Red Is My New ‘Black’!

Well, my goodness…I don’t know what’s come over me, but I feel like a teenager whose gotten into the liquor cabinet. A bit intoxicated with feel-good energy, and feeling kinda naughty like I just did something wrong. Shame on me? Nah, but I did tell ya that I feel a bit of guilt when I buy something new, and well…I just did.

I wonder if I should thank Bi-Polar Bitch for putting the skip back into my step. She brought out what ‘Deborah the Closet Monster’ referred to as the “15 year old in me”. She’s had me so wound up the last few days that I felt like ‘kicking ass and taking names’. I didn’t know this old, gray mare still had that much life left in her.  Any-hoo, today I woke up sans the shitty attitude, but feeling spunkier than I have in a long time. I kinda looked in my full-length mirror when I climbed out of bed, eyed the mussed up hair and ratty-ass robe, gave myself a little wink and smile, and said to myself “You ain’t looking too bad for an old broad without makeup. I’d still wanna do me if I were someone else.” Yeah, I woke up feeling like Queen Bitch today, and any of you are welcome to be a part of my court!

Okay, so I did something this morning that I’ve been wanting to do, and didn’t have the courage to till now: I bought slipcovers for my sofa, loveseat, and chair. Not a biggee for any of you, huh? Well, for me it’s HUGE! You see, I’m cheap and indecisive, which is a shitty combination (yeah, I know…I just set myself up for ‘cheap’ jokes, didn’t I?). I will drag feet, check out every possible avenue for a bargain, then take fucking forever deciding whether I should play it safe or risque on what I choose before purchasing something. Well, I did it! I’m so damn proud of myself!! I’ve been bitching about all the earthtone’s in my bedroom and living area, wanting to redo this and that, but too afraid to go bold. This morning I did. I not only went bold, but sassy-fucking-red. Hmm… I wonder if this has anything to do with my boldly painting my nails red the other day? Don’t chuckle about this. I’m fair-skinned and don’t just ‘pull’ this color off naturally.) Not only did I order them, but informed my husband on the phone this morning that he is paying for them! Ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha..ha.. Sorry! He’s too funny. He tells me that I’m getting awful cocky and he’s going to send his buddy to the toy store to get some boxing gloves so he and I can have it out in the yard. “Go practice falling down and I’ll be out in a minute” he says to me. ((eyes rolling)) Yeah, okay! I told him he’d better bring a nut-cup and some friends. Queen Bitch today, Yay!

So anyway, I thought I’d let you take a peek/see at what I ordered. This’ll brighten shit up for sure!

I only have a pic of the fabric for the Pottery Barn chair cover. It’s the red ticking pattern, like some of the throw pillows I already have.

The sofa and loveseat are Surefit brand, cotton duck fabric (as a courtesy to my animals who like to cuddle with mom and dad), and the shade is Claret.

Cool beans, huh? Now I have my color scheme down I get to play with accessories! Yay!! Since I can’t get my husband to do shit, including removing this God-awful, paneling on the wall of the fireplace (see cheesy-photo of the two of us on my About Me page to see photo of said ugly paneling), I think I’m just going to paint over the whole damn thing. Antique white on the other three walls–and I’m thinking also the brick of the fireplace–but what color to paint ugly paneling wall, since it’s the focal point? Any ideas. I also think it’s time to strip this ugly carpeting and say to hell with it, and suffer with a cold, wood floor in the winter.

Okay brainiacs, I need ideas: Colors and accessories. I never claimed to be Martha-fucking-Stewart here! Think I should hide the fact that I just purchased red furniture covers from my husband? I mean, I didn’t tell him that part! He is, after all, more Davy Crocket/Jesse James than Gianni Versace, and I wasn’t sure his heart could handle it.