Clearly, I Haven’t A Clue What I’m Doing!

Well, what I thought would be a simple request easily satisfied has turned out to be a big pain in the ass. I’m going to blame it on WordPress acting up. Reason? All of you told me that was probably it and practically begged me to use that as an excuse, so that’s what I’m doing. Hey, works for me; I accept enough blame. Sadly, it’s closer to the truth to say it’s because I’m completely inept at this stuff. Or…Spectra is behind this! “Spectra have you found a way to punk me through this piece of shit computer?” I have a sneaking suspicion that’s her tentacles reach farther then she lets on so I’m not ruling her out completely. “Do you hear that? I’m on to you. I’m also setting traps in my house for that conniving little mouse of yours in case he tries to infiltrate and do your dirty work for you!” Play me for a sucka will ya… Hah!

Okay, so I’m going to try downloading these pics of my barn ONE MORE TIME; and as I’ve stated before there’s no picking out the flaws in my pics if they do show up, because I’m working off my cell phone right now. My old tower will not let me download from my digital so cell phone quality is all you’re going to get, okie-dokie? I just want to be clear on that so there’s no snickering about my lousy photography skills.

IF they show up, you should see my creepy, old, dilapidated, red barn that’s seen better days.  To be honest we don’t have the money to restore it, and honestly I like it the way it is because I think it gives the property character. If the pics didn’t download properly then you’re going to have to use your damn imagination, cause I ain’t jacking with this again trying to make it work. I know you all have one…it’s called being a ‘writer’.