m busy, but still I sat down and went WTF?

Okay, so that pretty much sums up today’s post about why I won’t be posting today. Aren’t I just clever as hell? I overslept, I’ve spent a couple hours on this computer already, and  I might mention am burning daylight and sunshine as we speak. My mood from this weekend has improved (I try not to let shit get me down for long), and I gotta get out in some fresh air. Because of this I bid you all “Adieu” this morning.

Have a helluva day!