I’m Taking The Plunge, People! Hope To Hell I Can Still Swim.

Well, I was all about to do today’s post with a little lightheartedness, cause frankly Boo-Hoo-Lou is getting a little sick of hearing herself whine, but then I woke up this morning with the worst freaking backache, and now…well…I’m a little sour around the edges again. Just when I’m starting to forget how old I am the damn PMS has to rear it’s ugly head, have tea with my Menopause which creates symptoms no less painful then a tumble down a long flight of stairs. In fact, I think I’d rather suffer with the stair thing! My dogs know too. I swear they do. It’s almost cartoonish how the little one burrows deeper under the blanket of his bed, and my Pitbull lowers his head, and I swear tries to put his paws over his eyes/ears. This is understandable, since immediately upon rising I start cussing when I don’t see my slippers on the floor at my side of the bed, and this cussing turns to muttering as  I begin wandering around like a senile person.

“Can’t find nuttin round here. Absolutely nuttin. Shit just up and walks away on its own. Or did you move it?” I narrow my eyes at the dog and he looks away. “House is too fucking big…that’s the problem. Too fucking big and I’m too freaking tired. Just too many places to lose shit round here. Too much stuff.” I’m on my knees looking under the bed and under the dresser. I spot my comb that’s been lost for a month. “I’ll tell ya, I didn’t ask for this shit, and I was never sure I wanted either of you. More trouble than you’re worth is what you are!” I can no longer now see my Chihuahua at all, he has completely camouflaged himself in his bed. Sully has managed to turn himself to where his ass is in my direction, which I can only assume is a feeble attempt to try and make his large, 90 pound frame disappear because he’s not having to make eye contact. Dogs are so damn dumb. “That’s fine. Don’t try and help me. I know you both know where they are too!” I turn quickly shooting a glance towards both of them, but neither respond. “Worthless as tits on a boar. Eating, sleeping, pooping machines…the both of ya! Where’s a damn bloodhound when I need it?” I can only imagine as I’m climbing down the stairs that their asses our starting to unpucker and the little one is whispering to the big one, “You go down first.”

Yes, I’m a mad woman. I talk to my animals. In fact, I carry on entire conversations with them sometimes and give them the replies I choose for them. This happens when there are no other human beings in the near vicinity and you have to chat with someone or lose your mind. Oh hell, who am I kidding…I do it when my husband’s home too. In fact, I can carry on a better conversation with them than I do him! And I’m happy to report I did find those slippers. Somehow I feel you’re not going to be shocked to learn that they were under my desk. You know, cause I’m rarely on my pc or anything.

Speaking of which, I suppose it’s time to have the discussion. Much like a family member who has a bit of news to share and instructs everyone to sit and listen while they ramble, I too have a little tid-bit to share with all of you concerning my blog. For the next few months you’re going to be seeing a little less of me. I feel the timing is finally right for me to spread these wings and move beyond the comfort and security of this nest I’ve created for myself here in this community. I’ve begun to feel a certain pull that I can’t ignore that is leading me in a different direction. All of it has to do with you my blogging family. You’ve taken me to different parts of this country I live in, to Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, my neighbor Canada, invited me into your lives and homes with your words. I no longer feel content where I am, because you’ve shown me how much more I could be experiencing. You’ve made me want to sip from the cups that you all drink out of.

I’m a simple person and acknowledge that my resources are limited, but being at a loss for words is something I’ve never lacked. Given that this is undeniably the only thing I may have going for me, it’s time to find out if it can actually take me anywhere. If it doesn’t I won’t be none the worse for the effort, because I still have this blog I call home to come back to. Soooo…starting today I’m going to try and limit my posts to a couple/few a week and take the extra time I need to get my writing off the ground and see if it takes flight. I’ve realized that I can’t do my blog, interact with you, and write all at the same time successfully. Sacrifices have to be made. So the extra time that I have left from not working on my own posts I can give to yours. Pat on the back is in order here. Come on say it. You know you want to. “What a girl!” Anyway, somehow I think you’ll survive without seeing my whiny-ass posts everyday.

I realized it was time last night when I pushed myself away from the computer although I still had  about 76 emails left to check that are days old, and went in to wash dishes after the old man finally got my water going again. That also has a lot to do with it. When shit in your house isn’t working properly, it throws everything a bit off kilter, your routine goes out of whack, and for me that’s like someone signed my death warrant. Call it a touch of OCD. Lately I’ve just been a little overwhelmed with this and that, and playing catchup on everything when the opportunity presents itself. It’s maddening. I need to bring a little more sanity back into my life. Need to have a set time when I do everything. I need to start spending a bit more time focusing on just me.

I didn’t realize how much I missed that until last night. I finished up my dishes, hung up my towel to dry, and went on the back porch to check on all my grand babies. Yes, we finally moved them all to the back-porch, and my house no longer smells like I house barn animals. The problem moving them out there though is that those two Bitches that gave them life, are no longer much interested in taking care of them, and are already playing dualing-Houdini’s, escaping off the porch, and seem to be out tramping around again already. The poor lil’ darlings–all ten of them–were huddled together in the corner against the wall, piled on top of one another, and in the darkness resembled a large patch of mold. I quickly fetched an empty laundry basket, piled them all in, brought them into the living room, and dumped them all out on the large, area rug. Kitties were everywhere! Oh, what fun! My Chihuahua, Cash, was dancing around completely enthralled by his new playmates, that I might add wanted nothing to do with him. My Pitbull, Sully, was scared shitless…if you can believe that…and I spent a good hour just watching him tip-toe, sniff, and jump back when the babies back hair would raise, the tail would shoot straight in the air, and a little ‘hiss’ would escape. I laid on the floor, they crawled on me, they played in my hair splayed out on the rug, I was in complete heaven. Yes, it’s time.

Well, I haven’t figured out yet which days would work best for my posts yet. Hell, who knows, I might fold after the first week, unable to stay stay away since it’s become such a bad addiction. I’m leaning towards Mondays and Fridays, and possibly including a Wednesday in the mix. I still intend to read other entries on my off days, and of course keep my email available for those I’m corresponding with on a personal level. The conversations I’m having and friendships I’ve made breathe life into this old girl, so I have to have that. I know many others are taking this summer break also to have more free time to enjoy outdoor activities and write themselves, so I don’t feel so alone in this. I hope all of us are successful in our personal lives and attempts at authoring from making this step. I know I’ve met the most amazing writers since being a part of this forum, and can’t believe all of you aren’t published yet. Maybe this is our year, huh? Fingers and toes crossed. Anyway, that’s my entry for today. May the sun be in our face, the wind at our backs, and the beer cold enough to refresh as it goes down. Luv Ya!