I Have the Pre-Royal Wedding Jitters!

Okay, I just popped in to say that I’m investing my time today in reading a few blog subscriptions, surfing for some new meat, and sprucing up this joint a little. Not sure if I’ll get much of a post out tomorrow or Friday either. Tomorrow is my anniversary, and I suppose I owe it to the old man to step up my game around here for one day and slap on a little war paint to remind him why the hell he wanted me in the first place. Friday is, well…the royal wedding.

I plan on being up before the crows to watch this event. For any naysayers…keep it to yourselves. It’s the closest I’m ever going to come to experiencing anything remotely like a fairytale, thank you very much! I didn’t miss Di’s and I’m not missing this one!  I intend to start the pre-wedding coverage with strong coffee in the carafe, while snuggling in my blanket on the couch. I’m finishing with hazelnut decalf and some hot cinnamon rolls I throw in during commercial breaks. I’m coming prepared cause I may be glued to it for a very long time.

Speaking of…. I asked my husband and son if they wanted to play hookie from work and school to watch this rare event and I was met with, “Huh? You’re kidding right?” from pretty much both of them. Actually, my sons exact words were, “I’d rather be in school doing homework.”

Funny, but my husband did bring this back up to me last night when he got home from work. It seems one of his buddies just got a place with his fiancé, and my husband was grilling him to whether he’s still getting any. Apparently he beamed and told him he was getting it every night. My husband said he just grinned and asked him when the wedding was, to which the guy replied this June. My husband was quick to tell him that the sex was going to change after. When the guy tried to assure him that they as a couple were different, my husband brought up the royal wedding.

“My wife asked me to stay home and watch this wedding shit with her and cuddle on the couch. Can you believe that? I guess it’s a big deal with them.”

“Yeah?” his friend is chuckling now “So what’d you tell her?”

“Fuck no, I ain’t staying home and watching that shit! I got a job to do, and I wouldn’t if I could.” He told me he stated to him firmly, and then asked. “Your old lady ain’t watching it?”

The guy didn’t even hesitate before answering. “No, she has to work, but she asked me to TiVo it for her.”

“What’d you tell her?” My husband told me he asked him, anticipating the answer.

“That I would. Why?”

My husband told me he laughed and said, “It’s already begun, pal.” as he walked away.  

He thinks he’s so smart!